How Much Does Leadership Training Cost? (2022)

Developing a few good leaders can make all the difference in your company's growth and innovation. A variety of leaders can bring new ideas and energy to any organization and makes sure that your company will be in good hands when today's corporate leaders retire. However, training and mentoring new leaders can be tricky and expensive. Additionally, researching all average training expenditures can be an overwhelming process. One good place to start is by offering leadership development to your key upcoming employees.But, how much does leadership training cost?

Not all leadership development is created equal, and the costs can vary dramatically depending on the format. Additionally, not all companies have a huge training budget to work with. Below are the main options when it comes to training your employees to be leaders.

In-Person Leadership Training

One-on-one training is, arguably, the most effective type of leadership training. In-person training, unlike virtual or online, provides opportunities to work closely with mentors, coaches, and executives from various levels of the company to learn about what it takes for a leader to succeed. In addition, because accidents are more likely in an in-place setting, there is less risk of injury or death as compared to other formats. Finally, a personal coach can identify and work on the employee's strengths and weaknesses, tailoring the program to best improve his or her leadership skills.


You may be wondering how much does in-person leadership development training cost? No matter your training budget, the cost for this type of training varies depending on the management level, format, hours invested, and scheduled time. However, hiring a trainer to work individually with your employees can be costly. A personal leadership coach can cost between $150 and $200 per hour for mid-level executive training. For top executives, this cost increases to around $500 per hour. If the trainer is not local, your company may also be responsible for the trainer's travel expenses.

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Benefits of In-Person Training

One of the benefits of in-building leadership development is that it stimulates relationships and creates an opportunity to learn from one another. In addition, employees who have been through leadership development courses might feel more motivated knowing they have improved their skills and will be able to share this knowledge. It will also increase their confidence as leaders because they know what to expect when facing various challenges.

Drawbacks of In-Person Training

Unfortunately, there are flaws with this type of training. Some issues include: lack of personalization, large overhead costs, and lack of learning flexibility (leading to an undesirable work-life balance for your team members). Your employees might become overly reliant on their coach or miss out on opportunities because of prior engagements with them. In addition, leaders may get defensive if someone tries to give advice even though they did not ask for it which can cause conflicts within the organization during group meetings or one on one interactions.

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In-House, HR-Sponsored Leadership Development

A good, effective alternative to one-on-one training is to offer periodic, company-sponsored leadership training classes. These types of training are also the best option if you have very specific needs. For example, in-house classes can be customized based on your organization’s culture or industry needs. Plus, because you control who attends these sessions (and when), there are less scheduling concerns than with other types of courses that require participants to sign up ahead of time.can be held on-site or off-site, during work hours or during the evening or weekends.

Be Prepared For Varying Costs

Some on-site leadership training programs cost around $1,000 per day and some may charge by the hour, like $50 per hour for a class of up to 15 people. You may also be responsible for the trainer's travel expenses. In addition to the basic costs of the training program, keep in mind that with company-sponsored classes you'll also need to add in the cost of transportation for your employees to and from the off-site class and possibly overtime, if you are having the classes during off-work hours.

If you decide to go the route of external leadership classes, be prepared for a wide range of prices. Some factors affecting the price are features such as instructor led vs virtual classes. However, keep in mind that many businesses offer discounts if you decide to enroll several employees at once--so it pays off to ask about price breaks and find out what is included as part of the fee structure.

Here’s an example: One company we interviewed offers three different levels of online leadership courses. Their most basic course costs $650 per participant and includes unlimited access to instructor-led webinars and two additional weeks after the course ends for mentoring and last minute practice sessions. For $1,200, participants can choose between either four full days or twelve half-days with instructors on site at their company’s office. And for $1,500, participants would get the same deal as those who choose the $1,200 option--additional days with instructors on site or online--plus they would also receive personalized feedback on their projects and an award of completion signed by the CEO.

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Ask About HR Sponsored Courses

If you work for a small company, there’s a good chance that your HR department has partnered with several leadership training organizations to provide group classes right at your company's offices. These sponsored programs are usually very reasonably priced but may not include much customization or access after the course ends.

One example of this is The Ken Blanchard Companies. This organization offers an array of leadership courses, including the Next Level Leadership program which consists of three modules delivered every other week over the course of six months. For $1,995 per person, participants can attend classes hosted by Blanchard at one of their 35 international offices or they can choose to participate online for a reduced rate ($1,495).

Continuing Education Courses In Leadership At a Local College Or University

Another way of training your team members is to reimburse them for a leadership course they chose and attend themselves at a local college, university or community college. Many universities and professional organizations offer external classes that range from half a day to nine months. In general, universities cater their higher-education classes to working professionals, offering afternoon, night, and weekend classes. In general, this option is usually instructor led training, as a grade must be issued at the end.


Again, costs can vary for this type of training, depending on many factors such as the university itself, the length of the course, the type of course, etc. For example, Rice University offers an online master of arts program for $21,000 or 18 credit hours of graduate-level courses at $500 per credit hour. Meanwhile, the National Association of Colleges and Employers says that business undergraduate programs cost an average of $8400 annually (or $23k for four years). Similarly priced is the MBA Program at Northwestern University which is about $66k over two years. (source) Prices for such classes run on average about $3,000 per person and require a size-able time commitment from your team members.

Important Considerations For University Leadership Training Classes

One benefit of using this option is if you don’t have the time, resources, or desire to host leadership development in-house, you can send your employee elsewhere. Also, in some cases, you don't have to pay for the class until the employee successfully completes it. However, Since the employee chooses the class, you lose control over the content and quality of the course, although it's advisable to set some guidelines for this.

Before you sign up for an external program, make sure to estimate related costs such as travel, lodging, and meals for your team member. For example, the Northwestern MBA is based at its Evanston campus in Illinois. If you’re traveling from halfway across the country (or the world), your plane ticket might cost more than the tuition. Similarly, if you have a tight training budget and can only afford to stay with friends or relatives when you travel for work purposes, factor this in when estimating related expenses.

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Online Leadership Training

Perhaps the easiest type of leadership training for both you and your leaders is online leadership development. With the current technological advances, online leadership development training is an appealing option for many companies. Online training offers the your leaders the ability to learn at their own pace, in a time-frame that suits both the company and their busy lifestyles. Online leadership training also negates the need for costly and time-consuming travel.

This type of professional development provides consistency and makes choosing robust, actionable topics each month easy. For corporate training managers, online leadership training means fewer hours pulling leaders off the job and greater continuity in the knowledge base of current and future company leaders.


Online leadership training is also cost-effective. The cost of online training is lower than traditional classroom training; there are no travel costs and you do not need to pay for substitute employees while others attend leadership workshops. With less expenses, you can provide more extensive leadership training at a fraction of the normal cost. Your employees will also appreciate this option as they do not have to take time away from work or family commitments to complete their courses at an institution off-site.

A Better Leader's online leadership training is the top online program for companies looking to create superior leaders. At just $450 a month to train an unlimited number of leaders, A Better Leader offers the soft skills today's companies need to reduce risk. From improved morale to better delegation; coaching to implicit bias, leaders get the skills they need to make your company an employer of choice.

Benefits of Online Leadership Training

Perhaps the biggest benefit of online leadership development is that employees can access the course material anytime, anywhere with an Internet connection and computer, tablet device or smartphone. Today's workforce is always looking for strategies to improve their work-life balance. The flexibility of online leadership development training is very appealing for today's busy leaders. 24/7 access allows you to gain knowledge whenever you need, as well as go back to specific courses or modules for review. So, it's no wonder that online training is a popular form of leadership development amongst business professionals.

However, one drawback of online leadership training is that it is not the most personalized option. While online training is convenient, it lacks the personalization that traditional classroom training provides. Teachers can adapt their delivery according to the needs of students and provide them with additional information which will help them understand difficult concepts better. Moreover, student-teacher relationship builds up quickly in a class room environment, improving learning outcomes. Without physical interaction with teachers or other participants, awareness of cultural norms might be harder to achieve through online leadership development programs.

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Virtual Leadership Development Training

Like an online course, virtual leadership development is conducted through the use of technology. However, virtual leadership training is more immersive than online courses as participants can interact with one another through video conferencing tools such as Skype or GoToMeeting.

Participants of virtual leadership development can receive tailored learning material that caters for their individual requirements and gives them personalized feedback on their performance. Thus, they will be more engaged in the training process and develop strong relationships with other participants since they are placed together in small groups of 5-8 people, who work simultaneously on the same tasks, modules or assessment activities.

According to Les Mills International (2012), a reputable gym franchising company and professional development powerhouse in New Zealand, “team development in virtual environment has been proven to be better [than in-class training] as team members feel more relaxed and less self-conscious about their performance”.

Important Considerations for Virtual Leadership Training

Virtual training does require technology - You need a computer or laptop that is fast enough for video conferencing software, Internet connection and video camera which can be easily integrated on most computers and laptops nowadays. This may not be an issue for some companies but it might pose a problem for companies who only have outdated equipment or employees who do not know how to use them properly.

Another consideration for virtual training is that your company must invest time in setting up an online environment to be used as a learning platform. You must also train your employees how to collaborate effectively with each other using the virtual learning tools, as well as deal with possible issues that might arise from erroneous use of technology. Additionally, there are several factors that can derail your leadership development initiatives that must be considered before implementation in order to ensure longterm success. Choosing a process that works for your company will prevent you from wasting your money on leadership development and give you the outcome you desire.

Leadership training is an important investment for any company that wants to be competitive in the modern business world. Leadership coaching can help you improve your management skills and leadership abilities, as well as increase employee morale and productivity. Virtual leadership development courses are a great option if your company doesn’t have enough resources or employees who know how to use technology properly. However, before signing up for a course, consider all average training expenditures and make sure it will fit with the needs of your organization.

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How Much Does Leadership Training Cost? ›

There are many community colleges and universities that offer leadership training

leadership training
Leadership development is the process which helps expand the capacity of individuals to perform in leadership roles within organizations. Leadership roles are those that facilitate execution of an organization's strategy through building alignment, winning mindshare and growing the capabilities of others. › wiki › Leadership_development
classes. These can cost between $1,500 and $4,000 depending on the school. You may consider giving your employees the go-ahead to sign up and then reimburse them for the credits.

Which course is best for leadership? ›

Best Online Leadership Courses
  • Leading the Modern Day Business. ...
  • Leadership Communication (with Practice Exercises) ...
  • Inclusive Leadership. ...
  • Strategy Execution. ...
  • The Science of Leadership. Udemy. ...
  • Women Leaders Programme. Insead. ...
  • Initiating and Planning Projects. Coursera. ...
  • Team Building and Transformational Leadership. FutureLearn.

How long is a leadership program? ›

Generally, leadership development programs last for 1-2 years, in which participants cycle through different business areas before receiving a more specific path. These programs are also typically housed within large companies, but have a small cohort each year.

What is covered in leadership training? ›

15 Leadership Training Topics
  • Communication skills. ...
  • Leading under pressure. ...
  • Time management. ...
  • Conflict resolution. ...
  • Employee engagement. ...
  • Motivating and influencing your teams. ...
  • Effective feedback. ...
  • Delegation.
Jan 23, 2022

Is it worthwhile to provide leadership training? ›

Employees that undergo leadership training may understand how to manage risk, making their decisions valuable to a business. Leadership training can also improve strategic ability, making it a valuable asset for your business's future.

What skill should a leader have? ›

What Makes an Effective Leader. Effective leaders have the ability to communicate well, motivate their team, handle and delegate responsibilities, listen to feedback, and have the flexibility to solve problems in an ever-changing workplace. Employers seek these skills in the candidates they hire for leadership roles.

Is leadership a management? ›

Differences between Leadership and Management

While management includes focus on planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling; leadership is mainly a part of directing function of management. Leaders focus on listening, building relationships, teamwork, inspiring, motivating and persuading the followers.

Developing a few good leaders can make all the difference in your company's growth and innovation. A variety of leaders can bring new ideas and energy to any organization and makes sure that your company will be in good hands when today's corporate leaders retire. However, training and mentoring new...

No matter your training budget, the cost for this type of training varies depending on the management level, format, hours invested, and scheduled time.. (Video) Leadership Training: What is the Cost of Not Doing It?. For $1,995 per person, participants can attend classes hosted by Blanchard at one of their 35 international offices or they can choose to participate online for a reduced rate ($1,495).. Perhaps the easiest type of leadership training for both you and your leaders is online leadership development.. A Better Leader's online leadership training is the top online program for companies looking to create superior leaders.. Another consideration for virtual training is that your company must invest time in setting up an online environment to be used as a learning platform.

Thinking about taking a leadership class? Here we examine what your different options might cost.

So how do you learn leadership skills?. At MacklinConnection, the members of our leadership team have invested in many different types of leadership courses throughout their careers.. Here, we examine the cost of several different options for leadership training, including:. By knowing what you can be expected to spend, you can better prepare yourself to sign up for the right leadership skills program.. This is probably the most affordable option, as you can find many free resources to help with learning leadership skills.. You can also find your own leadership skills training modules online for around $35/month.. If you want to work with an executive coach to develop leadership skills, you can expect to pay around $500/hour.. A leadership seminar can range from $1,500 for a weekend or $1k-2k a day for a multi-day workshop (like the Center for Creative Leadership program).. A leadership seminar can be a weekend-long conference or an immersive week-long leadership retreat.. The cost of a university-based leadership program is going to depend on several factors, including the institution you want to attend.. There are several factors that can impact the cost of leadership skills training.. While there are lots of programs out there that can help you cultivate leadership skills, you’ll want to be aware of the cost of leadership training .. We also offer executive coaching for a more tailored approach to leadership training.

The average company in the U.S. spent $1,071 per employee in 2021 on training costs; that’s $40 less per person compared to 2020. But let’s take a deeper look.

According to Training Magazine’s 2021 Training Industry Report , the average company in the U.S. spent $1,071 per employee this year on training costs; that’s $40 less per person compared to 2020.. When you break the numbers down by size of company, they become more interesting.. Small companies (100 to 999 employees) decreased their per-person training expense to $1,433 in 2021 from $1,678 in 2020, while mid-size companies (1,000 to 9,999) increased their per person by nearly double, spending $581 in 2020 to $902 in 2021.. When you look at these numbers by size of company, the mid-size companies tell an interesting story.. Most likely due to the ongoing pandemic, 32 percent of reporting businesses said their training budgets increased in 2021, while 47 percent reported they stayed the same; only 21 percent decreased their budget.. For companies with increased budgets, their reasons were increasing their scope of training (59 percent), purchasing new technologies and equipment (50 percent), and adding training staff (45 percent).. When asked about the biggest training challenges during the pandemic, the top responses for 2021 were as follows: Getting people engaged in remote learning options was the main challenge for 33 percent of respondents; 24 percent cited a lack of personnel and resources; 16 percent were concerned about converting content to digital formats; and 14 percent reported technology/ramping up to remote training as a main challenge.. Mid-size companies reported blended learning 48 percent of the time, while utilizing virtual training or webcasts 41 percent of the time.. Surprisingly, mobile learning, which has trended upward over the past few years, was not a prioritized delivery method for any size business, accounting for only 7-11 percent of delivery for any size business.. Now that we know the trends in per-employee training costs and how training is being delivered, what do companies want their employees to learn?. What do employees want to learn?. The Udemy 2022 Trends Report also noted that the workforce is demanding skills in time management, focus, and self-discipline, as well as collaborative skills such as listening, business communication, and business writing.

Leadership training is a priority for nearly 95% of businesses. So why do most leadership development programs fail?

Could this be why leadership development programs don't work?. Yet data provided by McKinsey offers a startling insight into the leadership industry: most of these leadership programs fail to create desired results.. With an estimated $166 billion annual spend on leadership development in the USA alone, organizations must transform these mission-critical programs to create real and lasting impact.. Seventy-four percent of organizations use instructor-led leadership training, and 63% use executive coaching, to deliver on the following top-rated leadership skills:. Context Conquers Content: While most leadership development training programs emphasize content, it's really context that matters most.. Assuming that a particular curriculum or leadership viewpoint fits for every company - regardless of size, culture, or current leadership structure - is often the first mistake.. Overwhelm is the real challenge here: in an effort to prove their value, leadership development consultants often try to offer a Chinese menu of leadership insights, based on their work (instead of the context that looks at the work of the company).. Too Much Reflection, Not Enough Application: in my book, Leadership Language , I ask the question: where does leadership really come from?. For consultants, coaches and even in-house leadership training programs, preparing to battle the mindset within the organization can be the deepest challenge of all.. High-growth organizations can maximize their investment in leadership development by focusing resources on what matters most: developing a customized leadership program, based on your organization (not the consultant's).. While experts might argue that the components of leadership are the same for all, leadership development doesn't work without a clear context and cultural understanding.. Innovative companies understand that an investment in employee development requires connecting concepts to real work; that context is the most powerful predictor of leadership development success.

As a freelance trainer, do you find yourself procrastinating about how much to charge for a training workshop? Like setting your corporate rates or settling on a day rate, it’s one of the pricing issues that keep coming up in Google searches and within the training community. Hopefully, the hints an

Hopefully, the hints and tips below will help you price your next training workshop at a level that feels fair to you and your clients.. Even before we think about your skills, knowledge, experience and the value you offer (more about these below), the price of a training workshop must include several more tangible elements.. Researching the client (if delivering training for a company) or the needs of the attendees Creating/preparing the content and workshop schedule Designing the presentation and/or training materials Rehearsing the presentation Planning group activities Preparing and printing handouts (and any associated costs) Venue fee (if applicable) Refreshments/catering (if applicable) Travel time and costs (to and from venue) Setting up the training room Delivering the actual workshop Clearing up after the workshop Gifts/goody bag/takeaway materials (if this is something you offer) Follow-up documentation about the outcomes of the workshop Virtual administrator fees (if you get support from a VA in any way to do with the workshop). When working out how much to charge for a training workshop, you will need to factor in elements of your offering that aren’t as easily defined by the time or money spent.. Let’s imagine, for example, that you’re pricing a workshop aimed at people who have just moved into a leadership role for the first time in their career.. You use Harrison assessments to look at leadership behaviours and derailers before the workshop and can provide 50+ case studies demonstrating how your workshops have helped junior leaders transition into their new responsibilities.. Clients don’t need to know this figure but it can be a good starting point for coming up with a price for a workshop.. If we use the £75 hourly rate example from this earlier blog, then a workshop that takes 28 hours to complete (see above) would be priced at £2,100.. If you plan to offer a training workshop that’s open to the public or people from different organisations then you will need to settle on a price for each attendee.. A helpful way to approach this is to calculate how much you would like to earn for the workshop as a total – including all of the pricing considerations we’ve talked about so far – and then split the price by the number of people attending the workshop.. You may decide to price your workshop well above or below this.. Figure 1 is your resentment price – this is the lowest figure you would want to charge for a workshop.. Figure 2 is your ideal price, the figure that you would command for workshops if the budget wasn’t an issue.. The outcomes for previous workshop participants Reviews, testimonials or case studies supporting the workshop outcomes Your expertise via your blog That you follow-up on the workshop to see how trainees are using what they learned

OPINION:  There is no need for mystery in the consulting industry. FACT:  Annual revenue from management consulting in the U.S. was over $58B in 2018. If you are ready to invest in your organization through an Action Learning Associates, LLC workshop, then you are probably wondering about the costs.   You may also be wondering how […]

The primary reason to invest in such consulting days is to enable an expert to customize evidence-based content for your organization.. However, it is fair and reasonable for any consultant to provide a summary of value provided for any offsite consulting work such as customization, research, or data analysis.. In all of our workshops we provide workshops we integrate virtual or digital training into the process, with pre-event assessments, a digital playbook, and post-event impact boosters.. We have delivered workshops on “Coaching New Managers, Why Managers Fail, Emotional Intelligence, Communication, Executive Presence, Managing Using the OKR Process, How to Create a Positive Organizational Culture, Leadership Development, and Family Succession Planning.” Be wary of any leadership program that is “off the shelf.” There is little evidence to support their value.. The direct costs of the facility ($5,000) plus the direct costs of 20 people away from their desks ($20,000+) plus the real business lost from that day ($20,000+) mean that your investment in that full day workshop for 20 people actually exceeds $45,000.. We strongly recommend that you invest in our expert leadership consultants to accelerate a complete process of pre-event assessment, customized delivery, and post-event impact boosters tied to your business outcomes.. That process requires partnership with external trusted consultants because internal training departments lack the required objectivity.. Your success requires executive sponsorship, valid assessments (often at individual, team and organizational levels), proven process steps with measures for accountability, and specific expertise.. Your key results (KRs) may include: KR1: assess the strengths, weaknesses, hidden talents and blind spots of all nuclear family members using a series of 1:1 confidential interviews and validated assessments (e.g., the DISC, PIAV, EI assessments.). Family business leaders have unique demands that require external consultants like Action Learning Associates, LLC to facilitate critical behavioral and performance changes.. The primary reason to invest in any survey is to assess a population and make informed recommendations toward some desired business outcome.. External service providers like Action Learning Associates, LLC are absolutely essential for an objective assessment of your organizational performance.. External consultants like Action Learning Associates, LLC are t he ONLY people capable of providing objective data about your organization.

We thing transparency is important and willingly publish our fee schedule. Give us a call to discuss your project. We look forward to hearing from you.

For basic onsite training programs and instructor-led virtual sessions, you can determine the price of a course by referencing the charts in this guide.. You will find baseline pricing for live and virtual coaching under the section in this guide labeled “Executive Coaching Fees.” We price keynotes and meeting facilitation by the event, and consulting projects by project stage.. Onsite training is training delivered to a private group at their location.. We will work with your scheduling requirements to determine the exact timing for your program.. Over the years, we have learned what size group works best for each of the courses we offer.. We specialize in onsite training for groups and do not offer public courses.. Once you’ve delivered a program for our organization, do we have the right to continue using your content to deliver our own training sessions?. As with our onsite training programs, we do not ask our clients to open their sessions to people from other organizations.. Length Virtual CoachingIn-Person and Virtual CoachingThree Months (Scheduled Monthly Calls) $3,200$4,800 Six Months (Scheduled Monthly Calls) $4,500$ 6,000 Twelve Months (Scheduled Monthly Calls) $8,500$10,000 Twelve Weeks (Scheduled Weekly Calls) $8,500$10,000 Twenty-Six Weeks (Scheduled Weekly Calls) $15,000$16,500 Fifty-Two Weeks (Scheduled Weekly Calls) $24,000$25,500 Executive retreats, strategic-planning meetings, and gatherings to address workplace change often require a skilled facilitator to craft a framework and guide discussions.. Over the years, we’ve delivered workshops from our standard onsite catalog, and we’ve developed some programs specific to government audiences: engaging government employees, customer service in the public sector, writing for the government, plain language, and tips for following the GPO style guide.

These are the average costs for training employees - but are these costs being treated like an investment, or are they going to waste?

The most up-to-date research we have on the average cost of training per employee comes from a November/December 2020 Training Industry Report , which took into consideration the effects of the pandemic and showed an overall decrease in training expenditures.. In 2020, across all industries, organizations with 100-999. employees spent about $1,678 per employee, organizations with. 1,000-9,999 employees spent about $581 per employee, and companies with. 10,000 employees or more spent $924 per employee on training.. To do that, you have to evaluate the real costs of not training employees and compare those costs to the return on investment from effective training.. Employee training addresses the root issues of low employee engagement. and high employee turnover in addition to providing support for sales, customer. service, safety and compliance, and more.. By making room in your budget for employee training costs, you’re not only getting vital information into the hands of your employees quickly and easily, but you’ll also empower them with soft skills training, which will develop them in their role and in future roles within your organization.. Offering the wrong training will waste your training budget and make it more difficult for you to champion learning in your organization.. But identifying the broken process and using training to improve it will prove to your leadership team that the cost of training employees is worth it.. You should have some idea now that strategy is the driving force behind optimizing your training budget – when you begin looking at the benefits, the cost of training per employee become significantly less daunting, and the potential for returns becomes significantly more substantial.

Training Industry - by Sarah Gallo. This case study proves that leaders can’t afford not to go through leadership training.

So, as training evaluators, we always have to ask the question: “Do the revenue-generating or cost-saving benefits of the leader training outweigh the costs of the entire training experience?” In other words, is the leadership training really worth it?. Another question training evaluators should be able to answer for their stakeholders is, “How much does it benefit the business to send participants through the training sooner rather than later?” For instance, what’s the benefit of training new leaders in the first three to six months of their new role, as opposed to postponing or putting off the training?. Did those behaviors impact the business?. • Level 1: Did they like it?. • Level 4: Are they impacting the business?. That is, we compared the performance improvements of a trained group of leaders who had been through the training (within their first three to six months as a new leader) and a twin sample or control group of leaders who had not yet attended the training (also within their first three to six months in their role).. Level 4: Business impact: Results within the retail business showed the overall increase in performance for the trained group of managers was significantly higher than the performance increase of the control group.


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