Top 10 Online Jobs for College Students (2022) (2023)

The life of a college student is often quite difficult, as there are a number of different important areas that need to be managed.

Between coursework, attending lectures, and studying for exams, students rarely have time for much else. However, the vast majority of college students also have to contend with something that might be entirely new for them: earning money.

Prior to college, the average student usually only has to work enough to get some pocket money that they can use each month. In college, a much larger income is required mostly due to the wider range of expenses that need to be met.

With the massive time constraints that come with the main priority of any college student, namely getting good grades and completing their degree, earning a decent income can become an almost impossible challenge.

This is why many college students are starting to look into online jobs, and we have provided a list of ten of the best options that such students can explore so that they can work on their own terms.


  • 10 Online Jobs For College Students
    • 1. Freelance Writer
    • 2. Online Tutor
    • 3. Blogger
    • 4. Online Surveys
    • 5. Audio Transcriber
    • 6. Web Designer
    • 7. Graphic Designer
    • 8. Session Player
    • 9. Voiceover Artist
    • 10. Virtual Assistant
  • What are the Best Online Jobs for College Students?

10 Online Jobs For College Students

1. Freelance Writer

This is usually the first option that students end up going for, and for good reason. Online freelancing is something that you can do in your spare time, and the pay can be great if you manage to find clients that are suitable in this regard.

It does take a bit of time to develop a solid portfolio that you can use to bag top paying clients, but until then a decent income can still be earned without too much effort.

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In general, you can expect to earn around $50 per article as a freelance writer. This can go up to $100 per article or more based on the quality of work that you do, and offering editing services online can further bolster your income by diversifying the services that you are capable of providing.

Jasper Ai Writer Review (2022)

Freelance writing jobs sites

2. Online Tutor

People in college occupy a unique space in the labor force. They are strapped for time usually, but they are also taking part in highly specialized education which makes them useful for people that want to learn something or the other.

Demand for tutors is always high, and these days online tuition has become more popular than ever before and college students are often preferable to those looking for tutoring online.

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If you are a good student, you can start off by tutoring your fellow classmates. A decent amount of marketing can also get you, clients, from other parts of the world as well. It can be rather easy to earn around $15 an hour which is not a bad salary if you think about it, and dedicating three to four hours to this job per day can earn you enough money to cover most if not all expenses.

Online tutor jobs

3. Blogger

If you are a good writer, you have a lot of options beyond simple freelancing that you can look into as well. Try writing something every now and then and uploading it to a blog. Creative writing can be a lot of fun but blogging about relevant topics can prove to be a lot more profitable. College students should definitely have at least one blog set up so that they can earn money through affiliate marketing and the like.

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The great thing about this particular job is that it helps you earn passive income over time. This can supplement any active income you would be earning from freelancing, tutoring, or other gigs and leave you in quite a financially stable position.

Maximizing your earning potential is a key aspect of graduating from college with a nest egg that you can use to finance a place to stay, a new car as well as numerous other things that post-college life might require.

Blogger Platforms

4. Online Surveys

Those that don’t have writing or teaching skills can opt for surveys instead. Many brands are eager to find ways in which they can figure out what their customers think of them, and they use services like Survey Junkie for such things.

You won’t get paid a lot for this online job, usually around $1 to $3 per survey, but that’s really easy money in exchange for not really doing much at all.

Top 10 Online Jobs for College Students (2022) (4)

Quite a few college students procrastinate in class which is understandable since a lot of what your lectures might be teaching you is easier to digest from a textbook. You can use this spare time to do a few surveys and earn a few dozen dollars in the process. Never underestimate the value of money, since even a little bit can go a long way.

Online Surveys Websites

5. Audio Transcriber

This job requires the ability to type fast, but you don’t have to be creative in order to do it. Most college students have decent typing skills which can be perfect for such a job. The premise of this job is that you would need to listen to an audio recording and write down everything you hear.

Accuracy is of paramount importance here as well as timing so we can’t say that this job is easy, but it is definitely simpler than freelance content writing since there is no research involved.

Top 10 Online Jobs for College Students (2022) (5)

A good transcriptionist job can pay at least $15 per hour, and some job openings even go as high as $25. That’s very good money, and if you practice a bit to get the hang of it the job required to earn this money would become rather easy for you as well.

Audio Transcribe Jobs

6. Web Designer

This is a great example of a job that you can continue doing once you are out of college. Once again we are recommending a freelance role in such positions since full-time jobs are far too time-consuming although they do pay upwards of $60,000 per month.

Much like with anything else that pays well, this job required quite a bit of skill in the field of web design.

Top 10 Online Jobs for College Students (2022) (6)

The good news is that web design is not as hard as it used to be. You can offer basic websites to clients for a reasonable fee and earn a solid income in your free time. Since this is a skill that you can use after college as well, it pays to work on it.

Acquiring valuable skills is a key aspect of becoming a responsible member of society, and this is an online job that can turn into a full-time career too.

Web Designer Jobs:

Course to learn web designing:

7. Graphic Designer

Designers in any role will command an enticing salary, and graphic designers are no different. This might be preferable to web design since you wouldn’t have to learn code in order to do it, and if you are artistically inclined you won’t have much trouble coming up with exciting and unique designs.

There is a bit of a learning curve to contend with here though, mostly because your clients or employers will have a specific design philosophy in mind that you would need to adhere to.

Top 10 Online Jobs for College Students (2022) (7)

This might be one of the highest-paying online jobs that we’ve discussed here, with hourly rates hovering at around $30.

Charging on a per-project basis can be even more profitable since a normal logo would usually only require two hours of your time and most clients would be willing to pay anywhere from $100-$150 for it. This would bring your hourly rate up to an incredible $50-$75 dollars!

Graphic design course

8. Session Player

Another great job for the creative-minded, this one is perfect for musicians and the like. If you know how to play an instrument, there are plenty of platforms that can connect you to people looking to hire session players.

Your skill level matters quite a bit here since lower-skilled players would usually only get around $15 to play on a track although that’s not bad for less than an hour’s work.

Top 10 Online Jobs for College Students (2022) (8)

This is something that we would recommend you use to bolster other sources of income. Putting your finger in a lot of pots is crucial if you want to stay afloat financially speaking, and the great thing about diversifying your online jobs is that if one freelance role stops giving you enough income, you would have other jobs that you can switch to that can fill in the money gaps.


Find work as a session player

9. Voiceover Artist

This is another recording role, but it is unique in that it doesn’t require any kind of musical knowledge. You do need to have an aesthetically pleasing voice though, with deeper and more resonant voices being preferred for men and bright, midrange voices being preferable as far as women are concerned. The job itself is pretty easy, all you need to do is read out a few lines with a varied range of expressions.

Top 10 Online Jobs for College Students (2022) (9)

A fair bit of creativity does go into the performance of a voiceover artist. You might be required to say things with a certain emotion behind them, so if you have a background in drama or something similar you could do very well here. The rates that are paid for such work are similar to that of session playing, which means that it can at the very least be a decent side gig to have.

Voice Acting Jobs:

10. Virtual Assistant

Once you graduate from college, chances are that you might have to assist someone in a senior role at the organization where you are employed. This is particularly true if you are thinking of moving into corporate roles, as such roles are normally reserved for those that have given a few years to the company.

Top 10 Online Jobs for College Students (2022) (10)

Not all assistant jobs will require on-site presence. Many if not most would be done in a virtual capacity, and if you have good organizational know-how as well as the ability to anticipate what someone might need at any given point in time, you can probably get an online virtual assistant gig.

Such jobs are also performed in a freelance capacity, so you’d be able to find them on various freelancing platforms that you might be on. A pay of $16 per hour makes this an online job that most college students would love.

Virtual assistant online jobs

What are the Best Online Jobs for College Students?

Which job are you considering as a college student, tell us in the comments!

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