Column: A person could develop a cold (2022)

  • Column: A person could develop a cold (1)

    The Telegraph

    EU leaders meet for emergency energy talks amid division over price cap

    EU countries to discuss menu of options to stave off energy crisis Split over price cap after Putin threatens to halt supplies Price freeze will save households £1,000 a year The FTSE 100 closed the day up 0.33pc at 7,262.06. Ben Marlow: The energy bailout has saved what’s left of the high street – for now Sign up here for our daily business briefing newsletter

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    The Telegraph

    Politics latest news: Liz Truss to lead Commons tributes before first audience with King Charles

    House of Commons will sit from noon MPs will gather to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II Prime Minister Liz Truss will lead the tributes Full report: Queen Elizabeth II dies aged 96 at Balmoral UK to remain in mourning for the Queen until state funeral Death of our Queen: What happens over the next 10 days

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    The Independent

    Why Camilla will be Queen Consort and not Queen

    The royal will take on a new title following the death of Queen Elizabeth II

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    The Daily Beast

    (Video) What If You Stopped Eating Food? | Starving Yourself | The Dr Binocs Show | Peekaboo Kidz

    Trump Sons to Share a Stage With Racist-Joking Guv Candidate

    Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast/GettyHe’s a suspended lawyer, a former DJ who lost his job over racist jokes, and he currently faces a lawsuit from a political campaign adviser.But when Kentucky gubernatorial candidate Eric Deters steps on stage this weekend at the right-wing “Freedom Fest,” he’ll be joined by two prominent voices in the MAGA movement: Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump.The decision to have former President Donald Trump’s two eldest sons headline the event is a

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    The Daily Beast

    Netflix’s ‘Athena’ Has One of the Best Opening Sequences in Movie History

    Kourtrjameuf Kourtrajme/NetflixAs with his first two films Our Day Will Come and The World Is Yours, Romain Gavras’ Athena is a work whose style trumps its substance—but oh what magnificently fearsome style it is! A French drama of blistering intensity and immediacy that begins with one of the most bravura tracking shots in contemporary cinema history, and then manages to maintain that virtuosity as it barrels headlong into anarchic chaos, Gavras’ third feature (Sept. 9 in theaters; Sept. 23 on

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    The Daily Beast

    Nevada Republican Can’t Raise Money and Won’t Shut Up About It

    Trevor Bexon/GettyIt’s no secret that Nevada's Republican Senate nominee Adam Laxalt is behind on fundraising. But while he’s chest-thumping in public and forecasting the state will swing red, he’s simultaneously griping that his Democratic opponent isn’t having the same problem attracting donors.In audio obtained by The Daily Beast from a July luncheon with the Southern Hills Republican Women, Laxalt, amid the sounds of clinking cutlery, said, “The Democrats have unlimited money, they have unli

  • Column: A person could develop a cold (7)

    The Daily Beast

    Team Putin Admits Their Worst Case Scenario Is Coming True

    Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast/GettyIn the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Kremlin’s top propagandists predicted a swift victory and derided the Ukrainian military as an unwilling bunch of incompetents. As the war dragged on, they continued to claim that Volodymyr Zelensky’s government was about to fall. Faced with Ukraine’s mounting counteroffensive, which is rapidly achieving impressive gains, Russian propagandists are now describing an enormous horde, arme

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    The Daily Beast

    (Video) PJ Pug a Pillar Wants a Cookie #Shorts

    It’s Totally Fair to Make John Fetterman’s Health a Campaign Issue

    Nate Smallwood/GettyHe suffered a massive stroke that knocked him off the campaign trail, has until this week refused to agree to a debate, and has rarely been seen in public. He’s also the frontrunner for a much-coveted U.S. Senate seat in a crucial swing state.I’m talking, of course, about John Fetterman, the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, who “almost died” from a stroke that has kept him from actively campaigning for nearly three months. Videos circulating show Fetter

  • Column: A person could develop a cold (9)

    The Daily Beast

    Instagram and TikTok Go to War at New York Fashion Week

    Photo Illustration by Erin O’Flynn/The Daily Beast/Getty, Instagram and TikTokThere comes a turning point in who gets to set the next trends and dominate the front rows of New York Fashion Week. For decades, it was the esteemed editors of top fashion magazines. Eventually, top department store buyers and stylists joined them.With the acceleration of the internet came the birth of the fashion blogger, with top fashion bloggers, like Bryan Boy and Chiara Ferragni, joining the esteemed ranks of the

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    The Daily Beast

    Britain in ‘Real Trouble’ After Queen Elizabeth’s Death

    Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/GettyQueen Elizabeth II is an important cultural mascot in a way that Americans can’t understand, and her death will have more implications for Great Britain and the world than simply who will take over the monarchy.That’s according to Ian Dunt, columnist at the inews newspaper and host of the podcasts Oh God, What Now? and Origin Story, who tells hosts Molly Jong-Fast and Andy Levy on this episode of The New Abnormal political podcast that t

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    Associated Press

    EU nations seek joint approach to contain energy price

    The European Union on Friday intensified its mission to shield the population from dramatically increasing energy costs that could dump millions into cold and poverty over the winter in the wake of Russia's war in Ukraine that is driving up global energy prices. Officials said it was unlikely the ministers would find full agreement on Friday, with the implementation of a price cap on Russian gas among the outstanding issues.

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    The Independent

    (Video) Seven Layer Density Column Experiment (Chemistry)

    Stranger Things’ Jamie Bower Campbell recalls bombing his Harry Potter audition by telling an NSFW joke

    Vecna actor was up for Daniel Radcliffe’s part in the 2001 film

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    The Independent

    Drag Race deletes unfortunate social media post about ‘the crown’ being ‘up for grabs’ hours before Queen’s death

    Royal died in Balmoral on Thursday at the age of 96

  • Column: A person could develop a cold (14)

    The Independent

    Susanna Reid opens GMB with moving speech about the Queen’s death

    ‘It’s quite a moment,’ the presenter told viewers

  • Column: A person could develop a cold (15)

    The Independent

    ‘It is the best job’: Inside the Queen’s relationship with her children

    ROYAL FEATURES: The Queen spent her life juggling sovereign duties with motherhood and, as Rachel Burchfield writes, she excelled in both

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    Associated Press

    (Video) Excel Magic Trick 1012: Automatically Add All Subtotals In A Column (6 Methods)

    Britain enveloped in mourning for a queen revered worldwide

    Britain’s new king prepared to meet with the prime minister Friday and address a nation mourning Queen Elizabeth II, the only British monarch most of the world had known and a force of stability in a volatile age. The country began a 10-day mourning period Friday, with bells tolling around Britain and 96 gun salutes planned in London – one for each year of the queen’s long life. People around the globe gathered at British embassies to pay homage to the queen, who died Thursday in Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

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    The Independent

    Queen Elizabeth II: Her Majesty’s biggest superfan shares emotional seven-word tribute

    Wembley grandmother Margaret Tyler, 78, has dedicated her entire home to the British monarchy

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    EU Energy-Crisis Warnings Worsen With Need for Solutions ‘Right Now’

    (Bloomberg) -- The European Union is throwing together a series of radical plans to tame runaway energy prices and keep the lights on across the continent, but governments across the region are going to need to find common ground and fast.Most Read from BloombergCharles Becomes King as the Face of a Nation ChangesDouble Rainbow Appears Over Buckingham Palace as Crowd Gathers to Mourn QueenQueen Elizabeth’s Doctors Are Concerned for Her HealthQueen Elizabeth II, Britain’s Longest-Reigning Monarch

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    The Independent

    Charles becomes King: All the ways he has already done things differently

    In many ways, King Charles III tore up the royal rule book.

  • Column: A person could develop a cold (20)

    The Independent

    (Video) Bones | The Dr. Binocs Show | Learn Videos For Kids

    What was the Queen’s relationship with Princess Diana like?

    ROYAL FEATURES: While complicated, it seemed the two shared a fondness for one another, writes Rachel Burchfield


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