Saber Exemption certificate | Self Declaration | Self Declaration Certificate (2023)

Saber Exemption certificate | Self Declaration | Self Declaration Certificate (1)

exemption certificate for non-commercial products

Products and shipments imported into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for personal or non-commercial purpose and not intended for trade or sale in the Saudi market are granted some exceptions in saber system for their entry into Saudi Arabia and need a saber certificate for non commercial product “Self Declaration certificate”.

Access to the exemption’s platform is through entering the Saber platform, and applying for non-commercial products, and issuing a shipment certificate of conformity for those products that are not intended for trade or sale.

For companies that have an account in the Saber platform, they can access the non-commercial product service with the same login data, while for individuals they can register a new account to log in to the non-commercial product service.


Cases that are granted exemption in the Saber platform:

  • Products imported for personal use not require SASO COC
  • Products imported by individuals for the purpose of construction or restoration.
  • Equipment’s and tools used in manufacturing or in production lines.
  • Products used in government projects or supplied to a government agency.

How does Export to Gulf help you?

(Video) How to apply for Exemption Certificate in SABER
  • The owner of the shipment / products sends the data of the imported products and shipments to Export2Gulf.
  • The technical team studies the products and studies the reason for the exemption / finding the reason for the exemption.
  • Export2Gulf Submit the technical and financial quotation, including all the details.
  • Create a user account in Saber if it is not present.
  • Complete technical requirements and any documents required to saber registration and exempt the shipment.
  • Initiate the registration of the shipment / product on the Saber platform, submit the exemption request, and issue the shipment certificate of conformity.

Documents required to complete the exemption application:

  • The commercial register in case the products were import by a Saudi company or establishment.
  • Bill of lading / packing list
  • Industrial Exemption Certificate / Manufacturing License (for factories only)
  • A copy of the project contract or a letter stating the shipment data and the purpose of its use (for projects and government agencies)
  • Self Declaration of conformity form by the suppliers

Saber Exemption certificate | Self Declaration | Self Declaration Certificate (2)

How to obtain the shipment exemption for non commercial product ?

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