How to Save Microsoft Office Prior to a Factory Restore (2024)

When you perform a factory restore on your computer, all the programs are deleted, including Microsoft Office. With Office 2013, you can sign in to your Microsoft account and reinstall Microsoft Office directly from the website, without the need for your product key or an installation CD. If you'd rather install with a CD, however, you will need to create a CD and get your password from the same site.

Hard Copies

  1. To make a hard copy of a Microsoft Office backup, insert a blank CD, sign in to your Microsoft Office account and then choose "Account Options." Click "Install From a Disk," then click "I have a Disk." The program will start burning an installation CD. Click "View Your Product Key" to see the product key you need to install the program. Make sure to back up your documents before reformatting your computer.

How to Save Microsoft Office Prior to a Factory Restore (2024)
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