PERSONA-ID: Self-Identification System - Canada Media Fund (2022)

Self-Identification System

PERSONA-ID is a self-identification system that allows individuals to disclose their demographic information directly and securely to the Canada Media Fund (CMF).


PERSONA-ID was created as part of ourEquity and Inclusion Strategyto measure and monitor the demographic representation and participation of all content creators involved in projects submitted to the CMF as well as those supported by the CMF.

In the past, CMF Applicants had to collect information regarding the identity or belonging of the key personnel, shareholders and corporate directors engaged on a project from these individuals to submit to CMF. Now, PERSONA-ID allows individuals to share their information, privately and securely, directly with the CMF.

The type of data collected, and the terminology used in PERSONA-ID are the result of extensive consultation with individuals, organizations, and communities across Canada in both English and French. However, we acknowledge that this effort will continue to evolve over time, adapting to and accommodating the changes in the screen industries, national demographics, and society in general.


The information collected through PERSONA-ID enables the CMF to obtain a more detailed picture of who is applying for funding as well as the people working on the funded projects. More specifically, this data will be used for the following purposes:

  • Inform decision-making on future changes to CMF Programs and policy;
  • Determine eligibility to and compliance with targeted programs, incentives and requirements;
  • Detect inequities in access to funding and representation;
  • Follow trends and patterns in participation and funding;
  • Report to stakeholders and the public on who has access to CMF funding.

To know who should participate in Persona-ID, how does it work with CMF applications, and any other questions you might have, please go to our FAQ section below.

How do I register?

  1. Sign up using the form below. We recommend using your full name and a personal email address rather than a company address as that may vary from project to project.
  2. After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email which will include a link to access the self-identification platform – this may appear in your spam/junk inbox.
  3. The self-identification platform will prompt you to review our Terms of Use & Privacy and complete a self-identification questionnaire. You can preview PDF versions of these below in the Reference Documents section.
  4. Once you have submitted the questionnaire, you will receive your PERSONA-ID number. We highly encourage you to take note of this number and save it for future use.

Sign-up for a Persona-ID account

If you are a NEW registrant:

ForDialogueusers who are already using their personal email address to access their Dialogue accounts, you can use the same email and registration information to create a PERSONA-ID account. However, you may also decide to create your PERSONA-ID account a new account using a different email by signing up here.

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Reference Documents

For more information on how to register and complete the questionnaire, please review the documents below.

User GuidePERSONA-ID by ProgramSelf-Identification Questionnaire (read only)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Video Webcast on April 13, 2022 explaining how PERSONA-ID works and its impact on the CMF’s programs and incentives, presented by Diego Briceño, Programs Lead, Equity and Inclusion at CMF and Mireille Darveau, Deputy Director from the CMFPA at Telefilm Canada.

After creating a PERSONA-ID account and completing the PERSONA-ID self-identification questionnaire, you will be given a 6-digit number that will serve to identify you in the PERSONA-ID system. This number allows the CMF to confirm your identity and use the relevant information for the purposes mentioned above.

While signing up for a PERSONA-ID account is voluntary, the following individuals would need to participate in the process and submit PERSONA-ID numbers to CMF Applicant production companies in order for those Applicants and projects to benefit from applicable CMF equity and inclusion initiatives and comply with targeted requirements:

  • Every shareholder and corporate director of Applicant production companies applying for CMF funding;
  • In the Convergent Stream (and the Digital Linear Series Program), the Production and Creative Teams attached to projects seeking CMF funding.
    • The Production Team is comprised of the paid producer positions on the project. “Producers” shall be defined as either Producer, Executive Producer/Showrunner, Executive Producer, Co-executive Producer, Supervising Producer, Associate Producer, or Creative Producer positions.
    • The Creative Team is comprised of the paid Writer and Director positions on the project. “Writer” and “Director” shall be defined in accordance with Guild collective agreements and ascribed the same meaning as commonly understood in the broadcast, television and film industries.
  • In the Experimental Stream, the following paid Eligible Positions: Producer, Executive Producer, Director (including Technical Director, Creative Director, Art Director, and Interactive Director), Senior Programmer, Designer, and Project Leader.

In addition to the roles specifically enumerated under “WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE IN PERSONA-ID”, the CMF encourages all of the following roles – even if not attached to a project submitted to a Program with an equity or diversity initiative/requirement – to voluntarily sign up for a PERSONA-ID number:

  • Convergent Stream (and Digital Linear Series Program):
    • Producer
    • Executive Producer/Showrunner
    • Executive Producer
    • Co-executive Producer
    • Supervising Producer
    • Associate Producer
    • Creative Producer
    • Director
    • Writer
    • First & Second Lead Performers
    • Production Designer
    • Music Composer
    • Picture Editor
    • Director of Photography
    • Lead Voice
    • Design Supervisor (Art Director)
    • Camera Operator
    • Key Animation
    • Layout and Background
    • Assistant Animation & in-betweening
  • Experimental Stream:
    • Producer
    • Executive Producer
    • Production Manager or Project Lead
    • Technical Director
    • Art Director
    • Interactive Director
    • Creative Director
    • Designer
    • Senior Programmer
    • Director
    • Interactive or Game Designer

Once the questionnaire in PERSONA-ID is submitted, you will have a unique PERSONA-ID number assigned. This number should be shared with the person responsible at the Applicant production company for completing the CMF funding application. They will enter the number in the application to link your personal data with the application. The Applicant production company will not see or have access to any of the detailed self-identification information you provide in the PERSONA-ID identified with your name.

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Starting in April 2022, the CMF will rely on the self-identification information associated with an individual’s PERSONA-ID number in order to evaluate their eligibility to CMF gender or diversity initiatives or requirements. Please see “WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE IN PERSONA-ID” above.

Starting in April 2022, the CMF will rely on the self-identification information associated with an individual’s PERSONA-ID number in order to confirm the CMF’s Gender Balance Requirement and Diverse Community Production Licenses Factor. Please see “WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE IN PERSONA-ID” above.

Since PERSONA-ID is a personal access account that may be used to identify you on multiple projects and by different production companies in the future, we encourage you to use your personal and most reliable email account.

Information that you submit will be anonymized and aggregated before it is used in any statistical or analytical document published by the CMF (e.g., the CMF’s Annual Report).While the CMF will not share your individual information with any third parties, the following limited access will be provided:

  1. CMF Applicant production companies will only be able to see and confirm your name and presence in the system, but not any of the detailed self-identification information you provide. CMF Applicants will receive aggregated reports regarding the eligibility of their applications, without detailed information.
  2. Canadian Broadcasters will receive aggregated reports regarding the diversity of their projects, without any of the detailed self-identification information you provide.
  3. CMF and CMF Program Administrator staff and analysts may access, review and internally share your information if it is relevant to the analysis of an application.
  4. In some exceptional cases, the CMF may cross-validate its data with other organizations (e.g., the Indigenous Screen Office) to confirm the presence of individuals in both databases.

You can change your personal information at any time. However, if your PERSONA-ID is already attached to an application currently being processed, only the information submitted before the program’s deadline will be considered. To change your contact information, you will need to contact Telefilm’s Technical Services at[emailprotected]

No. You can only use PERSONA-ID to self-identify for applications to the Canada Media Fund (CMF).

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If you believe someone is using your PERSONA-ID number without your consent you can contact us at[emailprotected]and request an inquiry. Applicants should only use the PERSONA-ID number from Key Personnel who has agreed to participate in their project.

The Canada Media Funds (CMF) is the sole owner of all data collected via PERSONA-ID. The CMF’s Program Administrator at Telefilm Canada acts as a third-party service provider for the CMF with the capacity to store, manage and deliver the data to the CMF.

No, in 2022-2023, the CMF will only evaluate the Canadian company composition and the Canadian personnel to determine a project’s eligibility to any of its Programs, incentives or requirements.

PERSONA-ID has been developed in compliance with Canadian law. Please note that privacy laws vary in other countries. The CMF does not intend to collect personal information from European Union residents. Residents of the EU should not create a PERSONA-ID account in 2022-2023.

Do you need help? Please contact us:

If you need accessibility assistance to create your PERSONA-ID account or for any data collection and privacy questions or feedback, please contact [emailprotected]

For technical questions, please contact [emailprotected]

To assist you in the process of applying to the CMF, please contact [emailprotected]

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