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When someone looks at various dietary supplements designed to support memory, the search results will inevitably lead you to Prevagen.

It is marketed to reduce the impact of normal cognitive aging by improving brain health, clearing the mind, and sharpening the senses.

The problem with buying based on popularity is that you could end up with a well-advertised product that is not worth the money due to low efficacy.

This Prevagen review will help you understand the potential benefits and downsides of the supplement and whether it is a good option for memory and cognitive function.

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    What is Prevagen?

    Prevagen Regular Strength is a dietary supplement made by Quincy Bioscience. The major products by the makers of Prevagen only contain 2 active ingredients: Vitamin D and a protein called apoaequorin.

    Claims for the effectiveness of the Prevagen lineup include improving mild memory loss that occurs with aging, a sharper mind, and clearer thinking. They also claim that the formula is clinically proven to offer these nootropic results.

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    Besides Prevagen Regular Strength, the makers of Prevagen, Quincy Bioscience, also produce other products containing more of the key ingredient in Prevagen, apoaequorin.

    Whereas the regular strength formula contains 10 mg, Prevagen Extra Strength includes 20 mg, twice as much as the regular strength option. They also have Prevagen Professional Strength that includes 100% more than Prevagen Extra Strength at 40 mg apoaequorin.

    Finally, they have flavored, chewable versions of their Prevagen products as well. They come in both formulas, Prevagen Regular Strength Chewables and Prevagen Extra Strength Chewables. The regular flavor is a mixed berry, but you can also get them orange flavored.

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    Does Prevagen Really Work?

    Prevagen is supposed to work for the claims to treat the negative effects of aging using a protein found in jellyfish to improve memory, productivity, fatigue, and all-around mental capabilities.

    However, in our experience, Prevagen does not work well, even for very mild impairment, because the ingredients are just not as good as the components included in other supplement manufacturers or supplement companies.

    The clinically proven evidence reviewed shows that there is a proven mechanism with potential with apoaequorin.

    However, it also appears that the science is weak and promoted mainly by the company themselves, which shows only insubstantial proof that Prevagen will contribute to any improvement.

    If it does improve memory for some people, we think it may be the belief that it will work that leads to a false placebo effect. Any changes obtained with Prevagen daily use are minor and could be explained by improved sleep, diet, and other factors.

    The Prevagen manufacturer recommends adults take the supplement for at least 90 days to notice the signs and significant changes that Prevagen can cause.

    That can be expensive, but if you decide to give it a chance, you will likely know within a week if there is any sign of improving functions or if the supplement is failing.

    What Are The Benefits of Prevagen?

    The makers of Prevagen claim that there are some significant nootropic benefits associated with their products.

    Our Prevagen review looks at these claims to determine if the nootropic stack follows through or falls flat of the expectations.

    Prevagen Review 2024: Ingredients, Benefits, Price & Side Effects - EvidenceLive (3)

    Healthy Brain Function

    When we age, and as our memory weakens, our complete brain health worsens.

    Quincy Bioscience published the Madison Memory Study comparing 10 mg apoaequorin to placebo on participants who struggled with self-reported memory problems but didn’t have a memory loss condition like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia (1).

    The purpose of the research was to discover how much the primary ingredient in Prevagen helped with the health of brain function and aspects of cognition.

    They concluded apoaequorin improved brain health and some significant components of cognitive function, particularly those associated with memory recall, clarity, verbal fluidity, and learning. These elements are promising for the benefit of brain health and function.

    The conclusions found that those who took apoaequorin had better cognitive abilities than those taking a placebo, and there was a statistically significant improvement.

    However, the problem is that the methods used in the company study were questionable. For one, the study size was smaller than most experts suggest to prove if a drug or supplement is effective and did not examine long-term effects.

    Furthermore, the study utilized nine computerized cognitive tasks that were non-standard tests, which sheds doubt and concerns about the positive research.

    Conversely, opposing studies show little to no positive qualities for mental health, mood, or cerebral function with apoaequorin found in jellyfish.

    Some people believe that Quincy Bioscience was not honest and scientific in reasoning for the conclusions since they published the study themselves.

    Many believe that the test methods were inadequate, and also other studies show no improvements, which proves it is likely to be accurate.

    Sharper Mind

    Prevagen also claims that their products will sharpen the mind, but there is not much evidence that this is actually the case. Unfortunately, there is not much research pointing to the contrary either.

    The benefit is supposedly caused by the ability of vitamin D to ward off poor cognition caused by normal aging and the effects of the other ingredient.

    The protein apoaequorin shows some similarities to compounds found in the human brain that may be good for warding off mental fatigue.

    According to research, the dietary supplement Prevagen may bind with calcium and protect neurons from oxygen and glucose deprivation (2). More oxygen and nutrients may coincide with a better working mind that may remain sharp and high functioning.

    There are additional worries about this feature, though. The main issue is that some people do not believe that apoaequorin has a high enough oral bioavailability to absorb and offer these effects.

    In the study, injections were used on rats, and no similar studies have been completed using oral dosing. The amount included in Prevagen, even with the extra strength formula, may also be insubstantial enough to provide such positive effects.

    Clearer Thinking

    Many people want to clear away the cobwebs in their minds and thinking, and Prevagen claims to do just that. The claim presumes that Prevagen can reduce fatigue and limit brain fog.

    Because of this, some people like to take Prevagen in the morning. However, few scientific studies support this claim, at least regarding apoaequorin.

    On the other hand, Vitamin D may offer some beneficial aspects for mental clarity and reducing fatigue. When taken as a dietary supplement, vitamin D can improve a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle.

    For example, at least one study showed that D3 could help prevent depression, which can contribute to mild impairment because of the impact on mood, motivation, and energy.

    In addition, D3 has been linked with the discovery of healthy brain cells, which may combat forgetfulness to some extent.

    While there is not enough research to prove that apoaequorin directly impacts mental clarity, some science experts believe that taking Prevagen could help with brain plasticity.

    This could help with the formation of thoughts and problem-solving and task completion that may fall under the broad claims of more apparent mental processing.

    Should Help With Mild Memory Loss

    The most discussed property of Prevagen is the fact that it may improve memory. Quincy Bioscience published the Madison Memory Study to show the beneficial impact on memory loss, memory recall, and working memory.

    Also, some science professionals are interested in studying whether the principal ingredient, apoaequorin, could even be potent enough to act as a potential treatment option for Alzheimer’s disease.

    Even though the study promoted and sponsored by Quincy Bioscience has some flaws, including the company’s methods, analysis of the conclusion, and questionable claims, the evidence behind the qualities that improve memory is promising and well-understood.

    This leaves us with questions about the clinical trial because, even though it was a placebo-controlled trial, the placebo group only performed slightly worse on the test for cognitive impairment than those who took Prevagen.

    While there is evidence that the product improves memory, the differences are not statistically significant.

    So, while Prevagen may aid with memory loss and cognitive health, in reality, the supported properties are mild compared to some effects of competing nootropic supplements. Still, the limited evidence has made it a popular choice in the dietary supplement industry (3).

    Better Sleep

    While this is not one of the claims made by Quincy Bioscience, it is a possible feature of Prevagen supplements because of both active components.

    There is some evidence that apoaequorin may support quality sleep and improved restfulness.

    If this is the case, the supplement could indirectly enhance cognitive function and brain health because quality sleep is needed to process memories and recovery from the day’s activities and events, despite not being the claims’ intended property.

    The Prevagen supplement may be beneficial for healthy people to treat insomnia and other sleep disruptions.

    Also, vitamin D deficiency can contribute to poor rest for the body and mind, which can cause a lack of sleep. This can worsen the impact of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia and make it more difficult to treat symptoms.

    Body cells also require proper sleep and nutrition to become active within our brains, which may help to reverse decline or cognitive disability.

    Conversely, lack of sleep can cause slower processing, failure to maintain productivity, signs of mental fog, even problems with the body’s functioning.

    In addition, improper sleep may increase the speed of aging and cause worsened memory. Because of this, it seems odd that this isn’t one of the intended claims of Prevagen.

    Prevagen Regular Strength Ingredients

    Prevagen contains a solid dose of Vitamin D and a substance called apoaequorin.

    Prevagen Review 2024: Ingredients, Benefits, Price & Side Effects - EvidenceLive (4)

    Diving deep in the potential benefits and effects of each ingredient in Prevagen is necessary for a review covering everything you need to know to make a buying decision.


    Apoaequorin is a jellyfish protein that is found in jellyfish species that light up blue. While the jellyfish protein is found naturally in various jellyfish around the world, Quincy Bioscience manufacturers the apoaequorin from bacteria that have been genetically modified.

    Some researchers believe apoaequorin could aid with calcium regulation and, in turn, reduce memory loss and prevent rapid cognitive decline related to age.

    Prevagen Review 2024: Ingredients, Benefits, Price & Side Effects - EvidenceLive (5)

    There is scientific evidence that apoaequorin may help cognitive function, primarily with verbal learning. In addition, the study concluded that apoaequorin also helps with memory recall (4).

    While the research is slim, many believe in the compound’s potential for brain health. However, there are other concerns, like the fact that one of the few studies that show Quincy Bioscience themselves conducted positive results.

    Further competing research shows little to no positive influence on cognitive attributes. Besides memory, apoaequorin has been touted as a nootropic to help clear brain fog or produce mental clarity.

    While this has not been clinically proven, many people report better recall, more fluid in their thinking, and improved focus and concentration. However, others are wary of believing these claims for good reason.

    Additionally, research shows that apoaequorin may improve aspects that affect sleep quality and reduce awakenings throughout the night.

    It may be worth a shot for those who have trouble sleeping because sometimes the research concluded that apoaequorin could increase sleep time by up to 40 minutes a night (5).

    Prevagen delivers 10 mg apoaequorin per serving (20 mg in Extra Strength formula) as the main ingredient.

    Vitamin D

    The dietary supplement Prevagen contains Vitamin D3 as cholecalciferol, which can be good because many people do not get sufficient Vitamin D, particularly during the winter months.

    Having low or inadequate levels of D vitamins can contribute to cognitive impairment, so it makes sense to include this ingredient in a nootropic formula (6).

    Prevagen Review 2024: Ingredients, Benefits, Price & Side Effects - EvidenceLive (6)

    The amount included is well above the minimum daily amount recommended for adults, which may also help prevent poor mood and low energy. In addition, this could help with the efficacy of other nootropics and help prevent fatigue or sluggishness and brain fog.

    Furthermore, vitamin D may offer other benefits to brain health and the health of the body by reducing the likelihood of inflammation. Research suggests that having a high inflammatory response can harm brain function and cognitive output (7).

    Older individuals with mild cognitive impairment often have higher levels of inflammation, which can even contribute to dementia risk.

    Finally, D3 is beneficial for various other bodily functions that may correlate with cognitive health. For example, it can boost the immune system and improve heart health.

    Vitamin D can also help with insulin control so that you do not have crashes during the day that dampen your cognition and functional properties of the brain.

    Every Prevagen product contains 50 mcg of Vitamin D3 per serving.

    How To Take Prevagen Supplement?

    The original Prevagen formula is made into easy-to-swallow capsules. It is best to take it in the morning because the effects will flow throughout the day.

    Also, you should not miss any doses because it works best with the Prevagen is taken every day.

    Prevagen is also made in a chewable formula that some adults can use to support their health. The number of tablets or capsules in a bottle depends on the specific Prevagen formula and bottle size you choose.


    A serving of Prevagen is a single capsule, and the regular formula contains two active ingredients. Each serving provides 50 mcg vitamin D and 10 mg apoaequorin.

    Extra strength Prevagen contains 20 mg of apoaequorin, and the Professional formula contains 40 mg, while all of them still contain the same amount of D3.

    Choosing the Prevagen product right for you depends on your use of other supplements. For example, the daily dose of 10 to 20 mg apoaequorin should be enough to improve memory. For sleep, 10 mg each day is usually sufficient.

    However, for more powerful effects or to combat rapid aging, up to 40 mg may be necessary.

    Prevagen Reviews: What Do Users Say?

    User reports and reviews vary significantly in their findings for Prevagen. Some who purchase the supplement notice a difference and report that it can support healthy aging and fulfill the claims provided.

    However, those positive reports are few and far between, and more users find the supplement failed to offer a noticeable difference in terms of nootropic qualities.

    Many of the experts in the supplement industry have reviewed Prevagen and concluded that the claims are inaccurate and that it does very little to support mental health, especially considering the cost of Prevagen.

    Some user reviews believe it offered some support. Still, their analysis included a stack with other proven supplements that may have contributed to more satisfaction and enjoyment than the Prevagen supplements.

    Does Prevagen Have Side Effects?

    For most people at regular dosage amounts, Prevagen is well-tolerated and causes very few serious adverse effects.

    Furthermore, it is best to seek a doctor’s advice before starting Prevagen if you are on pharmaceutical prescriptions or suffer from diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia because there could be drug interactions or warnings.

    However, there are also some uncomfortable side effects to be aware of and potentially severe reactions to keep in mind.

    The most common of these is nausea and headaches, but other reactions include dizziness, chest pain, stomach pain, irregular or rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, and chest pain.

    If you experience these reactions, it is best to speak with a doctor to ensure no cardiovascular problems.

    Where To Buy Prevagen?

    Prevagen is available on the official Prevagen website, as well as with various retailers.

    It is most readily available online, but several stores can also sell the line of supplements.


    On the official website, Prevagen is available to purchase at the price of $39.95 for a bottle of 30 regular strength capsules. This comes to the cost of $1.33 per serving.

    However, for the Extra Strength Formula, the cost is significantly higher at $59.95 for a bottle of 30 capsules, which is the cost of around $2 per daily serving.

    Compared with the price of other supplements, this option is pretty expensive.

    Of course, it is our opinion that it wouldn’t be a problem if our Prevagen review concluded that the nootropic supplement was highly effective, but sadly that is not the case.

    Is Prevagen Over The Counter?

    Yes, Prevagen supplements are available over the counter without a prescription.

    However, not every store carries the products available to purchase in-store. Some locations may have it available only online.

    Do Pharmacists Recommend Prevagen?

    No, while previous surveys claim that Prevagen was the most recommended product by pharmacists, it is unlikely that you will find a pharmacist or doctor who would recommend Prevagen.

    It is not an FDA-approved drug, and there is limited science to substantiate the claims. Also, it is not approved to cure or treat any diseases.

    Is Prevagen a Scam?

    We would not consider Prevagen to be a scam. However, it is essential to understand that their claims may be unreasonable or even unlawful.

    Both consumers and the FDA have had issues with false and unsubstantiated claims made by Quincy Bioscience regarding Prevagen in the past (8).

    Therefore, the complaint has previously led to a lawsuit demanding financial grievances for the false claims and misrepresentation of the product line. The class-action lawsuit led to a review by the FDA and a settlement by Quincy Bioscience.

    On the other hand, they do not lie about the active components or amounts found in their supplements or disregard safety warnings, and it is likely not enough to be determined as a scam.

    Still, be wary of companies like this and their evidence for their products’ effectiveness.


    Prevagen is a popular and highly marketed nootropic. Still, the evidence available does not show many promising outcomes, and it may only provide a few beneficial consequences, if any at all.

    While vitamin D is an excellent compound for promoting physical and mental health and cognition, the primary ingredient found in Prevagen is apoaequorin, which does not offer powerful nootropic properties.

    In addition, the supplement costs more than some of the proven competitors. As a result, we recommend selecting from alternative supplements instead of buying Prevagen.

    Based on our review, the best alternative to Prevagen is Mind Lab Pro because it offers superior memory and cognition enhancements to boost mental health and well-being.

    Not only that, but the synergistic constituents provide a burst of focus and energy for a complete spectrum of properties.

    2.5/5Our rating

    Best choice


    Instead of Prevagen, you should pick the reputable Mind Lab Pro, the best supplement available for mental clarity that offers better memory, focus, and mood that can help limit the impact of age-related cognitive decline.

    Check better alternative


    • Bottle and label transparency
    • All components are reviewed for safety
    • Available in regular, extra, and professional strength and chewable tablets


    • Expensive to purchase a bottle containing two active ingredients
    • Limited scientific research on the features of the compounds
    • The company has made false claims and misrepresented data in the past
    • The proposed effect is not wide-ranging and only includes a couple of outcomes
    Prevagen Review 2024: Ingredients, Benefits, Price & Side Effects - EvidenceLive (2024)
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