Prevagen Active Ingredients | What is it? (2024)

What are the active ingredients in Prevagen?

The main active ingredient in Prevagen in Apoaequorin. This active ingredient is a protein which is sourced from jellyfish and is believed to help bind to the calcium in your brain with the intention of building your memory and cognition.

But how well does it all really work when put to the test. You can find all that out if you read our Prevagen Review.

For now, we’ll just be looking at Apoaequorin to see what it can do and if it is the right choice for you.


  • 1 Apoaequorin: Prevagen’s Active Ingredient
  • 2 Is Prevagen’s active ingredient safe?
  • 3 Is the Prevagens active ingredient effective?
  • 4 Should you use Prevagen for it’s active ingredient?

Apoaequorin: Prevagen’s Active Ingredient

Prevagen’s main active ingredient in Apoaequorin. This is a jellyfish protein which has little to no research on it’s actual effects.

The only thorough research that has been done on Apoaequorin is by Quincy Bioscience: The makers of Prevagen.

To give you a better of what Apoaequorin actually is, Apoaequorin is the protein that is derived from the specific type of jellyfish that glows.

When this protein binds to calcium, it releases a blue glow, which is how jellyfish of that nature glow.

In laboratories, Apoaequorin is used to pay closer attention to how calcium behaves inside cells. Prevagen however, uses it as a tool to help improve an aging memory.

So how effective is it? And is it safe? All that and more on Prevagen’s active ingredient below.

Is Prevagen’s active ingredient safe?

From the research that has been done, and the numerous users taking (and have taken) Prevagen it doesn’t appear to cause any side effects.

The active ingredient in Prevagen should be safe to take an not cause you any issues.

However, we must remind you that there is only one study currently available on human consumption of Apoaequorin: Prevagen’s study.

The only real support for it appears to be anecdotal – but considering the mass of them, it shouldn’t cause any problems.

We stress that we are not medical professionals. If you have any concerns about nootropics, brain supplements, or taking Prevagen, we highly recommend that you speak to a doctor or medical expert first.

Is the Prevagens active ingredient effective?

Prevagen’s active ingredient Apoaequorin has no good scientific evidence to support the claims that it works well for memory.

There is only one study which shows it to be effective. The study by Prevagen (Quincy Bioscience) themselves. Using this as a front-runner for their product and basing all their claims on this active ingredient landed them in trouble with the FTC.

In 2017 Prevagen was under numerous false advertising claims by the FTC – it certainly didn’t help that they were continuously running commercials at this point.

Further action and attention was brought on Prevagen in 2020. A separate class action lawsuit against Prevagen was settled over the claims they made about their active ingredient.

Numerous users of Prevagen were partially reimbursed over their purchase of the product and the potential deception they had experienced via the advertising made about Prevagen’s active ingredient.

In a perfect world – Apoaequorin would work. But a lot more research is needed to actually prove this. The theory comes from calcium build-up in the human brain causes age-related mental and memory decline. The idea is that Apoaequorin can help bind to this calcium and help reduce the overall effects of the decline.

Whether or not it can actually do this – remains unknown. Getting it past the blood-brain barrier for most supplements is usually an effort in itself, actually getting it to work is a whole other task.

With little research there is, we believe you can’t get much out of Prevagen’s active ingredient.

Should you use Prevagen for it’s active ingredient?

We don’t often say this, but we don’t recommend that you use Prevagen.

The main active ingredient in Prevagen (Apoaequorin) is the source of a lot of controversy. It’s been the cause of trouble in the FTC, class action lawsuits and generally a slew of unhappy customers looking for some kind of refund.

If you’re looking for a supplement like Prevagen with an active ingredient that can help with memory loss – it’s not Prevagen.

If you are experiencing age-related memory loss, speaking to your doctor should be the first thing you should try. Natural supplements will never replace the efficacy of well-researched medicinal treatment.

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Prevagen Active Ingredients | What is it? (1)

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Prevagen Active Ingredients | What is it? (2024)
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