Write About Food & Get Paid By These 30+ Sites (2024)

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Write About Food & Get Paid By These 30+ Sites (1)

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Have you dreamed of getting paid to write about food? Maybe you’ve thought about starting your own food blog, but you’d like to write about food for another website or magazine first. Whether you’re trying to make it as a food writer or a food blogger, there are plenty of ways to make money writing about food.

The food niche is one of the most popular and most profitable out there. Whether you choose to write for the websites below or you choose to start your own food blog, there’s plenty of room for new talent in this niche. Here are some of the top food/cooking/recipe sites that will pay you to write articles for them.

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Write About Food For These 30+ Websites & Get Paid


Write About Food & Get Paid By These 30+ Sites (5)

BestPickist is a great choice for writers looking to enjoy writing about food and food-related things. They offer categories for cookware, kitchen appliances, and healthy foods. Content needs to be original and they do want you to link to some of their internal pages, too.

Pay Range: Varies

Nutri Inspector

Another site you can write articles for in the food niche is Nutri Inspector. This site accepts articles on topics, such as food, nutrition, weight loss, diet, and kitchen product reviews. The guidelines are pretty simple and high quality, original articles are accepted regularly by this website.

They look for articles from 1,000 words to 4,000 words and pay more for longer articles.

Pay Range: $60 to $180 per article

Modern Farmer

If you want to write about plants, animals, and agriculture, Modern Farmer is for you. They don’t provide much for guidelines, but they do accept submissions regularly for topics related to farming and food.

Pay Range: Varies

IWA Wine Blog

Writing about wine can be very enjoyable if it’s a passion of yours. IWA Wine Blog accepts all kinds of content about wine and they are looking for easy-to-read articles ranging from 700 to 1,000 words in length. If you can write SEO-friendly articles about topics wine lovers will enjoy, this is the site for you.

Pay Range: $20 to $50 per article


Maybe you’re a lover of Scotch and you want to write about it. While Scotch.io does have very high standards and only accepts around 10% of writers, they do provide an opportunity for the right writers. If this is a niche you want to explore, this is a great place to start.

Pay Range: Up To $150 per article


Another site accepting content about wine, WineFrog offers freelance writers plenty of opportunities to get paid to write articles about food and wine. Articles should range from 600 to 1,200 words in length and follow their guidelines.

Pay Range: Varies

Learn Cake Decorating

Maybe you love to decorate cakes and you want to write about it. Learn Cake Decorating offers freelance writers the opportunity to write about decorating cakes and other cake-related topics. They also offer photographers and those willing to create photo tutorials an opportunity to get paid.

Pay Range: Varies


Write About Food & Get Paid By These 30+ Sites (6)

A magazine all about beer, DRAFT Magazine offers writers an opportunity to get paid to write about beer. It doesn’t get much better than this if you love beer and want to write about it. They accept all types of topics from brewery spotlights to food topics to sports topics.

Pay Range: Varies

Edible Cleveland

An award-winning quarterly publication looking for writers with the ability to write about food, Edible Cleveland is a great opportunity for the right person. If you want to get paid to write about food, this may be the right opportunity for you. They also accept freelance work from photographers and illustrators.

Several categories are available for writers with article lengths from 250 words to 1,000 words.

Pay Range: Varies

Taproot Magazine

Accepting submissions at different times of the year, Taproot Magazine pays writers to provide content about all kinds of things including recipes. They also pay photographers. They are looking for creative pieces about food, family, farm, and craft. Articles range from 800 words to 4,000 words and they do accept simultaneous submissions.

Pay Range: Varies

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A massive online site and magazine for healthy food, weight loss, recipes, meal plans, and more, EatingWell pays writers to provide content about all types of food-related topics. The magazine is published 10 times yearly and has a circulation of more than 1.7 million. Some of the freelance-friendly columns include Good Life, Trends, Good Health, and Fix.

Pay Range: $1 per word

Food & Nutrition Magazine

Write About Food & Get Paid By These 30+ Sites (7)

Another magazine looking for contributors to provide great content is Food & Nutrition. They hire writers for assignments with the ability to adhere to AP style and meet deadlines. Articles may range from 350 to 3,500 words, depending on the type.

Pay Range: Varies

Edible Vancouver & Wine Country

Writing for Edible Vancouver & Wine Country gives you the opportunity to write about what you love and get paid. They seek articles from 750 to 1,500 words, along with recipes and photography.

Pay Range: Varies

Edible New Orleans

Another magazine offering the opportunity to provide content about food, Edible New Orleans allows freelance writers to provide most of their stories. They rely on writers to provide great content about all types of food-related topics. Feature Stories will range from 700 to 3,000 words, while other stories may be shorter.

Pay Range: Varies

Edible Manhattan

Write for Edible Manhattan and enjoy writing about drinks, holiday meals, travel, innovation, and more. They have a different theme for each quarter and also accept work from photographers and illustrators.

Pay Range: Varies

Radish Magazine

Another food magazine looking for freelance writers to provide content, Radish Magazine has several departments. Those looking to write about food will enjoy writing for this publication as they offer plenty of opportunities in this niche. They do have a writing staff but still accepts some work from freelance writers.

Pay Range: $50 to $150 per article

Twisted South Magazine

All about Southern food, Twisted South Magazine accepts submissions specifically about Southern food and drink. Anything from moonshine to Granny’s Ambrosia will be accepted with plenty of topics to choose from.

Pay Range: Varies

Today’s Dietitian

A publication all about diets, this website and magazine targets Nutrition Professionals. If you want to write for Today’s Dietitian, you will need to submit your pit to them online. Articles should be 800 to 1,400 words in length and feature stories need to be 2,100 to 2,500 words in length.

Pay Range: Varies

The Cook’s Cook

A great place for bloggers and freelance writers in the food niche, The Cook’s Cook offers a place for cooks, food writers, and recipe testers. While they don’t pay in cash, they do provide complimentary ad space, which can be work more than $1,000 for contributors.

Pay Range: With Ad Space & Other Promotions

Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Write About Food & Get Paid By These 30+ Sites (8)

Another wine magazine you can write for and get paid, Wine Enthusiast accepts all types of proposals from freelance writers about wine and food. They also accept submissions for Winemag.com. Articles will range in length depending on the category and type of content provided.

Pay Range: Varies

Edible Brooklyn

Maybe you want to write about food in the Brooklyn area. If so, Edible Brooklyn offers some unique opportunities for you to get paid to write about food.

Pay Range: Varies


Another website and magazine accepting recipes and articles about food is edibleSEATTLE. This publication pays for work from writers and photographers in several categories. Articles may range from 750 words to 2,000 words.

Pay Range: $0.15 to $0.30 per word


Submit your work to Saveur and you may get published in one of the top online food magazines available. They accept stories about food and travel and they pay for anything they publish.

Pay Range: Varies


A massive online community and national publication, Eater relies heavily on freelance writers. They prefer articles with universal appeal about food and food-related topics. Restaurant topics and many other stories are also accepted, but they do not want recipes or home cooking articles at all. Articles range from 1,000 to 4,000 words.

Pay Range: Varies

Travel + Leisure Magazine

Everybody has probably heard of this magazine and it’s one of the biggest publications you will find in this category. You can get paid to write for Travel + Leisure Magazine if you have a good story.

Pay Range: Varies

Extra Crispy

Extra Crispy is looking for all types of food-related content from opinion pieces to humorous articles to original recipes. The only thing they don’t want is restaurant reviews. They have very detailed guidelines for each type of content they want to publish.

Pay Range: Varies

Clean Eating

A site with plenty of categories all about clean eating and clean living, this one accepts submissions regularly. They don’t provide much guidance and you may have to inquire to find out what they are looking for, but it’s still a good opportunity for those looking to write about clean eating and living.

Pay Range: Varies

VICE Digital

Writers willing to pitch good food articles will find VICE Digital as a great place to write. They also accept content in many other categories and also offer full-time writing opportunities on their staff.

Pay Range: Varies


Both digital and print submissions are accepted by HoneyPot. They accept submissions for the magazine a few times a year, and for online regularly. They want grate writes with a passion for food, not just food writers.

Pay Range: Varies


Offering a regional magazine with monthly issues and a food category, Sunset is a great publication for those looking to get paid to write about food. Articles may range from 150 to 500 words.

Pay Range: Varies

Down East

A magazine in Main, Down East offers opportunities for those looking to write about food. They take submissions for all kinds of things in Maine including food-related articles. They do have a three-month lead time and guidelines you will need to follow.

Pay Range: $0.40 to $0.70 per word

San Antonio Current

The Current is a website with multiple categories including Food & Drink. They rely on talented freelance writers to provide great content. You will need to be approved before they assign any articles to you, however.

Pay Range: Varies

Boise Weekly

Seeking articles ranging from 500 to 5,000 words, Boise Weekly accepts all kinds of articles. They are specific to Idaho and do pay for the articles they publish.

Pay Range: Varies

Midwest Living

Another magazine published bi-monthly, Midwest Living seeks articles from 100 to 1,000 words about the Midwest. They offer opportunities for you to get paid to write about food, home, garden, and travel. They accept pitches and stories all year long.

Pay Range: Up to $150 per article

PageOne Publishing

PageOne offers three magazine opportunities for food writers including Douglas Magazine, Yam Magazine, and Spruce Magazine. Each is a bit different and offers a set of guidelines to follow.

Pay Range: Varies

My Expert Advice to Help You Get Paid to Write About Food: Create More than Recipes!

Many food writers think they can make it on creating recipes or reviewing restaurants. While this may be true for some, it’s difficult to come up with new recipes regularly, and reviewing restaurants is a very narrow niche unless you’re going to start your own blog.

However, if you write about food in other ways, you can get paid well. Many magazines, websites, and other publications rely on freelance writers to provide great content about food, cooking, drinks, and more.

If you want to start writing about food and make a living doing it, use the websites above, and focus on more than just recipes.

Maybe the food niche is just one area you’d like to get paid to write about. I’ve created a HUGE list of websites and magazines willing to pay you to write about anything.

Of course, you can also find a niche you love, such as travel, finance, business, marketing, or one of many other great niches for freelance writers, and get my COMPLETE list of 100+ Websites that Pay Writers by clicking here.

Write About Food & Get Paid By These 30+ Sites (2024)
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