11 Of The Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs (2023)

11 Of The Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs (1)

The personal development market, also known as the self-help and/or self improvement market, is HUGE to say the least. The market value in the United States in the self-improvement market in 2021 was $11.3 billion and is estimated to grow to $14 billion by 2025.

And I haven’t met anyone who does not want to improve their life in one way or another. And because of that there is an amazing opportunity for affiliates in this niche.

So, I did some research into this market and found 11 of the best personal development affiliate programs that you can grow your affiliate income with.

  1. Tony Robbins

  2. Brian Tracy

  3. Inner Talk

  4. Audible

  5. Mind Valley

  6. Bob Proctor

  7. I Need Motivation

  8. Udemy

  9. Please Notes

  10. Simple Truths

  11. Coach Training Alliance

1) Tony Robbins

11 Of The Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs (3)

Tony Robbins is the big kahuna in the personal development market and probably the most recognized personal development guru on the planet.

I remember seeing his informercial on TV for years. I even purchased his course because of his informercial. By the way, best money I ever spent.

His program has helped millions of people master every part of their lives. People can step up and pay for one of his live events which are usually 4 day events costing over $1,100.00.

Or if that’s not an option people can always signup for any one of his online training courses.

As an affiliate you will earn a 15% commission on any online sales. And a 12% commission on event sales. His program is run through Commission Junction. And has a 45 day tracking cookie. And commissions are paid monthly.

Commission Rate: 12% and 15%

Tracking Cookie Duration: 45 days

Commission Payment: Monthly

Application Process: Commission Junction

Creatives: Yes

You can join the Tony Robbins affiliate program here

2) Brian Tracy

11 Of The Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs (4)

Brian Tracy is a legend in the personal development market. He’s the author of over 70 books that have been translated in dozens of languages. He’s consulted for more than a 1000 companies. He’s done over 5000 talks and seminars in Canada, the United States and 70 other countries worldwide.

He addresses more than 250,000 people every year as a keynote speaker. And he’s written and produced more than 300 audio and video learning programs.

His affiliate program pays between 20% and 40% depending on the program that you’re marketing. Your payments for your commissions will paid monthly. And you must meet a minimum threshold of $100 before your commissions will be paid.

The application process for his affiliate program is in-house. And there are creative’s available. However, nowhere on their affiliate page or within the terms and conditions could I find how long the cookie duration is.

Commission Rate: 20% to 40% depending on the program

Tracking Cookie Duration: Unknown

Commission Payment: Monthly

Application Process: Inhouse

Creatives: Yes

You can join the Brian Tracy affiliate program here

3) Inner Talk

11 Of The Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs (5)

We all have that inner talk, sometimes referred to as self-talk. And that inner talk is what we’re saying to ourselves each and every day and that can impact you in a positive way or a negative way.

Now the person behind Inner Talk is Eldon Taylor who is the foremost expert on subliminal communication. And his products are designed to change the way you talk to yourself, thus changing your mindset thereby your expectations and attitude.

His technology is patented and it’s been proven in double-blind test studies to be effective.

His program cover a wide variety of topics such as relationships, health and wellness, sports and fitness, etc.

So, you can be pretty confident anyone you send to this website is going find what they’re looking for.

The affiliate program pays a 20% commission. And commissions are paid monthly. The tracking cookie is for 90 days. The affiliate program is run through Share A Sale. And you do have banners and other creatives available to use for your marketing.

Commission Rate: 20%

Tracking Cookie Duration: 90 days

Commission Payment: Monthly

Application Process: Share A Sale

Creatives: Yes

You can join the Inner Talk affiliate program here

4) Audible

11 Of The Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs (6)

Audible has a huge selection of audiobooks that cover everything that has to do with personal development.

And with the surge of people listening to podcasts listening to audiobooks is growing every year too. And the great thing about the audible audiobooks is that you can listen to them anywhere.

You can listen to your audiobook on your smart phone, at home through devices like Alexa, on your Amazon device, on a tablet, and of course on your computer.

Now the audible affiliate program is through the Amazon Associates affiliate program. The commission rate for the audible program is $10 for a gold membership, $5 for trial memberships, and $0.50 for an audible audiobook.

Being an Amazon affiliate program, the tracking cookie is 24 hours. You are paid monthly and there are creative’s available for you.

Commission Rate: $10 for gold membership. $5 for trail membership and 0.50 for audible audiobook.

Tracking Cookie Duration: 24 hours

Commission Payment: Monthly

Application Process: Amazon associates

Creatives: Yes

You can join the Audible affiliate program here

5) Mind Valley

11 Of The Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs (7)

Mind Valley is an online educational center with a curriculum design to help people reach their fullest potential of mind, body, and spirit.

And to help you accomplish this they’ve partnered up with top experts, best-selling authors, and teachers such as Ken Wilber, Robin Sharma, and Neale Donald Walsch using their learning platform and the latest cutting edge techniques designed to inspire and transform.

They currently have over 10 million students worldwide. And through their Quest platform they boast a 5X better completion rate than the industry average for traditional online learning.

They have a generous affiliate program giving you a commission rate of 30%. The online tracking cookie is for 30 days, you are paid monthly. There are banners available for you to use and the affiliate application process is done in-house.

Commission Rate: 30%

Tracking Cookie Duration: 30 days

Commission Payment: Monthly

Application Process: Inhouse

Creatives: Yes

You can join the Mind Valley affiliate program here

6) Bob Proctor

11 Of The Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs (8)

Bob Proctor is another legend in the personal development market. He’s a renowned speaker, teacher, and an expert on the human mind.

He’s a New York Times best-selling author of the book You Were Born Rich. He helped millions of people through the hit movie The Secret. And he’s work closely with Earl Nightingale and Lloyd Conant.

He has now teamed up with Sandy Gallagher and they cofounded the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

And their philosophy is instead of hammering information into our heads they focus on helping you develop what you already have inside you. They want to teach you how your mind really works.

And then how to expand and develop it to create an extraordinary life for yourself.

His affiliate program is through ClickBank. The commission rate is 30% and the tracking cookie is for 60 days. All your payments will be paid through PayPal and yes you do have creative’s available for your marketing.

Commission Rate: 30%

Tracking Cookie Duration: 60 days

Commission Payment: Wednesday, two weeks after the end of the pay period.

Application Process: Paypal

Creatives: Yes

You can join the Bob Proctor affiliate program here

7) I Need Motivation

11 Of The Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs (9)

I Need Motivation has over 500 subliminal and hypnosis downloads and CDs.

The subliminal courses they have cover self-improvement, bad habits, fears, relationships, health and wellness, and activities.

When it comes to the hypnosis courses they have ones that cover personal relationships, mind and body, phobias addictions and habits, and self-development.

There commission is a baseline commission of 45%. However, the more you sell they will increase your commission rate as high as 50%.

Now the cookie duration for this program is ridiculous. I have never seen this before. There cookie tracking duration is for 50 years. And no, that’s not a typo it’s 50 years.

The affiliate application process is in-house. You do have banners and other creatives that you can use for your marketing. And you will paid your commissions monthly.

Commission Rate: 45% to 50%

Tracking Cookie Duration: 50 years

Commission Payment: Monthly

Application Process: Inhouse

Creatives: Yes

You can join the I Need Motivation affiliate program here

8) Udemy

11 Of The Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs (10)

Udemy is the most popular resources for on-demand video courses. Currently they boast over 183,000 of these video courses. With new courses being published every day.

And of course, within that large selection of video courses there are courses on every aspect of personal development.

There affiliate program is run through Rakuten. So, you would need to sign up with Rakuten first and then you can join the Udemy affiliate program.

They offer a baseline commission of 15%. The tracking cookie is only for 7 days. But through their research they have found that people make purchases within the first 7 days.

So, if you’re sending targeted traffic to Udemy you have a high probability of a conversion. Also there tracking cookie is not product specific. Which means even if your customer doesn’t buy the product you promoted and buy something else you’ll still get the commission.

There are promotional tools available to you such as banners and your commissions will be paid monthly.

Commission Rate: 15%

Tracking Cookie Duration: 7 days

Commission Payment: Monthly

Application Process: Rakuten

Creatives: Yes

You can join the Udemy affiliate program here

9) Please Notes

11 Of The Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs (11)

Personal Notes offers people physical journals, notebooks, and planners. They also have courses and workshops. As well as digital products and even gifts.

And the whole idea behind personal notes is journaling. And on every page of a journal has a hand-picked affirmation or inspirational quote to help inspire your personal growth.

And their clarity, gratitude, manifestation, and dream journals are all available in digital versions.

Now, a marketing angle you could take with this type of affiliate program is that Oprah is true advocate of journaling. So, you can use Oprah as your social proof when it comes to the power of journaling.

You have a pretty decent affiliate program with a 15% commission rate and a 30 day tracking cookie.

Commission Rate: 15%

Tracking Cookie Duration: 30 days

Commission Payment: Monthly

Application Process: Inhouse

Creatives: Yes

You can join the Please Notes affiliate program here

10) Simple Truths

11 Of The Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs (12)

Mac Anderson is the man behind Simple Truths which was started in September 2005.

Now the whole idea behind simple truths is you can read motivational and inspiring books in 30 to 45 minutes. As they say “Small Books, Big Impact”

Since starting Simple Truths they have published over 150 different books themed on topics such as attitude, teamwork, leadership, and personal inspiration.

The commission rate for their affiliate program is 10% and they do offer a 45 day tracking cookie. Currently there affiliate program is run through Share A Sale.

There are creatives available for you such as banners and you will be paid your commissions monthly.

Commission Rate: 10%

Tracking Cookie Duration: 45 days

Commission Payment: Monthly

Application Process: Share A Sale

Creatives: Yes

You can join the Simple Truths affiliate program here

11) Coach Training Alliance

11 Of The Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs (13)

The Coach Training Alliance is not a program in regards to personal development courses and programs such as the other affiliate programs we’ve talked about in this roundup.

For those that feel they have the unique talents and traits to become a great life coach, Coach Training Alliance offers a life coach training certification program.

Over 10,000 coaches have gone through their program. And their whole program is designed to build, grow, and sustain your coaching practice.

There affiliate program offers a 15% commission. With a very generous 365 day tracking cookie. The program is run through Share A Sale. Which means you do have access to banners that you can use on your website. And your commissions will be paid monthly.

Now this is a high ticket affiliate program. The average sale is $2566.20. With the average commission being $389.85. So, there is the opportunity to make some serious money through this affiliate program.

Commission Rate: 15%

Tracking Cookie Duration: 365 days

Commission Payment: Monthly

Application Process: Share A Sale

Creatives: Yes

You can join the Coach Training Alliance affiliate program here


So, there’s 11 personal development programs you can definitely make some great money with.

Now in my research I came across many more programs, but they either didn’t have an affiliate program. Or they did but the program was not clearly laid out. Or like Hay House who have closed their affiliate program to new applicants.

Which just goes to show you have to do your due diligence when sourcing out a good affiliate program.

Because as an affiliate you always want to associate yourself with great affiliate program. And once you know what you’re doing affiliate marketing can be very lucrative.

Now if you still have more questions than answers about affiliate marketing. Then check out Wealthy Affiliate.

They have a complete step by step easy to follow blueprint for starting, building a growing a thriving affiliate marketing business.

And don’t be shy if you have any questions about affiliate marketing or wealthy affiliate don’t hesitate asking.

I believe in you!

11 Of The Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs (14)

Leo Emery

Hey it’s Leo. I’m the founder of Netwise Profits, and I’ve been making a full time online income as affiliate marketer since 2005. And as of 2012 I’ve been personally helping people turn their hobbies, passions, and interests into online incomes through affiliate marketing. And I can help you to.


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