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We are dedicated to providing high-quality, user-friendly spreadsheets while providing our clients with a top-notch customer service experience. But don’t just take our word for it! Check out what some of our recent customers had to say about the services and products we provide.


Custom Excel Spreadsheets | Client Testimonials (1)

The Custom Excel Spreadsheets team has been a lifesaver to our business. Colton and his team have been very responsive, easy to work with, and turns around projects faster than we ever anticipated. Any time we have a question regarding our custom excel template, we don’t waste time trying to figure it out ourselves. We immediately call on the professionals with Custom Excel Spreadsheets to tackle the job. They are knowledgeable and reliable, and we are glad to have them as part of our team. Thank you for all that you do, and keep up the good work!!!

Shalonda Hughes & Jeff Swinger -


Custom Excel Spreadsheets | Client Testimonials (2)

I reached out to at least 5 supposed excel experts and not only did the folks at Custom Excel Spreadsheets get back to me quickly, we were able to work out the details of my project in short order. The pricing was a lot lower than I had anticipated. The finished product came out great and I’m looking forward to using it with my team.

John Masci -

SunTrust Mortgage

Custom Excel Spreadsheets | Client Testimonials (3)

I have to share my experience with Custom Excel Spreadsheets. I had never used excel in my life, but had a project for taxes that had to be done and done accurately. The project required tracking eleven vehicles using paper logs from each vehicle encompassing over 125,000 total miles. They developed a spreadsheet through excel I could use to input the data, and it automatically totaled the miles for each vehicle and created a summary report. This will make it much easier to collect the mileage data as the year goes by in the future. I highly recommend Custom Excel Spreadsheets.

Brad -

All the Best Video

Custom Excel Spreadsheets | Client Testimonials (4)

Custom Excel Spreadsheets did an amazing job creating materials I needed for an online course I am creating. The entire process was very collaborative and efficient. I would recommend Custom Excel Spreadsheets to anyone who is looking for a high quality and professional-looking set of spreadsheets!

Meredith C.

- Meredith Events

Custom Excel Spreadsheets | Client Testimonials (5)

“I was very desperate when a work related spreadsheet became corrupted and I reached out to several online Vendors. I received responses stating that the job was too small. Not taking on any new projects and others just ignored my request. Luckily I found CES. I submitted an email request and within the day I was able to communicate my needs and gratefully the job was accepted. One business day later –I had a working example and a very reasonable bid to complete the job. I have the Spreadsheet it works great and the Customer support is over the top. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!!!

Robert D. -

Dallas County

Custom Excel Spreadsheets | Client Testimonials (6)

Highly recommend! As long as I use excel with my business I will use Custom Excel Spreadsheets. Being a personal trainer I needed a custom professional looking excel template to use with my clients both online and in the gym. They exceeded my expectations and did an incredible job in an efficient timely manner. Great customer service, quick responses, and exactly the product I wanted. They also seem to take pride in their business and it shows in how they respond to their customers! Can’t wait to work on more projects!

Danny Cray -

Personal Trainer

Custom Excel Spreadsheets | Client Testimonials (7)

Our company is continually looking for ways to improve efficiency not only for us, but for our customers as well. In only a few meetings, CES was able to create an instrumental tool which not only met our needs, but also those of our customers. This tool is beneficial to our company's growth. With little correspondence they understood what we needed and delivered at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend CES for your business needs.

Owner -

Six Degrees Coffee Owner

Our spreadsheets are designed to meet your needs precisely and are taylored for your satisfaction with your end-goal in mind. With our advanced Excel knowledge we are able to simplify complex tasks and deliver a product that is still user-friendly. From initial contact to final delivery, we strive to move our projects along quickly and finish on time. Typical response times range from 1-24 hours by email. Let us know what kind of schedule you are working with and we will do everything possible to complete the project according to your needs.

Custom Excel Spreadsheets | Client Testimonials (14)

I am really impressed with the depth of knowledge CES has with Excel spreadsheets. I own an auto repair shop called Doctor of Motors and we write all our quotes on paper. I thought how convenient it would be to have it all computerized. The task seemed daunting. Custom Excel Spreadsheets created a spreadsheet that accomplished exactly what I wanted. And made it look so easy. Thank you very much.


Dr of Motors

Custom Excel Spreadsheets | Client Testimonials (15)

Custom Excel Spreadsheets has created a template that I use for my day trading to keep track of my day trades so that I may see what days of the week I am most profitable and least profitable so that I may increase my exposure during the times I usually trade best and limit my exposure during the times I don’t trade as good. Thanks very much to CES for taking care of my job very quickly and efficiently.


Day Trader

Custom Excel Spreadsheets | Client Testimonials (16)

I consider myself proficient in excel and normally make my own spreadsheets. However, I needed one made quickly and did not have the time to do it personally. I reached out to CES to get it done and was blown away by how well they did after only about 2 minutes of discussion over the phone. They made it so professional, easy to use and added additional tools to it to make data tracking and reporting much easier. I highly recommend CES.

Chris Timmons

Chic Fil A

Custom Excel Spreadsheets | Client Testimonials (17)

I use Excel for other business purposes. For this project, I wanted a more sophisticated platform for pricing products that I buy and resell. Custom Excel Spreadsheets was able to take what I previously used, quickly understand my needs and return to me with a workable first draft. After a little editing she finished the project on time and budget and presented me with a product that I use daily. CES was very good at communicating, understood Excel and all of its functionality. I heartily recommend Custom Excel Spreadsheet for high-level Excel development.

Thomas Stanley

Retailer Solutions

Custom Excel Spreadsheets | Client Testimonials (18)

I found the services of Custom Excel Spreadsheets while searching the web for someone who possesses the skills that I do not in trying to create a functional spreadsheet that would fit the needs for our business. After a few brief emails, CES was able to take the spreadsheet I created and make it into something better! Now it functions like it should, and I know that the data I'm coming up with is accurate. Thanks.

Beau Coan

Papa Noel Trees

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