Summary of Bronfenbrenner's work (2024)

Summary of Bronfenbrenner's work

Bronfenbrenner’s work was very important in understanding a systematic approach of human and social development. His bioecological theory has provided links to why children each develop differently and what aspects of development are in the child’s control and which are not. It looks not only into the biological aspect of development, but also the ecology behind it and the environment involved. His theory is important for educators to understand because it allows the educator to build fundamental relationships with their students and create a communication rich classroom that involves the parents. Bronfenbrenner’s work also displays how the community and culture that the children are surrounded by greatly influence their development as well. Things such as media, school and state policies, or a child’s neighborhood can shape how he or she develops. Bronfenbrenner creates three separate systems (microsystem, exosystem, and macrosystem) that can all act individually on the child, but also can act in unison on the child. The child has control over the events in his or her microsystem, but the exosystem and macrosystem are out of the child’s control. Bronfenbrenner clearly states how each system is vital for every child’s development and from that, real life events can be related back to a certain system. Events such as relationships between peers, parents, and teachers all are shaped in a child’s microsystem. Events that take place in a child’s neighborhood or community all are shaped in a child’s exosystem. Societal expectations and norms all are shaped in a child’s macrosystem. From Bronfenbrenner’s theory, it has provided a framework for parents and teachers to build effective relationships from and surround the child with a positive environment. With immediate relationships and a positive environment, it will allow the child to develop and succeed to his or her fullest potential possible.

Summary of Bronfenbrenner's work (2024)
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