Entry Level Writing Jobs (Where to Write as a Beginner?) (2023)

Starting your freelance writing career is arguable the most challenging part. Before you get that desirable first order, it might seem like a hopeless case. Where do you find clients? How easy is it to fulfill the requirements? Where to find a job as a beginner freelance writer? Are there enough gigs for everyone?

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The truth is, there are plenty of entry level writing jobs online out there for beginners.

You just need to know where to find them and what to start from. Of course, an entry-level writer won’t be paid as much as industry experts, who are already mentoring other writers. But one needs to begin with something. And the only way to become an expert is to work hard and gain experience.

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If you need a piece of advice on how to start earning as a writer, I’ve got you covered.

Available Entry Level Writer Jobs

As a beginner, you probably do not have a niche yet, but it can be a benefit too. You can try out many things and decide what gigs are more enjoyable and profitable for you. Here are just some entry level freelance writing jobs one can choose from:

  • Product and services descriptions for eCommerce website and affiliate marketers, from Etsy and Amazon and to digital shop landing pages;
  • News articles, journalism gigs, and reports;
  • Blog posts. You can start your own blog and monetize it, or choose hosting platforms like Medium, for example. Another alternative is to write guest blog posts.
  • Newsletters, emails, advertisements;
  • Creative writing gigs;
  • Books, movies, and product reviews. There are plenty of websites like BookBrowse that pay for book reviews.
  • eBooks and case studies as a ghostwriter;
  • Back-story writing;
  • Copywriting;
  • Lyrics writing;
  • Tutorials, user manuals, etc.

The type of writing jobs entry level one can choose depends on their previous experience, knowledge, and interests.

Basically, any type of text can become a gig if there is a client that needs it. So do not worry about the availability of tasks.

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The next step is to find a reliable platform to look for entry level copy writing jobs.

The Best Websites for Freelance Copywriting Jobs for Beginners

Before you start applying for jobs, you need to take several steps. First of all, decide on the prices you are going to go for. Of course, they are going to be approximate, but it is better to know the baseline. You might do some tasks for a resume or exposure, but it is important to start earning too.

Secondly, prepare a couple of examples of your writing. Entry-level remote writing jobs do not usually require them, but it can be a great benefit to land a job. And you’ll use them afterward to build your professional portfolio. If you are going for several types of writing, create different examples, like a blog post, product description, or a landing page, for example. LinkedIn will be a good start to finding further freelance writing jobs that are available online.

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Thirdly, evaluate how much time you can devote to writing. Probably it is not your full-time commitment yet, so it is essential to know what deadlines are suitable for you.

With experience, writers can do more quality texts in less time. However, beginners often tend to take longer to finish the task, which is quite normal. Make sure you do not overload yourself.

Now you are ready to search for entry level jobs for writers! Here are some excellent platforms to check:


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This is not exclusively a writing platform, but it is a valid entry point to freelancing in general. The main benefit is that it is easy to register on and there are lots of offers for those who want to write frequently. It is also quite secure in terms of payments, as the website makes sure to eliminate breaches of contracts.

The main downside for beginners is that the website serves as an online resume. So the more orders you do excellently, the more reputation you get. It means that at the beginning it will be a bit harder to land the gig as you do not have a reputation yet.


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Another great website that offers a decent variety of entry level jobs for creative writers. Like the previous one, it is not only for authors, there are offers for all types of freelancers. But you can find here different clients, from those who need blog posts up to social media writing.

The benefit is that it is a safe platform that makes sure that the job offers a valid and reasonable. The platform also doesn’t take any percentage of your earnings. The downside is that it is not free to use.

If you want to get the best offers, you’ll have to register a subscription for a monthly fee. Overall, it is a good website but if you are not sure yet that you can make money writing, there are other ones to try for free.

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ProBlogger Job Board

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Here one can find excellent freelance writing jobs entry level and orders designed for experts. It is designed specifically for writers and there are plenty of posts to apply. Maybe it’ll take you some time to land the first task, but it is sure to be good.

The main advantage is that it is free to use for you but not for those, who are making job posts. It means that the majority of sketchy and scammy offers are eliminated by this simple step. After all, a posting costs them $75, so they are interested in fruitful cooperation.

So it is quite safe to use even if you do not have much experience in separating good gigs from sketchy ones.

Freelance Writer’s Den

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If you are looking not only for orders but for a community that will help you to grow professionally, this is a valid option. It is a platform for freelance writers with a great forum filled with tips and tricks. There are monthly online events, boot camps, etc. And, of course, there is a job board with legit and well-paid postings.

The advantage is that you can learn from other experienced professionals and get a lot of educational resources as well as writing gigs. The downside is that it is not free, to be a member you need to pay a monthly fee.

All Freelance Writing

Entry Level Writing Jobs (Where to Write as a Beginner?) (9)

Beginner writers will find this quite suitable. There are plenty of gigs, solid payments, and additional learning materials. There are helping resources specifically for those who are just starting their career.

And you can also subscribe to the newsletter to get all updates. Mostly, there are content and blog writing jobs.


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When it comes to entering point accessibility, this website is one of the best. One can register for free, take a small test and start earning. There is an internal rating system, so the better you perform, the better gigs you’ll land in the future. One can grow from a Standard writer to an Elite one.

The main benefit is that it is easy, fast, and comfortable to join and use.

Journalism Jobs

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Do you prefer news articles and journalism? Well, there is a website just for you. It features only journalism gigs from news companies and sites. It is free to register and upload your resume.

Furthermore, you can choose specific categories to subscribe to, which show your interest in writing. But you do not need to be registered to look through job listings, actually.


Of course, it is impossible to list all the websites online that offer jobs for entry level writers, there are too many of them. If you want to build your portfolio fast and get higher chances of earning more – register in several of them.

Also, consider working on your personal blog as it is a perfect opportunity to create a personal brand and ensure consistent income.

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Now it’s that exact time when you have to choose. Simply select the option that suits you best, select your writing niche and start writing from now on.

I wish you a lovely day and awesome writing gigs in the nearest future 😉

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How do I start writing with no experience? ›

10 Ways to break into freelance writing without experience
  1. Write samples. ...
  2. Find a writing agency to support you. ...
  3. Launch a blog. ...
  4. Write for friends and family. ...
  5. Network with other freelance writers. ...
  6. Get your start with a content network. ...
  7. Revise and refresh your grammar. ...
  8. Learn about SEO.

How do I begin writing for a job? ›

How to become a freelance writer
  1. Research the freelance writing industry. ...
  2. Develop necessary business skills. ...
  3. Ensure you have the tools of the trade. ...
  4. Understand current writing conventions. ...
  5. Work on improving your writing skills. ...
  6. Decide on a writing niche. ...
  7. Create a writing portfolio. ...
  8. Market your writing.

What job should I do if I like to write? ›

Below we'll explore a few that allow you to write for a living while providing rewarding, well-paying work.
  • 1 Grant writer. ...
  • 2 Speech writer. ...
  • 3 Content writer. ...
  • 4 Copywriter. ...
  • 5 Technical writer. ...
  • 6 Editor. ...
  • 7 Medical writer. ...
  • 8 Ghostwriter.
2 Jun 2022

Can I be a writer with no experience? ›

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need any experience to start but you do need the willingness to do and a determination to succeed. So how do you start learning? Start by reading some publications from other established writers or people that inspire you. Then you need to take the following steps.

How do I become a freelance editor with no experience? ›

  1. Use Grammarly. I started learning how to become a freelance editor with no experience, without Grammarly. ...
  2. Sign up to a Freelance Editing Course. ...
  3. Get some work samples. ...
  4. Use Microsoft tracker and comments. ...
  5. Set up a website. ...
  6. Niche down. ...
  7. Join editing and writing Facebook groups. ...
  8. Join freelance work platforms.

How do you break into writing? ›

7 Great Ways to Break into Freelance Writing
  1. Win writing contests. ...
  2. Write for the alternative press. ...
  3. Write for daily papers. ...
  4. Write for small, regional papers and magazines. ...
  5. Write for local nonprofits or small businesses. ...
  6. Write online content. ...
  7. Write a couple free samples. ...
  8. Take a class.

Can I earn money by handwriting? ›

If your handwriting is good enough or you have amazing calligraphy skills, then you can likely get some great freelance gigs as a calligrapher for brands and individuals. You can look for freelance jobs on job boards and also with companies that specialize in handwritten materials.

What is a barefoot writer? ›

The Barefoot Writer is a club dedicated to helping writers from all walks of life achieve their writing goals and dreams. Here, you'll discover steps, resources, and connections for launching a lucrative writing career. Find out more about The Barefoot Writer…

Where can I write for money? ›

Get Paid to Write Using Freelance Websites
  • CopyPress. CopyPress is a content-marketing agency that provides its own content management system that freelancers can use to connect with projects from CopyPress' clients. ...
  • Fiverr. ...
  • iWriter. ...
  • nDash. ...
  • Textbroker. ...
  • Upwork.
19 May 2022

Can you get a job if you can't read or write? ›

Low reading and writing skills tend to limit career and financial prospects significantly. However, many employers are willing to hire and train hardworking employees with reading and writing deficiencies.

Is writing a lonely job? ›

Of course, you are creating something — be it an experience, a journey into a world waiting to be discovered or an overwhelming emotion inducing incident — and you have to do all of this alone. It does get lonely at times and there isn't much you can do about it. Writing is a lonely job.

Are writers in demand? ›

Employment of writers and authors is projected to grow 4 percent from 2021 to 2031, about as fast as the average for all occupations. About 15,200 openings for writers and authors are projected each year, on average, over the decade.

How do I sell myself if I don't have any experience? ›

3 ways to land a job even if you don't have the exact experience required
  1. Be proactive about building skills. During your job search, Augustine suggests gathering three to five job descriptions that represent the type of position you're looking for. ...
  2. Maximize unpaid experiences. ...
  3. Find an advocate.
18 Sept 2018

How do you say you have no experience but willing to learn? ›

Using your own words, try something along the lines of: "I am interested in an entry-level position. I know I have much to learn, and I'm looking for an opportunity that will let me build a solid professional foundation.

How do I become a first time writer? ›

Five steps to become an author
  1. Educate yourself. While a college degree is not required to become an author, a higher education can help you develop the fundamentals of writing. ...
  2. Build your writing skills. ...
  3. Master your author skills. ...
  4. Write your book. ...
  5. Publish your book.

How do I train myself to be a writer? ›

Training to Be a Good Writer
  1. Write every day. I write pretty much every single day. ...
  2. Learn to overcome the resistance. ...
  3. See writing as a mindfulness practice. ...
  4. Do timed writing sessions. ...
  5. Learn to deal with the fears. ...
  6. Care about the craft. ...
  7. But get over perfectionism. ...
  8. Learn to type.

How do I get into writing as a hobby? ›

There are many things you can do to start writing as a hobby. The most important thing is to just start writing! Write about anything that interests you, whether it's a specific topic or just your thoughts and feelings. If you can, find something to write about that excites you.

How do I land my first freelance writing job? ›

Step One: Know how to write well, even if it means taking a course to make sure you really know your stuff. Step Two: Write some samples so you can show that you're a great writer. Step Three: Look through job boards to find writing jobs. Consider paying for a job board like Contena to save time.

How difficult is freelance writing? ›

It's highly competitive to get in at the great-paying magazines, or to land the lucrative copywriting gigs. Some clients are flaky and end up stiffing you. Some clients are boundary-pushers and want to suck up all your time. You'll need to find a way to differentiate your writing services and stand out from the crowd.

How much do beginner freelance editors make? ›

Average freelance editing rates

Based on 2022 data from Reedsy's marketplace, average freelance editor rates can fall between $0.015 and $0.028 per word, depending on the type of editing and the genre of the writing.

Can you steal someone's writing style? ›

If it's just the style, not really. If it's being published, you can't say what another writer had said though. If you did that, you'd have to add a citation: “according to this author….” But copying another person's writing style is ok, especially as a learning exercise.

Is being a writer a good career in 2022? ›

It's a highly lucrative writing career. As a freelance writer, you may be wondering what are the hottest writing jobs in demand in 2022? Besides content creation, which is a rapidly growing field, there is another highly lucrative writing industry on the rise. And that is copywriting.

What Is Freelance writing beginner? ›

Freelance writing is when you work for hire to write something for someone else. In most cases, a freelance writer today will be writing articles which will appear on websites and blogs online, as well as potentially in print magazines, newspapers, and other publications.

How do I write a CV with no experience or qualifications? ›

How to Write a Great CV with No Work Experience
  1. Identify your most impressive qualities. via GIPHY. ...
  2. Open with a personal statement. via GIPHY. ...
  3. List skills rather than roles. via GIPHY. ...
  4. Don't forget “obvious” skills. via GIPHY. ...
  5. Treat your extra-curricular activities like jobs. via GIPHY. ...
  6. Play up your degree. ...
  7. Add some personality.

How can I sell my handwriting good? ›

7 Ways to Make Money if You Have Great Handwriting
  1. #1 Calligraphy. ...
  2. #2 Create and sell fonts. ...
  3. #3 Write letters or postcards. ...
  4. #4 Handwritten invitations. ...
  5. #5 Handwritten Christmas cards. ...
  6. #6 Create and handwrite poetry cards. ...
  7. #7 Create products with unique handwritten quotes. ...
  8. Tips for selling your handwriting:
17 Nov 2021

Which app is best for earn money by writing? ›

Wattpad. The largest readers and writer's platform is not only for fulfilling your hobby of writing, in fact, you can also earn through it now. Wattpad invites some of its writers for their paid program. The stories are selected based on their originality, creativity, and of course the market value.

What is simple handwriting job? ›

Simple Handwriting Job Just Copy And Write Students Assignments in Small Letters Or Cursive Letters AND EARN Weekly salary 11000 TO 33000. You can write in Cursive Letters or Small Letters Choice is yours.

Is there a device just for writing? ›

The Freewrite tool is a smart typewriter with the speed of typing and the convenience of seamless backups. This distraction-free writing device takes away all the clutter of a computer – including extra keys like “alt” – and replaces it with a simple typing system.

What is offline writing? ›

However, offline writing usually means published work in magazines or print books, to the common man.

Can you make money on barefoot Writer? ›

Most Barefoot Writers write for clients on a freelance basis and get paid via check or online money transfer. Some Barefoot Writers choose to write for clients in-house, so they get paid a salary. Others set up retainer agreements with their clients, so they enjoy the perks of ongoing pay and regular writing work.

How can I make $50 instantly? ›

Other Ideas to Make $50 Fast
  1. Sell Gift Cards.
  2. Sell Your Old Tech.
  3. Credit Card Rewards.
  4. Fundrise.
  5. Groundfloor.
  6. TaskRabbit.
  7. Freelance Writing.
  8. Virtual Assistant.
3 Oct 2022

How do I get paid for writing on Google? ›

You need to have an online presence if you want to get paid by Google adsense. Sign up for the Google adsense program, the website/blog that you create will allow Google to approve you for the program. You will receive your own unique publisher ID from Google. Use the Google adsense program to make money online.

What type of writing pays the most? ›

Some jobs pay better than others but generally, there's good money to be made in the more specialized writing careers.
  • Speech Writer. Politicians, celebrities and business executives rarely have the time to write their own speeches. ...
  • Medical Writer. ...
  • Technical Writer. ...
  • Proposal Writer. ...
  • Marketing and Sales Copywriter.

Is there any career in writing? ›

With a degree in writing, students can access a variety of career paths across the workforce. Specialized writing jobs in fields such as technology, public relations, and publishing give learners opportunities to use their skills to create content intended for specific audiences.

What major should I take if I like writing? ›

Check out these several college majors that will allow you to read, write, research and be creative.
  • Sociology. ...
  • Communication. ...
  • Psychology. ...
  • Philosophy. ...
  • History. ...
  • English. ...
  • Politics.
25 Oct 2021

Is writing a good career? ›

Yes, writing can be a very good career, but it is also hard to become successful in. Most who become successful start on this path because of their passion for writing rather than just aiming for fame and fortune. If you have a deep love for writing and determination, this a good career.


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