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The traditional pathway to South Carolina teacher certification is completing a bachelor’s degree that includes a teacher preparation program. The South Carolina Department of Education oversees the certification process, which is outlined below to help you learn how to become a teacher in South Carolina.

How to Become a Teacher in South Carolina

To meet the basic eligibility requirements for teaching certification in South Carolina, candidates must have at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, pass the required Praxis assessments, and complete a background check. Additionally, prospective teachers must complete an approved South Carolina teacher preparation program, which is typically included in the bachelor’s degree curriculum for traditional route educators.

If you already hold a bachelor’s degree but did not complete a teacher preparation program, you may be eligible for licensure under one of the alternative teacher certification routes in South Carolina.

South Carolina uses a tiered license structure for educators. Those who meet the minimum certification requirements above are eligible for the Initial Educator Certificate, which is valid for three years and is not renewable. Candidates must complete continuing education, earn satisfactory teacher evaluations, and pass a pedagogical knowledge assessment (usually the Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching) to advance the license to a Professional Certificate.

Quick Guide

  • I want to be a teacher in South Carolina, but don’t have a degree: Earn an Education Degree
  • I want to be a teacher and have a degree, but not in education: Learn about South Carolina’s Alternative Certification Process and Programs
  • I have a teaching degree and am interested in more education: Learn about Master’s Degree Education Programs or Doctorate Education Programs and Information
  • I want to explore substitute teaching: Learn about Substitute Teacher Opportunities
  • I am already certified and want to teach in another state: Learn about Teacher Certification Reciprocity

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Finding Approved Teacher Education Programs in South Carolina

Projected Job Growth


Growth in Teaching Jobs in SC through 20262

Completing an approved South Carolina teacher preparation program is one of the most important steps to earn South Carolina teacher certification. Programs located in South Carolina that do not have this approval will not qualify graduates for licensure. You can see a list of approved programs through the South Carolina Department of Education. You can also compare key metrics for these state-approved teacher preparation programs by using the sortable table on our South Carolina schools page.

Out-of-state programs must hold accreditation from one of the six regional accreditation agencies overseen by the US Department of Education. Out-of-state schools offering online programs must be accredited by one of the six regional accreditation agencies and be approved by that state’s teacher licensing authority as well as that state’s Board of Education for the preparation of teachers. You can read more about program approval requirements here.

Additionally, schools may be accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). CAEP accreditation is viewed as a marker of excellence in the education field.

South Carolina Teacher Education Requirements

In order to earn certification to teach in the state of South Carolina, candidates must complete a teacher education program from an accredited college or university that is approved by the state board of education, complete a student teaching internship, hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, and provide a letter of recommendation for a teaching license from a teacher preparation program official. Alternative routes to certification in South Carolina are also available.

South Carolina Teacher Testing Requirements

The South Carolina Teaching and Certification Resource (3)The South Carolina State Board of Education requires that teachers seeking certification earn passing scores on the Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) and Praxis subject assessments. The Praxis series is designed to assess candidates’ knowledge of teaching fundamentals as well as their level of expertise in the subject area they plan to teach. You can find out which specific exams are appropriate to the subject(s) you wish to teach through the South Carolina Department of Education. Note that teacher candidates will also typically complete the edTPA portfolio-based assessment during their teacher preparation program; acceptable scores on this exam can in some cases be substituted for the PLT exam.

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Additional South Carolina Teacher Certification Requirements

South Carolina law states that all prospective teachers must submit fingerprints for a state and federal background check. South Carolina is moving to electronic fingerprinting for all state residents, though out-of-state residents may still submit a manual card scan. Refer to the application procedures for more information on completing this process.

South Carolina Teachers Licensing Application Process

Once the requirements for South Carolina educator certification have been completed, candidates must send an application to the Educator Licensure Office. The following documentation is required:

  • Completed electronic fingerprint process.
  • Official, sealed transcripts from each college or university attended.
  • College Recommendation Form signed by designated teacher preparation program official.
  • Passing scores for the required Praxis II content area exams.
  • Passing score on the Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) in the grade level(s) for which endorsem*nt is sought.
  • South Carolina Licensure Application.
  • Payment of the application fee.

Visit the state’s Department of Education for further details on South Carolina teacher certification.

South Carolina Teacher Outlook, Salary, and Jobs

There were 1,252 K-12 public schools in South Carolina during the 2016-2017 school year with an estimated student population of 771,250.3 During this timeframe the state had approximately 50,789 public school teachers, resulting in a student-to-teacher ratio of 15:1.3

Estimates suggest that there will be 1,720 average annual job openings for elementary school teachers, 730 average annual job openings for middle school teachers, and 1,150 average annual job openings for secondary school teachers in South Carolina through 2026.3 Elementary school teachers in the state earn an average annual salary of $51,240, middle school teachers earn an average annual salary of $52,520, and secondary school teachers earn an average annual salary of $54,400.4 The South Carolina Education Association is a useful resource for educators interested in working in South Carolina.

TypeNumber EmployedAverage Annual Salary
Preschool Teachers5,940$28,940
Preschool Teachers, Special Education160$48,110
Kindergarten Teachers2,120$52,540
Elementary School Teachers22,530$51,240
Special Education Teachers, Kindergarten and Elementary School3,040$56,960
Middle School Teachers8,360$52,520
Middle School Teachers, Special Education1,170$53,320
Secondary School Teachers15,310$54,400
Secondary School Teachers, Special Education1,480$55,560
Secondary School Teachers, Career/Technical Education1,150$52,900

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics as of May 2018.4

Teacher Shortages in South Carolina

According to the US Department of Education Teacher Shortage Area report for 2021-2022, South Carolina broadly has the following shortages5:

  • Art and Music Education (Art, Dance, Music, Theatre), Pre-K-12
  • Career and Technical Education (Agricultural Science and Technology; Business, Marketing and Information Technology (BMIT)), 9-12
  • English as a Second Language (English as a Second Language), Pre-K-12
  • Health and Physical Fitness (Physical Education), Pre-K-12
  • Language Arts (English), 5-12
  • Language Arts (Literacy), Pre-K-12
  • Mathematics (General), 5-12
  • Science (General), 5-12
  • Social Studies (General), 5-12
  • Special Education (All Exceptionalities; Speech and Language Impairment), Pre-K-12
  • Support Staff (Library/Media Specialist), Pre-K-12
  • World Languages (Chinese, French, German, Spanish), Pre-K-12

South Carolina Teacher Interview

Interview with Bridget Pearsall, South Carolina Math Teacher

The South Carolina Teaching and Certification Resource (5)

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can you become a substitute teacher in South Carolina?

Answer: The state of South Carolina does not require certification for substitute teachers; the only requirement is that prospective substitutes have at least a high school diploma. However, individual school districts set their own requirements and may prefer to hire substitutes who are state certified.

Question: How much do teachers in South Carolina make?

Answer: Teacher salaries in South Carolina vary based on many factors including grade level taught, teacher qualifications, and location. On average, elementary through high school teachers in the state (excluding special education and career/technical education) earn $52,720 per year.4

Question: Is there a teacher shortage in South Carolina?

Answer: According to the US Department of Education, South Carolina reports teacher shortages in many areas for the 2021-22 school year.5 These disciplines include English as a second language (ESL), language arts, health and physical fitness, special education, mathematics, science, and social studies.5

The South Carolina Teaching and Certification Resource (6)

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The South Carolina Teaching and Certification Resource (2024)


What is SC Regulation 43 220? ›

Regulation 43-220 requires "each teacher of a state-funded gifted and talented course or class shall have completed a gifted and talented endorsem*nt program approved by the SCDE." The South Carolina Department of Education supports teachers in obtaining the endorsem*nt through the Gifted and Talented (GT) Graduate ...

How do I become a teacher in SC without an Education degree? ›

Adjunct Teacher Certification is the newest alternative route approved by the South Carolina Board of Education. Candidates must have at least a bachelor's degree with a major in the certificate area or passing scores on the appropriate Praxis II exam plus at least five years of related occupational experience.

What is South Carolina Regulation 43 234? ›

COLUMBIA, S.C. — After a unanimous vote in favor of regulation 43-234, a required personal finance course for high schoolers moved one step closer to reality. The proposal, which came before the State Board of Education on Wednesday, would make the class a new graduation requirement for students in the Palmetto state.

What is SC Regulation 43 231? ›

Through special instruction, schools shall provide age-appropriate instruction regarding the dangers in the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

What is Title 56 in the SC Code of Laws? ›

With the exception of Articles 35 and 37, the provisions of Chapter 5 of Title 56 govern the operation of mopeds on the public highways and streets of this State. HISTORY: 1986 Act No. 528, Section 5; 1991 Act No. 94, Section 2.

What is South Carolina Code Section 12 37 220? ›

Most property tax exemptions are found in South Carolina Code Section 12-37-220. For any real property exemptions taxation is a year in arrears, meaning to be exempt for the current year, you must be the owner of record and your effective date of disability must be on or before December 31 of the previous year.

Can I teach in South Carolina without a teaching certificate? ›

Teaching in South Carolina requires an active teaching license issued by the South Carolina Department of Education.

What is the starting salary for teachers in South Carolina? ›

Entry Level Teacher Salaries

You'll earn a higher starting salary with a master's degree than you will with a bachelor's. In 2022, the South Carolina General Assembly raised the minimum teacher starting salary to $40,000. That's an increase of $4,000 from the year before.

What is SC Code Section 43 5 598? ›

Under Section 43-5-598 of the South Carolina Code of Law and 42 USC Sec. 653a, employers can report new hires and rehired employees. List of current information on benefits and services for state employees.

What is SC cottage law? ›

Many states regulate “cottage food,” meaning food made in a home kitchen for sale. Thanks to a 2022 reform, South Carolina allows “home-based food production operations” to sell non-potentially hazardous goods.

Is South Carolina a hold your ground state? ›

South Carolina Law

South Carolina has a stand your ground law which removes the duty to retreat before using deadly force in self-defense when a person is not engaged in unlawful activity and is in a place where he or she has a right to be.

How many hours of continuing education are required for South Carolina licensees? ›

In order to maintain your license in the State of South Carolina, you must complete 40 hours of Continuing Education during the biennial renewal period.

What is the defined minimum program South Carolina? ›

Defined Minimum Program (DMP) A set of educational standards established for the operations of schools and by which schools met accreditation requirements.

Does South Carolina secretary of state require an annual report? ›

(A) An initial annual report and the minimum license fee required by Sections 12-20-50 and 12-20-100(C) must be filed with the Secretary of State with the initial articles of incorporation filed by a domestic corporation, an application for certificate of authority filed by a foreign corporation, or the articles of ...

What is Section 56 3 840 of the South Carolina Code of Laws? ›

A person who drives, moves, or operates on a highway a vehicle for which a registration and license are required but have not been obtained within thirty days of the date when required is guilty of a misdemeanor.

What is SC law 56 9 351? ›

SECTION 56-9-351. Deposit of security by owner following accident; suspension of license, registrations, and notice.

What is code 56 3 110 SC? ›

SECTION 56-3-110. Vehicles required to be registered and licensed. Every motor vehicle, trailer, semitrailer, pole trailer and special mobile equipment vehicle driven, operated or moved upon a highway in this State shall be registered and licensed in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.

What is South Carolina Code 12 6 3587? ›

South Carolina Code §12-6-3587 allows a taxpayer a credit against income taxes equal to 25% of the costs incurred in the purchase and installation of a solar energy system, including a small hydropower system or “geothermal machinery and equipment” for heating water, space heating, air cooling, energy efficient ...

What is South Carolina Code 12 6 3360? ›

Code Section 12-6-3360(C)(1) provides a job tax credit for a qualifying taxpayer, regardless of size, creating and maintaining a minimum monthly average increase of new, full time jobs in South Carolina. For most taxpayers, the minimum monthly average increase for the tax year is 10.

What is South Carolina code 12 37 3135? ›

SECTION 12-37-3135.

(1) "ATI fair market value" means the fair market value of a parcel of real property and any improvements thereon as determined by appraisal at the time the parcel last underwent an assessable transfer of interest.

Can I teach without teacher training? ›

You are required to have QTS to teach in any maintained school in England and Wales.

Does South Carolina accept out of state teaching license? ›

South Carolina does not grant full reciprocity. Out-of-state teachers do not have additional coursework requirements. South Carolina does not offer test-out or exemptions. All out-of-state applicants must pass their home state pedagogy and content exams or take the approved South Carolina equivalents.

What is required to be a teacher in SC? ›

To earn your South Carolina teaching credential you will have to complete the required amount of undergraduate coursework and pass standardized tests, as well participate in an accredited certification program. South Carolina issues an initial certificate (valid for 3 years, can be renewed) to beginning teachers.

What is the highest paying school district in SC? ›

Greenville County Schools is focused on remaining a top-paying district in South Carolina so we can recruit and retain the best workforce to educate our students and serve our community,” said W.

What is the lowest paid teacher State? ›

The state with the lowest average teacher salary in the US is Mississippi, at around $48,000 a year.

Do South Carolina teachers get paid in the summer? ›

No, technically, teachers do not get paid in the summer if they are not actively teaching. However, most teachers have the option to spread their pay for ten months of work over an entire 12 month period.

How can I become a teacher without a credential? ›

Requirements for Alternative Certification

The basic qualification for alternative teacher certification is a bachelor's degree, preferably in a teachable subject. Those who are interested in teaching a specific subject must verify knowledge of the subject matter, referred to as the basic skills requirement.

What is the easiest teaching position? ›

10 Easiest Subjects to Teach
  • Physical Education. ...
  • Art. ...
  • Music. ...
  • Science. ...
  • Health. ...
  • Spelling. ...
  • History. There are several reasons why history is the easiest subject to teach to students. ...
  • Cooking. Cooking is an easy subject to teach to students for a number of reasons.

Which certification is best for teachers? ›

20 Best Certifications For Teachers
1Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)BLI
2Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE)Microsoft
3Child Development Associate (CDA)CECPR
4First Aid, CPR and AED InstructorNSC
16 more rows
Sep 9, 2021

What is SC statute 12-43-220? ›

SECTION 12-43-220. Classifications shall be equal and uniform; particular classifications and assessment ratios; procedures for claiming certain classifications; roll-back taxes. Except as otherwise provided, the ratio of assessment to value of property in each class shall be equal and uniform throughout the State.

What is SC Code 12 43 220c? ›

SECTION 12-43-220 (c)

If the lessee of property upon which he has located his legal residence is liable for taxes on the leased property, then the property upon which he is liable for taxes, not to exceed five acres contiguous to his legal residence, must be assessed at the same ratio provided in this item.

What is SC Code 12-43-220 C? ›

Classifications shall be equal and uniform; particular classifications and assessment ratios; procedures for claiming certain classifications; roll-back taxes. Except as otherwise provided, the ratio of assessment to value of property in each class shall be equal and uniform throughout the State.

What is SC State Board of Education Regulation 43 241? ›

State Board Regulation:

Students who cannot attend public school because of illness, accident, or pregnancy, even with the aid of transportation, are eligible for medical homebound or hospitalized instruction.

What is a crime of moral turpitude in South Carolina? ›

A crime of moral turpitude includes one that involves an element of fraud, dishonest behavior, or a breach of one's duty to society.

What is the insanity law in South Carolina? ›

(A) A defendant is guilty but mentally ill if, at the time of the commission of the act constituting the offense, he had the capacity to distinguish right from wrong or to recognize his act as being wrong as defined in Section 17-24-10(A), but because of mental disease or defect he lacked sufficient capacity to conform ...

Does SC have a statute of limitations? ›

In South Carolina, there is no statute of limitations on crime. However, in the context of South Carolina personal injury or wrongful death cases, the clock usually starts on the day of the incident (exp. car accident). In most cases, you have 3 years to file suit against a non-governmental defendant.

What is South Carolina Code 44 53 370? ›

(1) a controlled substance classified in Schedule I (b) and (c) which is a narcotic drug or lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and in Schedule II which is a narcotic drug is guilty of a felony and, upon conviction, for a first offense must be imprisoned not more than fifteen years or fined not more than twenty-five ...

What is SC Code 44 53 445? ›

(A) It is a separate criminal offense for a person to distribute, sell, purchase, manufacture, or to unlawfully possess with intent to distribute, a controlled substance while in, on, or within a one-half mile radius of the grounds of a public or private elementary, middle, or secondary school; a public playground or ...

What is an ABC violation in SC? ›

Violations of state open container statutes, or ABC Violation Tickets, are classified as misdemeanors which can be satisfied my either fine or jail time. Although they look similar, there are actually two rules regarding open container – one for hard liquor and the other for beer and wine.

What happens if you pass a stopped school bus in SC? ›

A first offense for failing to stop for a school bus can lead to a maximum fine of $500 or a jail sentence of up to 30 days. If a person suffered an injury, then a conviction can result in imprisonment for up to one (1) year and a maximum fine of $10,000.

What is a Class A felony in SC? ›

As you can see, Class A felonies are the most serious crimes in South Carolina's classification system. Class A felonies primarily include serious violent offenses such as voluntary manslaughter, attempted murder, first-degree criminal sexual conduct, and carjacking resulting in great bodily injury.

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