Examples of "Id" in a Sentence (2024)


  • Can you ID this guy?



  • I'm not sure even his mother could ID him now.



  • If it comes down to it and we need an ID later in the week, I can locate the Greek god guy and show him the picture, but I didn't want to take the chance this early.



  • Now, the way I see it, there's three ways to prove Byrne's alive—fingerprints, positive ID, or handwriting.



  • Could she at least ID him if she saw a picture?



  • He would have seen on the ID that she was the one calling.


  • For instance, in the county of London, the telephone tariff is £5 per annum plus id.


  • Subscribers outside the county of London pay only £4 in annual subscription and id.


  • The toll or message rates are £3, with id.


  • In London a two - line party service costs £3 per annum, the message fees being id.



  • Printed matter is 2c. (Id.) per 50 grammes (s3/4 oz.).

  • The term oxyloiyte is open to the obiection that some peaty waters are alkaline, id not acidic as the term implies.

  • But though by an act of 1844 the railways were obliged to run at least one train a day over their lines, by which the fares did not exceed the " Parliamentary " rate of id.

  • In the United Kingdom it is now possible to travel by every train, with very few exceptions, and in many cases to have the use of restaurant cars, for id.

  • In the United States there is in most cases nominally only one class, denominated first class, and the average fare obtained by the railways is about id.


  • This has sometimes been to the extent of id.

  • From 1712 to 1853 an excise duty ranging from id.

  • We have now to consider the amplitude due to a single element, which we may conveniently regard as composed of a transparent part a bounded by two opaque parts of width id.

  • Abu Sa`id was assassinated (913) in his palace at aahsa (which in 926 was fortified and became the Carmathian capital of Bahrein).

  • His son Sa`id succeeded him, but proved too weak and was deposed and succeeded by his brother Abu Tahir.


  • Next year he was sent to 1 " Hugo Theodoricus iste dicitur, id est Francus, quia olim omnes Franci Hugones vocabantur..

  • These did not interfere with the general lines of Atkinson's strong and cautious finance, though the first of them was the abolition of his direct tax upon all property, personal as well as real, and the substitution therefor of a landtax of id.

  • Thus while there may be a difference of id.

  • Bitumen is found at Hit, whence perhaps its name (Babylonian Id in Tukulti Ninib II.'s inscription referred to above), and near the Tigris.2 Climate.

  • Berlin (Jena, 1902); revised in Essays on Evolution, 271-292; id.


  • Three old cruisers," Iphigenia," Thetis "and" Intre p id "(all built about 1891), filled with cement, were to enter the harbour and be sunk at the entrance to the ship canal to Bruges.

  • Greece I id.

  • In 1816 the first annual conference was held, id in 1843 there was instituted a general conference, composed delegates chosen by the annual conferences and constituting ie highest legislative and judicial authority in the church.

  • The system is decimal; thus 100 pfcnnige = I mark, 1000 pfennige = the gold krone (or crown), and Id.

  • In Saxony, for example, we hear of Duke Otto the Illustrious, who also ruled over Thuringia; and during the early years of the 10th century dukes appear id Franconia, Bavaria, Swabia and Lorraine.

  • For further details see also the separate topographical headings (for JJ excavations, &c.), and the general articles on the m various arts and art id...

  • It is typical, one may notice in passing, of the evolution of the epic elsewhere; in Iceland, for instance, id - Persia and in Greece.

  • Sa`id, son of the caliph Othman, whom Moawiya made governor of Khorasan, in 674 marched against Samarkand.

  • Sa`id could do nothing against them.

  • Ibn Omar and Ibn Sa`id al IIarashi tried to defend their province, but were completely defeated.

  • Abu Sa`id al-Jannabi, who had founded a Carmathian state in Bahrein, the north-eastern province of Arabia (actually called Lahsa), which could become dangerous for the pilgrim road as well as for the commerce of Basra, in the year 900 routed an army sent against him by Motadid, and warned the caliph that it would be safer to let the Carmathians alone.

  • Far more dangerous, however, for the Caliphate of Bagdad at the time were the Carmathians of Bahrein, then guided by Abu Tahir, the son of Abu Sa`id Jannabi.

  • Let DID be the path of contact, consisting of the arc of approach DI and the arc of recess ID.

  • It appears from experience that the mean obliquity should not exceed 15; therefore the maximum obliquity should be about 30; therefore the equal arcs DI and ID should each be one-sixth of a circumference; therefore the circumference of the describing circle should be six limes the pitch.

  • Among other aids should be mentioned the Index Homericus of Seber (Oxford, 1780); Prendergast's Concordance to the Iliad (London, 1875); Dunbar's id.

  • Myres in a series of trials, to settle special 13 See Cobham, An Attempt at a Bibliography of Cyprus (4th ed., Nicosia, 1900), Appendix, " Cesnola Controversy," p. 54.44 The Lawrence-Cesnola Collection (London, 1881); Salaminia, id.

  • For higher education county councils and county boroughs are the sole education authorities, except that non-county boroughs and urban councils are given a concurrent power of levying a rate for higher education not exceeding id.

  • We have an approximate time frame and partial ID.

  • Now, the way I see it, there's three ways to prove Byrne's alive—fingerprints, positive ID, or handwriting.

  • The "hidden" input element has an id attribute option.

  • The change was pertaining to use of your user id and password.

  • Basically when you wish to read the file you " get " it; the SRM returns an acknowledgment containing a request id.

  • You will then be able to sort the nodes by ID using alphabetical sorting.

  • You will be able to carry your id badge.

  • The young barman asked for id for the young lady who was 22 which she did not have.

  • This is a sucker bet, because ID is not science in any way, shape or form.

  • Id at least expect him to have some small underground bunker big enough to live in, not some hole in the ground.

  • Using an id card dropped in the tunnel the four men go in search of their quarry.

  • As the former chairwoman of Liberty, I was against ID cards.

  • This may be a useful pointer toward ID as Ive not seen chasers doing this.

  • In that event, it will be marked with an id chit just as if it had already moved.

  • British citizens may soon have to produce the ID card to receive health care.

  • Select Entry Copy User ID or Copy Password, then paste these into the site's authentication dialog.

  • The arguments that have been put forwarded in favor of ID Cards can be easily disproved.

  • As government doesn't want to appear Draconian, the ID card will be voluntary.

  • Some wildly extravagant claims have been made about what ID cards would achieve.

  • Please Email ONLY Sharer Wanted for 17.2 ID x tb gelding.

  • In the third form, Monoid returns the monoid generated by the elements in the hom*ogeneous list gens, with identity id.

  • The gid is the caller's effective group id. gids is a counted array of groups that contain the caller as a member.

  • Everyone needs to show ID to buy beer at a gig, even aging hipsters like myself.

  • If you would like to join too, e-mail to be allocated a user id and password.

  • Accepted forms of id Passengers must present valid photo ID at check-in.

  • The airline requires all passengers to provide photographic ide photographic ID at check-in on all flights including domestic services.

  • The optional id attribute requires values of type id attribute requires values of type ID.

  • However you may purchase separate caller id units to link to your phone.

  • In order to complete the questionnaire, you will need to have a user name and a login id.

  • You don't need a passport to enter, just photo id.

  • You will be sent a user id to use for feeding back via this site.

  • The Thai government's national ID card will contain biometric identification, as well as insurance, tax and welfare benefit information.

  • User ID verification The NJR Center will need to verify the identity of each new NJR user.

  • Mr Letwin said illegal immigrants, who the ID cards are aimed at tracking, would not apply for them.

  • The latest justification is that ID cards would curb illegal immigration.

  • We have also added HGNC reference ID numbers to each gene record, facilitating database interoperability.

  • There were occasional ID problems involving juveniles because of the time of year but nearby parents soon sorted this out.

  • A group ID is equivalent to specifying all login names com- mon to that group ID.

  • Special forms of MEROPS ID are used for unassigned peptidases, non-peptidase hom*ologues and unsequenced peptidases.

  • The value of integer options has no effect. PID can refer to any process whose id is known, not necessarily a child process.

  • If pgid is zero, the process ID of the process specified by PID is used.

  • The current process (caller) becomes the parent of the process with process ID PID.

  • There was an extensive epidemic of poliomyelitis in Iceland caused by type I poliovirus that coincided with and was followed by outbreaks of ID.

  • On top of that with ID fraud on the up, you feel the presser in getting you forms as quickly as possible!

  • Some ID systems employ ` ` garbage collection ' ' to automatically reclaim memory that is not being actively used.

  • The ID card lunacy alone should have the free citizens of Britain pouring into the streets à la poll tax riots.

  • I obviously had no ID to prove I was over 18 so Dave come up with a fake ID scam.

  • The Face and iD magazine are gonna lap it up like the scum they are.

  • You then type the name you want to use for your id selector.

  • In additon to a LCD screen with Caller ID, it also features a speakerphone, ideal for handsfree use and conference calls!

  • Some internal PC-compatible models include full-duplex speakerphone, voice mail, caller ID, distinctive ring, and simultaneous voice and data capabilities.

  • The phone also offers hands-free speakerphone and Caller ID, as well as the ability to log 20 missed and 10 received phone numbers.

  • We also need to ensure that an ID cards aren't introduced by stealth.

  • According to recent government estimates id theft now costs the UK economy £ 1.7 billion a year.

  • Only no one expected him to fall in love with her ID Two children kill a toddler.

  • Her aniseed balls were 40 for 1d., 12 hard toffees or 20 soft toffees for Id.

  • Can the cart use a session var instead of cookie to set customer ID?

  • During the wap era these came in the form of scratch cards that revealed ID numbers to unlock games WAP sites.

  • Widget Specifies the TextField widget Specifies the TextField widget ID position Specifies the position of the insert cursor.

  • The default value is the widget ID of the first child in the widget ID of the first child in the widget.

  • Alterations or modifications of the constitution can only be effected by the National Assembly, consisting of both chambers sitting together id hoc. The legislative power resides in these two chambersthe Senate and the Chamber of Deputies; the executive is vested in the president of the republic and the ministers.

  • Since true activity consists in knowing what one does and how one does it, I cannot be the author of any state of which I am unconscious; I am not conscious of the mechanism by which bodily motion is produced, hence I am not the author of bodily motion ("Quod nescis quomodo fiat, id non facis").

  • The cause of his leaving Amid was probably either the great pestilence which broke out there in 534 or the furious persecution directed against the Monophysites by Ephraim (patriarch of Antioch 529-544) and Abraham (bishop of Am id c. 520-541).

  • At the same time Paracelsus uses the word for a volatile liquid; alcool or alcool vini occurs often in his writings, and once he adds "id est vino ardente."

  • Bede, writing in the 8th century, speaks of Wiltaburg, id est oppidum Wiltorum, lingua autem Gallica Trajectum vocatur.

  • About the same time the Chronicle of Croyland referred to a benevolence as a "nova et inaudita impositio muneris ut per benevolentiam quilibet claret id quod vellet, immo verius quod nollet."

  • What a big STEAM id you have, said Little Red Riding Hood her voice quivering slightly.

  • Wedding gowns, bridal gift registry, wedding etiquette advice, invitations, bridesmaids dresses, wedding planning id...

  • No scope for anonymity and personal freedom - ID cards, CCTV, databases, DNA samples, retina scans?

  • You then type the name you want to use for your ID selector.

  • Shill bidding is where a ' friend ' often the seller themselves, uses another eBay ID to bid on their...

  • In additon to a LCD screen with Caller ID, it also features a speakerphone, ideal for handsfree use and conference calls !

  • We also need to ensure that an ID cards are n't introduced by stealth.

  • These are operated by swipe card readers, for which you will need an ID card.

  • According to recent government estimates ID theft now costs the UK economy £ 1.7 billion a year.

  • Computer Associates - forgotten user ID 's 30/03/2005, IDG.com System administrators know it, and so do the hackers.

  • Some older user agents do n't support anchors created with the id attribute.

  • During the WAP era these came in the form of scratch cards that revealed ID numbers to unlock games WAP sites.

  • Widget Specifies the TextField widget ID position Specifies the position of the insert cursor.

  • The default value is the widget ID of the first child in the widget.

  • How it works First you need a yahoo ID, .

  • They will provide you with some basic tools to edit and upload pages along with some server space and maybe an email ID or two thrown in.

  • Hwy 95, Goeur D Alene, ID 83814 or call 1-866-51-SMOKE to place an order.

  • On occasion Apple requests a copy of your Student ID, but usually they do not check student credentials at the store or online.

  • The process is lengthy and requires submission of two forms of ID and college transcripts.

  • Don't worry about the logistics of how to buy a Mac computer - simply head to the nearest Apple store and show your student ID, or log on to your college or university's student store on the Apple website.

  • Best of all, this is an online club, so there are no cards to keep up with, and you don't have to worry about missing a discount because of a lost membership ID.

  • In either case you'll need to provide the main wholesaler with a Tax ID, which is obtained through your state government.

  • This would be a good time to consider an ID chip.

  • New York residents are not eligible for ID Theft Expense Reimbursem*nt Coverage, but it is offered to people who reside in the other 49 states.

  • Previous Washington Mutual User ID and passwords may be used to access accounts here.

  • Once you have provided the requested information so Discover can verify your identity, you will advance to the next screen where you can create a custom user ID and password.

  • This will be the user ID and password that you use to log in any time you want to sign on to the account center online, so make sure it is something that you can remember easily.

  • When you register, you will select a user ID to access all of the online services for your account.

  • Your user ID has to be between eight and 32 characters long and has to contain at least one letter and one number.

  • As a new user, you will need to visit the Chase Enrollment Page where you will choose a User ID and password to set up your account.

  • One of these services is ID Patrol, which provides a variety of identity protection services.

  • Then mail it, along with the check, and a copy of your driver's license, passport, Mexican Consular ID or non-driver ID, plus a document proving your address to Citibank New Cardmember Services, P.O. Box 6264, Sioux Falls, SD 57117.

  • The first step is to create a user ID and password at the company's secure account center.

  • After the initial registration, you can use your ID and password to log in.

  • Upon providing your user ID and password, there is a drop box that allows you to check and pay your bill.

  • If you're interested in fraud alerts, Trusted ID allows you to set them up via Equifax and renew them every 90 days.

  • In order to make the online payment, cardholders must first log on to the USAA website using their Online ID and password.

  • Cardholders who have not yet created an Online ID and password can do so by clicking on "Register with USAA.com," which is directly beneath the logon box.

  • Simply type in your friend's Naruto user ID and this will create the private game room.

  • The only thing you need to keep in mind is that companies will never ask for your login ID, password or other account information in that way.

  • In addition, if there's a phone number on your caller ID that you're unsure about, you can use the reverse lookup option to see who called while you weren't available.

  • Paperless banking is protected by a security ID and a password.

  • The site does require a log-in ID and a password as well as a subscription, but here is what you can find at the World Book Encyclopedia Online.

  • Choose a user ID you can easily remember.

  • Every user ID is unique, so if the one you choose is already taken, EBay will prompt you to choose a new one until you select one that no one else has chosen.

  • Ebay suggests that you use an ID with a combination of numbers, letters and characters like dashes, asterisks, periods or underscores.

  • To deter hackers, they strongly recommend not using your email address or any part of it in your ID.

  • Like your user ID, your password should be unique and not reflect any part of your email address or ID.

  • For those in college who want to save money, show your college ID and get a discounted lift ticket as well as other offers.

  • If you don't have an ID just yet, make sure that your parent has one.

  • Showing a photo ID and knowing your Social Security number.

  • For security reasons, your dorm may require you to use a key or scan your student ID to enter the building.

  • Your student ID is your ticket to the cafeteria.

  • A worker will scan your ID when you enter the cafeteria or when you arrive at the cash register.

  • Use your student ID to get discounts at local restaurants, museums, theaters, and events.

  • A photo ID (driver's license or passport), birth certificate, and the cruise ticket are required.

  • Do not pack this documentation in your luggage or bury it inside a carry-on bag - it will be checked multiple times and you should keep it available until you have been issued your ship's ID card.

  • The logo is also a part of Carnival's cruise ship ID cards, which is useful in foreign ports of call to help security agents ensure that passengers are entering the proper terminal.

  • Individuals over 55 years of age are eligible for discounts as long as they have a government-issued ID, which can be checked at the pier.

  • Luxury pet beds, personalized ID tags, and goody baskets are all provided.

  • The device is programmed with your pet's corresponding ID number, and it can be read when scanned with the appropriate equipment.

  • And while we're on the topic of restraints, also remember to bring along a collar with ID tag and leash for your dog, just in case you need to get out of the car.

  • It is a good idea to look at your dog's ID tags and be sure they are readable and still in good shape.

  • If you are going to your summer home or somewhere for a long time, it is a good idea to have ID tags made for that destination also.

  • You can also sign up for services that will send you a tag for your dog with an ID number and phone number to call if your dog is found.

  • You may be able to order some illuminated collars with ID tags attached.

  • It is also a good idea to get an ID microchip in case your dog ever loses his collar.

  • If you love life on the islands, then a Hawaiian jewelry bracelet ID silver wristband may suit your sense of style quite nicely.

  • A Hawaiian silver ID bracelet is a perfect example of an heirloom piece.

  • Let's take a look at a number of wonderful Hawaiian silver ID bracelets that reflect true island flavor.

  • Hawaiian Jewelry and Gifts offers the following silver ID bracelets.

  • To keep your Hawaiian silver ID bracelet in the best condition, you need to gently clean away the tarnish with a very soft cotton cloth.Some people advocate cleaning tarnished silver with toothpaste, but this really isn't a very good idea.

  • For a truly custom touch, consider adding an ID tag to the clasp or on the length of the bracelet.

  • The words that are thecornerstones of the Christian faith are often used in jewelry pieces, especially in the form of an ID bracelet.

  • Also, if your child has a medical condition, you can purchase Medical ID bracelets as an added health safeguard.

  • There are plenty of style choices for your ID bracelet.

  • A medical alert ID bracelet can save your child's life, but it doesn't have to look like the sterile one you see many adults wearing.

  • A neon rubber diabetic ID bracelet can transform that feeling.

  • You can purchase a child's ID bracelet in just about any type of metal from metal plated or stainless steel to 18KT gold.

  • Children often loose things, so unless you or another adult will oversee the wearing of expensive jewelry pieces, you may wish to purchase a cheaper ID bracelet.

  • Executive Gift Shoppe also features the Brown and Orange Leather Magic Wallet with Money Clip and ID Window is a stylish choice for the fashion-conscious man.

  • This brown leather wallet is accented with orange details and has both pockets for your cards and ID as well as a strong clip made from stainless steel for your cash.

  • Choose a screen name or ID that does not give away your real identity.

  • To verify your eligibility, you'll need to fax in a copy of your government ID.

  • It's simple to get the discount as long as you have a valid government ID, but remember that you have to shop through the dedicated website in order to save money.

  • That confirmation should be brought to the park's admission booths or ticket will call windows along with a photo ID such as a passport or driver's license.

  • Guests who do not have a photo ID will need to present an official copy of their birth certificate to confirm their birth date.

  • The "Half Off for Heroes" deal provides a 50 percent savings on Sunday day passes for one adult and two children as long as you present a valid military ID at the time of your arrival.

  • The regulations will require games in which players can kill other players to have identity authentication systems; these systems will require each player to enter their Citizen ID Card number in order to play a game.

  • For those who were left wanting more after beating the original, ID Games has decided to re-open the gates of hell and invite us in for the low cost of approximately $35 (which does not include therapy).

  • The website sends you your Mii through your Wii ID, but you can still use the service if you haven't been able to find a Wii in stock or just haven't jumped on the Wii bandwagon.

  • Additionally, you can find many of the firm's offerings on eBay, listed with the seller ID 1001Originals.

  • You will need to present a reservation voucher and a photo ID at the time of checking in.Those sites listed as family sites allow up to eight people to use them.

  • All U Prepaid plans include basic voice mail, caller ID, three-way-calling, and nationwide long distance.

  • Do you need caller ID, voicemail, or text messages?

  • The V3m comes equipped with a 1.3 megapixel camera, video capture, picture messaging, 1xEVDO data, integrated Bluetooth, picture caller ID, and MP3 playback.

  • These are instant rebates and your wallet can stay in your pocket or purse aside from showing your ID.

  • Some plans do not come with any premium charges for features like caller ID, whereas others may not include this feature.

  • Voicemail, caller ID, and other options are extra.

  • Many users have grown accustomed to features like Caller ID and voicemail, but not all of them use them enough to justify the added cost each month.

  • Also, since nothing is being worn, the device can have an LCD screen or some other indicator that can used for secondary functions, like caller ID and other information.

  • Further still, images that are stored in the internal memory can be used for things like picture caller ID.

  • These pictures can be used as wallpapers, caller ID images, or just as part of a digital photo album.

  • The plan also includes the Call Control package, which has caller ID, missed call alerts, call forwarding, call conferencing, call waiting, and call hold.

  • For some this may be in an effort to protect their personal cell phone privacy and, as such, it means preventing their mobile phone number from showing up on conventional caller ID systems.

  • How do you block your number from appearing on caller ID systems then?

  • If you do not want this feature enabled, you can simply call into your phone provider and tell them to block your caller ID for all outgoing calls.

  • You may also change the name that is shown with caller ID if you'd like it to show something different than your account name.

  • Even if you have your caller ID blocked for all outgoing calls, you can disable this block on a call-to-call basis.

  • Instead of blocking your caller ID permanently using the solution described above, you can block your number on a call-by-call basis too.

  • Just as with the * 82 dialing method, you can prefix your call with * 67 to block your outgoing caller ID.

  • Instead of going through the more complicated effort of blocking mobile phones from calling you, it is usually easier to simply use the caller ID or "call display" function on your phone.

  • A basic plan that offers text and picture messaging, local calling, caller ID, and in-network calling.

  • Children who will be taking anti-malarial drugs while traveling in areas with endemic rabies should begin the three-dose regimen of ID vaccine one month prior to travel, before they begin taking drugs to prevent malaria.

  • Human diploid cell vaccine (HDCV)-A rabies vaccine in which the virus is grown in cultures of human cells, concentrated, and inactivated for IM or ID injection.

  • To use this service you must be a Texas resident and have a valid state ID.

  • Letters or applications must include a copy of a valid picture ID.

  • Then you'll be asked to "sign" by using your User ID to say that everything you answered in the application is true to the best of your knowledge.

  • You don't need a prescription if you're over eighteen, though you will have to speak with the pharmacist and show your ID for age verification.

  • Students admission is $27.95 with student ID card.

  • If you don't have a Department of Defense or Military ID, you must have someone who does sponsor you and accompany you during your visit.

  • Your model number is on the box or user manual of the device and the Type ID is on the shaver's body.

  • Many of the online stores allow you to buy at wholesale prices if you have a tax ID number.

  • Finally, visit the IRS online and get a tax ID number, research what you'll be looking at as far as collecting and paying taxes.

  • Just as adopters must be 18 or older, people surrendering animals must be adults and must certify that fact by bringing in a valid photo ID.

  • For those registering for someone other than themselves, they must show ID for themselves and who they are applying for as well as a signed letter that gives the person permission to register the child.

  • Once you have been involved in the chat room long enough, asking for someone's e-mail address or instant message ID will not be intrusive to them.

  • Another of the common infidelity warning signs is your partner's sudden need for privacy during phone calls - especially if you see him/her hiding the caller id.

  • This style of wallet is about the size of a checkbook, with standard features including card pockets, change pouches, ID window slots, and a removable checkbook cover that slips in and out of the wallet folds.

  • It has a snap enclosure to provide easy access to the seven card slots, bill compartment, ID window, and coin pocket on the interior.

  • It can be worn comfortably under clothes to keep money, ID, and other wallet essentials completely hidden from sight.

  • The size is large enough to encompass longer items such as airline tickets, and has slots perfect for passports and ID's.

  • It has a retractable handle with a zippered cover, an ID holder and a number of interior pockets.

  • The small coin pouch includes a key ring and ID window as well as quick access to coins and cash.

  • A checkbook clutch wallet is the perfect size for grabbing out of a bigger bag, and sized to be able to include your checkbook, bills, cards, ID, coins, and small essentials.

  • The classic passcase style features six card slots, an ID window, two bill compartments and several pockets of additional storage space.

  • This briefcase also has a removable ID holder.

  • An ID pocket with a plastic window and one or two cash pockets are normally included.

  • Additionally, some Buxton wallets have specialty features, such as the Mountaineer Executive Thinfold, which is an extra-thin tri-fold wallet, and the Modernist Double ID Passcase, which has extra organizational features for travelers.

  • Fossil offers some stylish options such as the Runway ID Billfold with a plaid leather money clip.

  • The wallets have a slot for your ID, two cards and a place to carry cash.

  • Its 19-inch chain is the type of functional detail that avid riders love in a wallet, and it also features multiple card slots, an ID pocket and a zipper pocket.

  • Snap it open to reveal an ID pocket and two simple pockets, perfect for holding folded currency and one or two cards of importance.

  • Some users have difficulty submitting their login ID and password using only the remote.

  • While at first glance this program appears valuable only for students traveling to foreign countries, there are many discounts available locally that can be had with this internationally recognized student ID card.

  • Cardholders must present a valid photo ID, either a Texas Drivers License or Texas Department of Public Safety photo ID card, at the admissions booth to confirm card holder status.

  • A valid military ID card must be shown at the admissions booth.

  • This usually requires entering your student ID number, a code from the school you attend, or providing a valid e-mail address with an .edu extension.

  • A few select styles, such as the men's Monster cleats, are available for personalization with colors, logos, or ID's.

  • There is also a detachable chain with a Pastry logo ID tag, which can also be worn as a bracelet.

  • A luggage tag can be anything from a paper ID tag obtained at the airport check-in desk to a luxurious suede-covered tag.

  • While attending a mountain biking event, you may also find that you get a special discount at restaurants and other local businesses if you can show your ID card for participation in the mountain biking event.

  • The Bluetooth watch also has a caller id function.

  • Customer ID data is input once only, including picture ID and payment information.

  • Once ID and payment information are input to the scanning processor, fingerprint pictures are discarded.

  • Purchases are made by merely scanning a fingertip and keying in an ID code into the processor.

  • The company's system involves a one-time enrollment process for consumers with both index fingers scanned while a cashier obtains required payment information from the customer's photo ID and payment source.

  • So rather than waiting until your banker asks you questions about questionable data he's seeing on his report, get your reports first so you can ID any problem areas and begin doing something about them.

  • Express checkout at many hotels is provided with online services requiring only a quick stop at the desk, a flash of ID and the grab of a key.

  • Carry extra cash, ID, meds, clothes, toiletries or anything else you might need for the first 24 hours of your stay, just in case your luggage is misplaced.

  • Spray paint an ID mark on each piece of luggage that you can easily recognize and grab off the baggage transport system.

  • Most VoIP vendors offer standard features for free that regular phone companies charge for, including called ID, call waiting, call transfer, repeat dial, return call and three-way calling.

  • Caller ID displays the name and phone number of incoming callers and is compatible with any Caller ID with Name-enabled touch-tone phone or device.

  • Caller ID Block, "*67" - allows you identity blocking when making a call.

  • TracFone offers a line of cell phones offering text messaging, voice mail, called ID and call waiting as part of their basics services.

  • The sales tax number should not be confused with a federal tax ID number, EIN or other tax number.

  • My Precious Kid sells a line of child safety products, including child ID cards, DNA fingerprinting kits, travel wristbands, medical release cards, and more.

  • They instinctively dislike Klingons, a handy trait when trying to ID Klingons in your midst, and are death to grain.

  • You do need a membership, but getting an ID is free and you can use it across all of the Disney webpages.

  • Neutrogena Skin ID is the brainchild of the famed beauty company and a group of dermatologists and market researchers.

  • Enter Skin ID, the system founded by Neutrogena in 2006.

  • Skin ID is designed to give consumers the best of both worlds, providing the dermatological benefit of a personalized acne treatment with the convenience of obtaining it easily and without a prescription.

  • Begin by clicking "Skin ID Evaluation" on the Web site.

  • Once you've completed your evaluation, the system analyzes it and responds with your personalized Skin ID regimen based on your answers.

  • Introductory members also receive free access to professional dermatologists via the Skin ID message boards, as well as a complementary travel bag and fast-acting blemish treatment.

  • So that consumers might better be able to relate to the average Skin ID user, the company features Skin ID TV on its Web site.

  • Neutrogena Skin ID products are only available online at the official Web site, or by phone at 1-866-742-0201.

  • Don't provide your Facebook ID and password to just any website.

  • You'll notice the friendly Google logo there, asking you to log in with your Google ID (usually some version of YourName@gmail.com).

  • Users must provide their social security number or taxpayer ID, filing status (single, married filing jointly or married filing separately) and the exact amount of refund on their return.

  • Users provide their social security or tax ID number and the exact amount of the refund due, as stated on the return.

  • One must be a part of the Navy with an official military ID to log on and use the Naval Exchange.

  • To access the Navy Exchange System website, or to shop in one of their stores, you must be a member of the Navy and have a military ID.

  • To gain access you must have a military ID.

  • An id can only be used once in an HTML file and is generally used for layout elements such as a div.

  • Because you declared the class and the id in your CSS file it's very simple to change styles for selected HTML elements without changing all similar HTML elements.

  • The other selector is an ID, and the main difference is that only one element on the page can be given each ID.

  • The new registrar will send an email with a Key Code, ID number, and a link to confirm your domain transfer.

  • I can get each of you two sets of ID, birth certificate, passport, driver's license, charge cards and a brief history that will check out.



  • The officer stared at her then held up an ID card with the boy's picture.



  • Officer David waved a piece of paper in her face depicting Toby's ID.



  • She may even be able to track Elise with them, since she knew her ID number.



  • I left my ID at the Peak and disabled my government implant.



  • Dean didn't answer, but held out his wallet to show his ID.



  • The result is seen in the price obtained for New Zealand sheep in Smithfield Market, which is from Id.


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