Writing a Self-Evaluation & Goals (2024)

In all aspects of my work, and as a member of the UC Davis community, my goal is to be a role model to others and behave in a way that actively supports the Principles of Community and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Goal: I will establish a program/process dealing with unconscious bias learning/training as relates to recruitment of staff.

Enhance my understanding related toDiversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Goal: Serve as a volunteer for next year's "Soaring to New Heights" program.

Promote diversity, equity, and inclusionin my workplace.

Goal: Identify and participate in WorkLife and Wellness programs and complete a corresponding reflection summary. The UC Davis WorkLife and Wellness unit as a whole is about diversity, inclusion, and equity. Effective work life strategies, policies and practices are integral to recruitment, retention, engagement and talent management. The development and advancement of women and underrepresented groups are especially supported by work life integration.

Participate in professional development courses that would specifically enhance my cultural competency.

Goal: Identify specific courses to be taken such as: Complete second Safe Zone training offered by UC Davis LGBT Resource Center. Transgender Safe Zone is a two-hour training created to raise awareness and understanding about gender identity and issues faced by transgender people.

Participate in professional activities that would increase my experience in interacting with people from cultural backgrounds other than my own.

Goal: Identify the specific professional activities.

Work closely with community and cultural groups in implementing programs and providing products and services that meet their needs.

Goal: Revamp the Student UP program to increase the representation of African American and Native American/American Indian students.

Develop more effective strategies to recruit and attract a more diverse applicant pool for position vacancies.

Goal: This year our outreach efforts will be targeted to increase underrepresented applicants by x%.

Actively create a healthy and productive work environment that is free of harassment, abrasive behavior and bullying.

Goal: Implement a series of team building activities for my team resulting in improved teamwork and communication.

Better understand the perspectives of others, demonstrate empathy and mutual respect, fairness and equity in the workplace and in the delivery of patient care services.

Goal: Develop and modify procedures and practices so that patient complaints will be reduced by x%.

Proactively addresses bias, prejudice or discrimination.

Goal: Reduce the number of grievances in my unit by x%.

Develop, improve and/or modify promotional and educational materials so that they are culturally sensitive and accessible to all client target groups.

Goal: This year we will address our Hmong population in the areas of cardiac care and diabetes prevention.

Make sure that web pages, documents, forms, etc. are ADA compliant and accessible to all users.

Goal: (Fill in the blank based on the relevance of the service you provide, your role and the goals of your department/unit etc.)

Assess whether current policies, practices and procedures are inclusive and sensitive to the wide range of cultures that we interact with and serve.

Goal: (Fill in the blank based on the relevance of the service you provide, your role and the goals of your department/unit etc.)

Additional resources for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion can be found at:

Writing a Self-Evaluation & Goals (2024)
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