Curried Waldorf Salad Recipe (2024)

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Lorry Kennedy

Added a bit more mayo, would reduce the yogurt a bit next time. But a great twist on the classic.

Nancy King, ABQ, NM, USA

I'm not a big fan of raisins, so I'll use dried cranberries instead. And I usually use lime juice in place of lemon juice in salad dressings.


I use fresh dates and sliced bananas instead of raisins also mix a little peach jam with mayo and no yogurt.


My fav of all curried Waldorfs I've made; it is cumin that makes this especially delicious. Notes:
*For any Waldorf I like to mix all BUT nuts and parsley together to "get to know each other" as they chill in fridge a bit. Did that here too. It also helps hydrate raisins.
*Adding nuts / parsley just before serving keeps both fresh
*For dressing base used 2T mayo + 1/4 C yogurt + enough buttermilk (maybe 3T) to thin as desired
*Broke up walnut halves after toasting


I love this salad.

Rose Barnes

This sounds really good. I've never eaten curried Waldorf Salad. I will definitely try this recipe. In the past instead of raisins I added dried cherries and for the dressing I added a little bit of honey. Thanks for posting this


Wish that I had hydrated the raisins a bit to make them more tender; will do the next time. All in all, this recipe will be added to my cherished recipe collection.


This is just great. Martha is the salad whisperer!
I do prefer dried cranberries for their brighter flavor, as someone else mentioned.

TGP Italy

This recipe has been a stalwart in our family since we first served it many years ago. We use a Goan curry powder that adds a little bit more heat and complexity. This year, for Boxing Day, we spiffed it up into an appetizer course by topping the Waldorf salad with jumbo Adriatic shrimp (locally caught since we live in Italy) cooked in butter, salted, and peppered. We'd like to think Oscar would have approved.


This was lovely. I found the dressing slightly bitter, and added some sugar. Swapped out the walnuts with pecans due to an allergy and was just as wonderful.


Really nice with the curry! But definitely needs more walnuts than what the recipe calls for. Also, it needs to be served on a bed of lettuce otherwise, there is too much dressing (for my taste).

I used lemon extract instead of almond. used bobs red mill all purpose gluten free flour.

Make dressing 1 day before serving and chill in the fridge.


Very tasty. I didn’t have yogurt so used sour cream. I think I would cut the dressing in half next time but really enjoyed it.


I used dried cranberries instead of raisins. My husband loves this.


Deviated in most every way. Use plain yogurt, not fruit.


Um. No. There will be no raisins. Dried cranberries, maybe. Raisins? Never.

C. Corvus

I use diced dates instead of raisins.Zest 1 lemon add it's juice and this recipe is fantastic!


The only change I made was to add some cubed cooked chicken. The salad is amazing and very addictive. Greater than the sum of its parts.


Love this Waldorf salad! Replaced half the yogurt with buttermilk and the raisins with chopped, dried apricots with 1/2 TW salt.

Jeanette Helfrich

I add 1 cup halved red seedless grapes and substituted 1 tsp cinnamon for the curry and cumin. It was too much cinnamon. I used 1/4 tsp salt. I put everything together right before serving: dressing, toasted walnuts and apples and celery. Very traditional. I'll try curry next time.

The Tortoise

This is nice and refreshing. Two notes: 2 of today's typically oversize apples might be too much; be prepared to adjust the amounts of ingredients to your liking. Even with one apple I wanted more celery. To make the dressing, I've found that curry takes a while to infuse into dairy. For full flavor, make it the night before.


totally delicious- also added shredded carrot, green onion and shallots


Really delicious twist on Waldorf Salad. I used a mix of jicama and a golden delicious apple. Nice and refreshing.

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Curried Waldorf Salad Recipe (2024)
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