Who We Are | Global Health (2024)

For more than 70 years, CDC has used its scientific expertise to help people throughout the world live healthier, safer, longer lives. CDC’s Global Health Center coordinates and manages the agency’s resources and expertise to address global challenges such as HIV/AIDS, vaccine-preventable diseases, malaria, emergency and refugee health, non-communicable diseases, injuries, and more.

The Global Health Center leads the execution of CDC’s global health approach, working in partnership to assist Ministries of Health to:

  • plan, manage effectively, and evaluate health programs
  • achieve U.S. Government program and international organization goals to improve health, including disease eradication and elimination targets
  • expand CDC’s global health programs that focus on the leading causes of mortality, morbidity and disability, especially chronic disease and injuries
  • generate and apply new knowledge to achieve health goals; and
  • strengthen health systems and their impact.

CDC remains committed to ensuring that every dollar spent achieves maximum public health impact.

Who We Are | Global Health (2024)
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