19 Lucrative High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs [2024] (2024)

What if we told you there’s a way to earn a revenue stream online by selling high-value products?

Say hello to high-ticket affiliate marketing programs, a method for earning a passive income every month by promoting luxurious items.

But with so many available, how do you know which one is the right one?

Join us today as we explore some of the most lucrative high-ticket affiliate marketing programs you can apply to today.

What Is a High-Ticket Affiliate Program?

A high-ticket affiliate program is a marketing strategy that involves selling and promoting high-value products and services.

Depending on the type of product you sell, you can earn profits that reach up to 5 figures; in a nutshell, you make higher profits on fewer sales.

Here are some high-ticket items you can sell:

  • Software
  • Electronics
  • Jewelry
  • Financial investment tools
  • Luxury travel
  • Expensive metals

Let’s look at the benefits of high-ticket affiliate programs to drive the point home.

High-ticket Affiliate Programs: Pros & Cons

Here’s a quick overview of what we’ll talk about in this section.

19 Lucrative High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs [2024] (1)

Let’s start exploring the positives:

  • Large potential return on investment (ROI) — You can earn more money per sale in high-ticket affiliate programs than in low-ticket affiliate marketing.
  • Serves as an additional income — In these uncertain times, having a passive income stream is very helpful.
  • Easy upselling — You can upsell products without worrying about whether your target audience has money to spend.
  • Convenient and flexible — You can promote many products from different niches and work remotely from anywhere.

Now, let’s focus on the negatives.

  • No control over the program — Since the affiliate program is not yours, you must follow the partner’s guidelines.
  • No customer base — There’s no guarantee that people buying from you once will become loyal customers.
  • Requires time — High-ticket affiliate programs require patience and effort to get to a point where you sell products like hotcakes.

With this knowledge fresh in mind, you’re ready to meet our 19 contenders.

Author’s Tip: If you’re a beginner, here are some high-paying affiliate programs for you.

Top High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs

There are many high-paying affiliate marketing programs out there you can apply to, such as Moosend for email marketing or Shopify for eCommerce businesses.

Let’s discover them!

1. Moosend

Commission: Up to 40% lifetime recurring

Payment method: PayPal, Stripe, or wire transfer

Payment model: Within the first 20 working days of the next month

Cookie duration: 90 days

19 Lucrative High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs [2024] (2)

Moosend is an email marketing service provider with a high-paying affiliate program you can quickly sign up for.

Generally, it provides a straightforward way for beginner or seasoned marketers to craft, automate, and personalize their email campaigns.

Plus, the available email newsletter templates, user-friendly editor, and advanced features are great to save time and effort.

Aside from email marketing, they also have various advanced tools, such as subscription forms, a landing page builder, and a subject line optimizer that can streamline your email services.

Affiliate program benefits:

Moosend offers a passive income of up to 40% in affiliate commissions on every subscription your contacts purchase using the affiliate link, whether it’s monthly or pay-as-you-go.

But that’s not all—the more clients who upgrade to better plans, the more your commissions increase. So, if your contacts remain Moosend clients, even if they opt for the free trial, you’ll earn an extra payout when they upgrade.

The best part is that Moosend is an affordable email service, so promoting the product is effortless. As a result, the conversion rates are high.

Moreover, your contacts have plenty of time (90-day cookiethree months) to decide whether they want to purchase the product or not. If they do, then the commission is yours.

You’ll get the approved payment within the first 20 working days of the next month, but you’ll have to reach the $25 minimum threshold to claim your payment via PayPal, Stripe, or wire transfer.

Become a Moosend Affiliate

2. Shopify

Commission: 200% bounty commission

Payment method: PayPal or direct deposit via bank transfer

Payment model: Payouts upon reaching a minimum $10 threshold, paid biweekly

Cookie duration: 30 days

19 Lucrative High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs [2024] (3)

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that businesses of all sizes can use to build an online store and sell their products through it. They also have a high-ticket referral program suitable for content creators, influencers, and educators.

The Shopify Affiliate Program offers access to a library of educational materials and creative assets that grow brand awareness and increase conversion rates.

Moreover, you join a community of experts who can teach and educate you about entrepreneurship and the world of eCommerce.

Affiliate program benefits:

As a Shopify affiliate partner, you earn a 200% bounty commission for every referral you make and each successful sign-up.

As long as your contacts remain active, and since there’s no maximum number of merchants you can refer to, you can earn as much as you want. Plus, the payout is biweekly, and you’ll receive the money via PayPal or direct deposit if you reach the minimum threshold of $10.

However, not anyone can join one of the best high-ticket affiliate marketing programs available. You have to meet certain criteria to make the cut, such as running an active website, creating original content, or having some experience with Shopify or similar platforms.

But, if you’re accepted, you’ll gain access to Shopify’s third-party affiliate software and a native affiliate tracking app where you can seamlessly manage your affiliate links and increase your conversion rate.

Become a Shopify Affiliate

3. Semrush

Commission: $200 per referral, $10 per trial sign-up.

Payment method: PayPal

Payment model: 27 days after the end of the month

Cookie duration: 120 days

19 Lucrative High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs [2024] (4)

Semrush is a comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) tool many digital marketing pros use to improve online visibility. They also have one of the most successful affiliate programs on the market.

Semrush’s revenue share program offers an expensive product that yields high commission rates.

Affiliate program benefits:

As an affiliate, you can earn a lot of money from them: $200 for every single sale you make. You also get a $10 bonus for every new customer who signs up for the trial. Plus, Semrush helps you grow with extra incentives based on your work and performance starting from your first month.

Semrush employs a last-click marketing attribution model, meaning that the last affiliate link that successfully converts someone gets the credit for performing the sale.

You receive your commission 27 days after the end of the month. However, you can also schedule a specific day for the payout or set a specific threshold when you want Semrush to send your money.

If you need help, Semrush has a dedicated team of partner managers and support specialists who can answer your questions, whether that’s about the program itself or how to create a promotional action plan.

You can also use the hundreds of available promo materials Semrush puts at your disposal, including banners, landing pages, widgets, and videos, so you can organically market Semrush.

Become a Semrush Affiliate

4. WP Engine

Commission: $200 standard payout or 35% commission

Payment method: PayPal or Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Payment model: Monthly payments

Cookie duration: 180 days for WP Engine and 60 days for theme sales

19 Lucrative High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs [2024] (5)

WP Engine is a web hosting service for WordPress websites. If your audience is interested in WordPress hosting or themes for bloggers, WP Engine is a high-ticket product that has high earning potential.

One way to earn money is the standard $200 payout (which can reach $8,000 depending on the plan or product you sell), while the other is a 35% commission for StudioPress sales.

You also earn a monthly commission for every five referrals and second-tier signups aside from the actual product affiliate sale.

Affiliate program benefits:

As a WP Engine partner, you gain access to custom co-branded creatives like landing pages and pre-made banners that you can utilize to customize your links however you like.

If you’re stuck on something, you have access to a dedicated WP Engine affiliate manager that can help you solve your problems and start earning money online.

This program has a long cookie duration of 180 days for every referral and 60 days for theme-based commissions. It is also flexible, and you’ll receive exclusive and custom affiliate discounts and promotions, so your audience will feel more compelled to buy the products.

To enroll in the program, you need to fill out the form on their affiliate webpage and activate your account on Shareasale.

Become a WP Engine Affiliate

5. Liquid Web

Commission: 150% commission with a minimum of $150

Payment method: Direct deposit

Payment model: 15 days after the action locking period

Cookie duration: 90 days

19 Lucrative High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs [2024] (6)

Liquid Web is a platform that offers a broad range of high-end web hosting services, such as server clusters, VPS hosting, or dedicated servers.

As a Liquid Web affiliate, you can earn cash or hosting credit for every new client you refer to this web hosting service.

Affiliate program benefits:

Since it’s a high-ticket affiliate product, you’ll earn high commissions for every referral you make. You’ll receive 150% per sale on all hosting plans with a minimum $150 payout but can get commissions as high as $7,000.

Moreover, it has a refer-a-friend program where, if you’re a Liquid Web client and you introduce the platform to a friend, you receive hosting credit directly into your account. You can join this affiliate network through Impact Radius, an in-house tool for industry tracking and reporting features and advertising campaigns.

You’ll gain access to a library of banner ads, links, and landing pages you can use to promote Liquid Web. When someone clicks on the link and finishes the sale, you’ll receive the payment via direct deposit.

Liquid Web gives clients a long time to reverse the commission, about 60 days (two months). When approved, you’ll receive your payment 15 days after the lock date.

Become a Liquid Web Affiliate

6. Teachable

Commission: 30% recurring

Payment method: PayPal, check, or Venmo

Payment model: First business day of the month

Cookie duration: 30 days

19 Lucrative High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs [2024] (7)

Teachable is a no-code platform content creators use to build online courses and improve the teaching experience.

While it’s an easy-to-use solution for teaching students on various topics, it’s also a high-quality product with a sought-after affiliate program where people from all over the world gather together.

Affiliate program benefits:

With Teachable, you’ll receive a 30% recurring commission on any purchase. On average, partners earn $450, but earnings can reach $1,000 per month or more.

In addition, you earn a commission for the entire first year once you refer someone.

As a Teachable partner, you’ll gain a unique tracking code that traces all your earnings in one single portal. They also provide tracking links and marketing language that work so you can promote Teachable in the right way.

By using leading technology and a streamlined payment process, you’ll receive your payment on the first business day of every month after an initial period of 30 days.

The Teachable platform also gives you access to visuals, historical earnings per click, conversion rates, etc., so you can keep track of your earnings, see all your affiliate codes, and find ways to enhance your promotional efforts.

Become a Teachable Affiliate

7. ClickFunnels

Commission: 30% monthly recurring commission

Payment method: ACH, PayPal, check, wire transfer, or direct deposit

Payment model: Between the 1st and 5th of every month through Tipalti

Cookie duration: 45 days

19 Lucrative High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs [2024] (8)

ClickFunnels is a tool for building websites and sales funnels that convert leads into buying customers.

As you might’ve guessed, ClickFunnels has a high-paying affiliate program that many people enroll in to earn a recurring income.

Affiliate program benefits:

So, you can earn a 30% monthly recurring payout based on active accounts, all price tiers including the 14-day trial, or sign-ups based on your affiliate ID.

As long as your clients use ClickFunnels, you’ll get money each month with sums between $100 and $2,500. By signing up with them, you’ll also get lifetime access to their entire library of marketing assets, such as banners, ads, copy, graphics, and emails, so you can promote ClickFunnels or their additional offers.

If you need help, join the “Affiliate Avengers” community where you’ll find like-minded people ready to share valuable tips on making the most out of this affiliate program.

When it comes to getting paid, you need to make a Tipalti account, which is the tool they use to keep track of personal sales, commissions, and payouts.

However, you must reach a $100 minimum commission before payment.

Become a ClickFunnels Affiliate

8. GetResponse

Commission: 33% monthly commission or $100 bounty per sale

Payment method: PayPal, check, ACH, or Eurotransfer

Payment model: The 20th of every month for recurring commissions and within 30 days for bounties

Cookie duration: 120 days

19 Lucrative High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs [2024] (9)

GetResponse is an easy-to-use email marketing solution that helps business owners grow their email lists and automate their content marketing.

Affiliate program benefits:

To reward people who recommend GetResponse, this affiliate program has two commission structures.

One helps you earn a continuous commission of 33% every month, while the other is a more upfront commission, offering a bounty of $100 per sale. And the best part is you can sign up for both programs.

Another advantage is that you get special affiliate discounts on GetResponse subscriptions with programs integrated into their email platforms.

To help your marketing efforts, GetResponse lets you use a full suite of banner ads, selling guides, and content materials, as well as access to insights and statistics to optimize your affiliate campaigns.

You’ll receive your payments around the 20th of every month for verified sales from the previous month, but this only applies to the recurring program. For the bounty program, you’ll receive the commission within 30 days.

You have a 120-day cookie for both programs, enough time to close sales.

Become a GetResponse Affiliate

9. Contabo

Commission: Fixed commissions based on the product

Payment method: Direct deposit, check, or Payoneer

Payment model: Via Commission Junction account within 20 days

Cookie duration: 60 days

19 Lucrative High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs [2024] (10)

Contabo is an affordable virtual private server (VPS) solution with dedicated server hosting services.

Affiliate program benefits:

With Contabo’s affiliate program, you get a fixed commission for every new order. It means that even if the same customer orders multiple products, you’ll only receive the commission for the first one.

Moreover, you’ll need to check their list to see how much each product costs, so you can earn anything from $20 for Storage VPS S to $150 for AMD cores.

When you get accepted, you’ll have access to a broad range of banners in different sizes so you can start marketing the products. Just select the one that you like, and you’re good to share it on your website.

After a 60-day grace period, Contabo will process your payments via Commission Junction (CJ). As long as you have a minimum payment threshold of $50 for direct deposit and $100 for checks, you can withdraw the funds directly from your CJ account.

Become a Contabo Affiliate

10. Constant Contact

Commission: $105 per user

Payment method: PayPal, check, wire transfer, direct deposit, and ACH

Payment model: Monthly payment via Impact Radius

Cookie duration: 90 days

19 Lucrative High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs [2024] (11)

Constant Contact is an email marketing and automation platform that helps you create digital marketing campaigns that convert. The software is easy to use, which makes it ideal for beginners.

However, if you are a seasoned marketer you may want to consider some of its best alternatives.

Affiliate program benefits:

Through their affiliate program, you can generate a revenue stream by promoting their services. Once enrolled in their program, all you need to do is place links and ads on your website or banners that point toward Constant Contact.

And don’t worry; they’ll provide you with a wide selection of market-tested creative assets that you can use and ensure they’ll complement your brand’s feel.

For each new customer sign-up or new account creation, you’ll earn a flat $105 commission.

Moreover, you receive commissions on a monthly basis after a 90-day locking period via Impact Radius. During this period, Constant Contact reviews referral activity, so it takes a while before you receive payment for a certain sale.

Through this email marketing affiliate program, you can easily keep track of referrals or how many commissions you’ve earned in a month through the intuitive dashboard.

Become a Constant Contact Affiliate

11. Smartproxy

Commission: Up to 50% on all sales

Payment method: PayPal or wire transfer

Payment model: 20 days after locking period

Cookie duration: 60 days

19 Lucrative High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs [2024] (12)

Smartproxy is a public proxy network with over 65 million residential, mobile, or shared users.

It’s a solution for connecting people around the world, but it also connects you—the affiliate partner—with potential clients.

Affiliate program benefits:

This collaboration results in $2,500 earnings per subscription and up to 50% commissions on all sales.

This makes it a high-ticket affiliate marketing program with potentially high earnings since most packages cost $400 per month.

You’ll get paid 20 days after a 27-day locking period. Moreover, after signing up and getting the green light, you’ll gain access to a unique tracking link and marketing materials. With these at your disposal, you can start promoting Smartproxy to your audience.

Smartproxy also has a user-friendly dashboard where you can monitor your performance, track your commissions, and adjust your strategy.

Become a SmartProxy Affiliate

12. Thinkific

Commission: 30% recurring commission

Payment method: PayPal or Stripe

Payment model: After the 13th of each month

Cookie duration: 90 days

19 Lucrative High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs [2024] (13)

Thinkific is a scalable platform for creating and selling online courses.

Affiliate program benefits:

By becoming a Thinkific partner, you’ll earn a 30% recurring commission of up to $1,700 per referral for all monthly or annual paid plans.

Keep in mind that you’ll only start earning after your contacts become paying customers. So, if someone signs up for the one-month free trial, you’ll earn the commission after 30 days.

The Partnerstack dashboard helps you keep track of your payouts. You’ll get paid after the 13th of each month, and you can either connect with PayPal or Stripe to cash out your payments.

They also offer ready-to-go promotional content so you can start promoting Thinkific to your audience on your preferred channels, such as mailing lists, social media, blogs, and websites.

Become a Thinkific Affiliate

13. BigCommerce

Commission: 200% of client’s first monthly payment

Payment method: PayPal

Payment model: Monthly payment

Cookie duration: 90 days

19 Lucrative High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs [2024] (14)

BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform that uses software-as-a-service (SaaS) to help create online businesses.

Affiliate program benefits:

This platform is known for its high-ticket affiliate program. So, if you bring new clients, you’ll earn 200% of a client’s first monthly payment or $1,500 per enterprise customer.

In addition, the more referrals you drive through this affiliate program, the higher your commissions will be so you can earn more.

It’s also easy to promote BigCommerce on any preferred channel since you gain access to pre-made banners, emails, etc. that save you time and resources on content creation.

All you have to do is link the BigCommerce-branded content you create to blogs, webinars, or websites, depending on what suits your audience.

Become a BigCommerce Affiliate

14. Flywheel

Commission: 300% of the first monthly payment

Payment method: PayPal

Payment model: First week of each calendar month

Cookie duration: 90 days

19 Lucrative High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs [2024] (15)

Flywheel is a managed WordPress hosting service companies can use to build and manage their websites.

Affiliate program benefits:

Through the Flywheel affiliate program, you get 300% of the first month’s payment on any subscription, which means up to $500 for every referral you make.

Also, there aren’t any minimum performance metrics or payout earnings, so you’ll even get paid for a single sale. In short, you get paid for every qualified referral.

After signing up, you can use your custom link to promote this product on your preferred social media channel or blog via banners or co-branded pages.

The only downside is that you don’t have many payment options.

Become a Flywheel Affiliate

15. DreamHost

Commission: Flat commission depending on product

Payment method: Bank transfer

Payment model: Between the 15th and last business day

Cookie duration: 97 days

19 Lucrative High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs [2024] (16)

DreamHost is a WordPress web hosting service that creates websites and offers free .com domains.

Affiliate program benefits:

By joining their web hosting affiliate program, you earn up to $200 per referral after a trial period.

If you’re curious to see how much you’ll earn, DreamHost has a calculator where you can see the payout depending on how many clients you refer and the type of product.

So, for instance, if you promoted the dedicated server to 30 customers, you’ll get $6,000. You’ll receive the money via bank transfers, and DreamHost will ensure you get it on time.

Become a DreamHost Affiliate

16. HubSpot

Commission: 30% recurring (for up to one year)

Payment method: Direct deposit or PayPal

Payment model: 30 days after invoice

Cookie duration: 180 days

19 Lucrative High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs [2024] (17)

HubSpot is famous for its robust customer relationship management (CRM) tools that automate digital marketing strategies. Also, with a versatile set of tools, you can create newsletters, automate them, and keep track of your performance at all times.

Affiliate program benefits:

HubSpot has a lucrative high-ticket affiliate program so you can earn a 30% recurring commission for up to one year.

Becoming a HubSpot affiliate also means you can earn additional bonuses and custom commissions if you upgrade.

Each tier also gives you access to an affiliate resource center filled with copy examples, training guides, etc. With so many assets at your disposal (400+), you can better promote HubSpot to your audience. The only drawback is that the platform can get very pricey very fast which may discourage upgrades, unlike other HubSpot alternatives.

Become a HubSpot Affiliate

17. Fiverr

Commission: Fixed rate, hybrid, or revenue share

Payment method: PayPal, bank transfer, Payoneer, or Fiverr revenue card

Payment model: Monthly

Cookie duration: No limit

19 Lucrative High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs [2024] (18)

Fiverr is a freelancing platform where professionals of all kinds gather to connect with service providers.

Affiliate program benefits:

It’s free to join the Fiverr affiliate program, and you can choose from different commission plans in every digital category, depending on your business needs.

One is the Fiverr CPA (cost per action), a dynamic program that offers a sum between $15 and $150.

The other program is a hybrid commission, which offers a fixed $10 CPA per first-time purchase plus a 10% revenue share for 12 months.

Become a Fiverr Affiliate

18. Kinsta

Commission: One-time and recurring

Payment method: PayPal

Payment model: Between the 15th and 20th of each month

Cookie duration: 60 days

19 Lucrative High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs [2024] (19)

Kinsta is a cloud platform that helps developers manage their web projects.

Affiliate program benefits:

By joining the Kinsta affiliate program, you can receive a 5% monthly recurring commission if you refer to application or database hosting.

Moreover, you can earn a one-time commission between $50 to $500 plus a 10% recurring commission for every WordPress package sold.

Kinsta has lifetime commissions, and you’ll receive the money in your PayPal account.

Become a Kinsta Affiliate

19. OceansCaptain

Commission: Up to 50%

Payment method: N/A

Payment model: N/A

Cookie duration: Permanent

19 Lucrative High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs [2024] (20)

OceansCaptain is a place where you can buy sailing yachts, but it also provides booking for luxury cruises.

Affiliate program benefits:

If you’re into sailing and want to promote these luxury ships, then you can join their program without fees.

You can earn up to 50% of the commission per sale (almost $1,250), and if you’re active on social media, you make $100.

Become an OceansCaptain Affiliate

Start Your Affiliate Journey with Moosend

Completing this article. Check.

Choosing a niche. Check.

Selecting your high-ticket affiliate marketing. Still uncertain?

We can nudge you in the right direction by reminding you about Moosend. With this high-paying affiliate program, you can easily set yourself up for success and start earning a passive income.

Sign up for Moosend’s affiliate program today.

19 Lucrative High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs [2024] (2024)


19 Lucrative High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs [2024]? ›

The market isn't saturated, because the market keeps on expanding at an impressive rate. In other words: there are always new niches to fill. Affiliate marketing is still worth it in 2024, you just need to find the topic that's right for you, where the competition is still relatively low.

Is affiliate marketing still profitable in 2024? ›

The market isn't saturated, because the market keeps on expanding at an impressive rate. In other words: there are always new niches to fill. Affiliate marketing is still worth it in 2024, you just need to find the topic that's right for you, where the competition is still relatively low.

Can you really make money with high ticket affiliate marketing? ›

High ticket affiliate marketing can be very lucrative for building a passive online income, especially when there's a niche that you are knowledgeable and passionate about and that's important to a certain group of people. Do realize, however, that high ticket affiliate marketing is not for everyone.

What is the most lucrative affiliate program? ›

1. Hubspot. HubSpot, a widely popular CRM platform for marketing, sales, and customer service and offers one of the highest-paying affiliate programs.

Can I make 100k a month with affiliate marketing? ›

Revenue vs.

And how much people claim to the bank each month. Let me put it this way – anyone can earn $100,000 per month from affiliate marketing… …if you spend $99,750 making it. Okay, that's an extreme example, but there are lots of affiliates who claim to generate a 6-figure monthly income.

Should I start affiliate marketing in 2024? ›

According to one study, affiliate marketing spend is expected to reach $15.7 billion globally in 2024. However, the problem for many beginner affiliate marketers is the upfront cost, including buying a domain name, hosting a website, building an audience, and learning expert tactics.

Can you make $100 a day with affiliate marketing? ›

Affiliate marketing presents immense potential, but the journey to consistent earnings can be frustrating. While the internet is full with claims of making $100 or even $1,000 a day, the real challenge lies in differentiating fleeting tactics from sustainable strategies.

Has anyone gotten rich from affiliate programs? ›

Affiliate marketing can be a source of high passive income, as some successful affiliates make over $100,000 per month. However, it requires effort, patience, and consistency to succeed.

How hard is high-ticket affiliate marketing? ›

At the end of the day, high-ticket affiliate marketing can be easier than low-ticket affiliate marketing because there is less emphasis on highly technical digital marketing techniques. It's relatively easy to convince someone to buy a high-ticket item if you genuinely believe in its benefits.

Which affiliate marketing pays daily? ›

FlexOffers. FlexOffers is an affiliate marketing network that offers daily payments to its affiliates. They provide a variety of verticals and offer flexible payment options, allowing marketers to access their earnings quickly.

Can you make a living off affiliate marketing? ›

Reality: Affiliate marketing can be a full-time career, yet for many, it won't be. Some affiliate marketers succeed in building a career in the field, while others hold down regular jobs while supplementing their income with affiliate marketing on the side.

Is affiliate marketing saturated in 2024? ›

Is affiliate marketing oversaturated in 2024? Well, no. There are some extremely competitive niches in affiliate marketing but there is also still room for starters in 2024.

What is the future of affiliate marketing 2025? ›

By 2025, over 30% of affiliate marketers will shift to less saturated niches outside health, wealth, and relationships. Affiliate partnerships with micro-influencers are predicted to grow by 25% annually through 2026.

How much is the affiliate marketing industry worth in 2024? ›

Statista shows that affiliate marketing is a growing market. The industry was worth $8.2 billion in 2022, a 10% increase from the year before. It's expected to jump to $21.1 billion in 2024 and reach $15.7 billion by 2024.

What is the scope of affiliate marketing in 2025? ›

Affiliate marketing is cost-effective and powerful for building brand awareness and driving sales. Moreover, according to IAMAI, the affiliate marketing sector in India by 2025 is expected to reach $835 million. In India, this form of marketing is booming at present.

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