Creating A Personal Development Plan To Improve Professionalism Nursing Essay (2022)

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Personal Development Planning is a structured and supported process undertaken by an individual to reflect upon their own learning, performance and/or achievement and to plan for their personal, educational and career development. The primary objective for PDP is to improve the capacity of individuals to understand what and how they are learning, and to review, plan and take responsibility for their own learning, helping students:

路 become more effective, independent and confident self-directed learners;

路 understand how they are learning and relate their learning to a wider context;

路 improve their general skills for study and career management;

路 articulate personal goals and evaluate progress towards their achievement;

路 and encourage a positive attitude to learning throughout life.

(Quality assurance agency for higher education (QAA), 2004, publications: progress files for higher education)


Personal development plan engage in recognizing,

What type of skill I need to understand,

The main feature is to improved us needs,

Abilities in which I am lacking and the region which I need to be given more concern in order to improvement.

Its nature is to self improvement, by adopting different method or approach in order to setting goal, Practice will make it more efficient and effective

It also achieved by seem internally what changes required and act on the plan, which change the way that how to react externally.

Start step by step, keep on going, regular monitor what happen, note in progress reports, if required clarifies the doubts, etc.

When ever need we can change or alter the personal development plan as per the situation and improvement.

The fundamental design of a personal development plan is as follows:

Recognize own current circumstances.

Classify own aspiration position.

Make plan to fill that gap.

Recognize own current circumstances:

Identifying own strengths, skills, abilities, weaknesses etc. in order to prepare personal development plan, firstly need to recognize what is own current level.

Classify own aspiration position:

In this stage, set own goal which have to achieved in time slot through, what ability and skill I wish to have? In order to achieved desired goals, what are the strength that I required? Which weaknesses should be removed? The plan is to concentrate more on what is required for prompt situation or desired goals.

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Make plan to fill that gap:

In this stage, we recognize a plan on how to fill the gap between the present position to the desired position, which includes plan for resources that require obtaining, in which area to be learning, setting time slot and proper planning to achieve desired goal.

Having a personal development plan give us to make sure own knowledge, abilities, and skills are regularly upgraded. The obtain knowledge ultimately give the quality life and success.

With the help of proper personal development plan I can see myself in better position at any circumstances, whether on working environment or in personal life.


In my college days I was like to prefer reflector learning style, and I was shy person, which results in problems in many areas like I feel difficulty in talking, sharing joke with other people in class except my friends. And even have difficulties in group discussion, decision-making in professional and personal life, communication barrier etc. due to all this difficulties and problems, I feel incompetence with my friends and other people in my class and in personal life.

(Video) Personal Development Plan 2020 | Exact Structure & Examples

At that time I was taken admission in BMS (Bachelor of management studies) with the help of contain of course it give me boost in my personal and professional life. Subject like;

Communication skills

Human skill in organisation

Human resources management etc.

With the help of all these broad topics it give me better understanding, what world want from me in these competitive environment in terms of professional and personal life.

In order to achieve my desired goals at my college days, I want be a good communicator, better decision-maker, good speaker in group discussion, leadership skill, feeling more freedom in competitive environment.

At that time with the help of one of my professor MR. IJLAL, who is my course co-ordinators, he help me to take certain crash courses which provide sufficient information and tactics to develop personal and professional skills.

He creates Personal Development Plan to my academic Performance, and action plan for me as per his guidance and under his supervision I started some of my courses are as follows:












The above mention Personal Development Plan, As soon as I completed half part of my crash courses which I started in my summer vacation, my co-ordinators keep in touch with me on regular basis, and we had couple of meeting regarding the improvement, which I made with the help of my crash courses, As we set my target on time slot in order to complete on some areas.

On that occasion I was like learning the thing which I suppose to learn at initial stage.

But as per my co-ordinator learning is a Continuous Process which never ends till death of individual.

After completing my courses it improved my personal skills and professional skills, which also going to help me in future. There are certain benefits due to personal development plan on academic performance.

Advantages of personal development method or approach to my studies are as follows;

Acquisition of clear concentration to my learning.

Assist to keep myself motivated.

Better ideas of how to learn and how to enhance own performance.

Maximise in enjoyment and lower stress from my learning, which become consciously skilled

Increase in consciousness that how to utilize my learning to tackle the difficulties and problems.

And academic performance can be strength by reflective thinking skills.

This is my college days, after completing my courses I was like I can compete in any problematic and difficult environment because I understood the method or the way in which one have to present him internally and react externally.

(Video) Three steps for creating a successful professional development plan

Today鈥檚 world an individual requires changing himself as per the surrounding environment changes. And upgrade him as per situation or competition needed.


In my professional life, as I am working in B & Q, as a Customer Advisor in showroom department. Basically B & Q is a home improvement planet. This is a number one company in Europe. Deal in different type of products which is essential in improving and decorating home.

As in my college days as I am prefer to reflector learning style, and with same attitude in professional life its give me different opportunities in terms of knowledge from other or through technology, or through seniors and or through different training and development programme.

In B & Q all employees get job as per his/her abilities and skills. When I was started 3 years ago, my main aim is to be at management level like trading manager, stock manager, service manager etc.

I was appointed as a Customer Advisor in showroom department. So, my ultimate goal is to be a TRADING MANAGER or SERVICE MANAGER in B & Q in next 5 to 7 years time.

There is five levels in B & Q system, as soon as all level completed an individual employees can try for any management position but it has to be sign off on each level through his/her line manager.

I already set my desired goal which is to be a trading manager or service manager.

I know exactly

Where am I now? (as a customer advisor)

Where do I want to be? (as a trading manager or service manager)

How can I get there? (through proper personal development plan)

Where am I now?

In this stage, while I am working in B & Q where in every 6 months time all employees have their personal development programme, and at that occasion I can easily understand where am I now? And what are the steps or development programme I have to work-out in order to compete within the B & Q. with the help of that I can achieved my goal as per time schedule set.

And also with the help of some management tools I can work out, where am I now? Where am I lacking? What are the resources available? And what are the danger zone?, I have to ask some vital question in order to know myself better in current position, with the help of SWOT ANALYSIS are as follows:

S- Strength (what am I good at?)

W- Weaknesses (what do I need to work on?)

O- Opportunities (what could help me along?)

T- Threats (what might stop me?)



Product knowledge

IT skill

Customer relationship


Communication skill

Lack of leadership skill




Knowledge and experience from seniors

Attending crash courses soon


Lack of support by seniors

Lack of support by management

In house competition

While considering SWOT ANALYSIS reports I can understand in which area I am good and in which region I want to improve and what are the opportunities I have within the organisation and what are the threats to me.

In order to prepare myself to achieve the desired goal within the time period I have prepare proper plan. B & Q provide personal development plan to each employees in every 6 months time. In terms of appraisal or recognition or development programme.

(Video) How To Create A Personal Development Plan In Health And Social Care !

Where I do want to be?

This stage is quite difficulties because when I set my desired goal or objective in B &Q, I want to be a trading manager or service manager, in order to achieved it I have to fulfill all the requirement and needs. Might be there are lots of difficulties and obstacles in achieving the goal within the organisation in set period of time, which are as follows:

Lack of leadership skill

Communication skill

In-house competition

Lack of support by seniors in terms of experience and knowledge

Lack of support by management level etc.

In order to overcome all the above listed problems and obstacles to achieve the goal on time slot set.

Proper personal development plan has to be done.

While taking part time courses problems like communication skill and leadership skill can be overcomes.

Better working in an organisation with honest, patient, and hard-working etc. an individual trust can be maintain and get hold on in-house competition.

With the help of interpersonal skill better relationship can be builds with seniors and management. And provide service to the customers in better ways.


E- Learning programme.


Product information programme.

Health & safety training programme.

Customer service training programme.

Seminars and get together etc.

Above mention resources which provided to all employees in respect to achieved the aspiration goal.

How can I get there?

As I am a reflector learner I have to be very careful in making my plan, because in this type of learning style it required more time.

Some characteristic mention below:

Monitor individuals or group of people at work environment.

Generate reports and task analysis in an working environment without fixed deadlines

Listen to others view

Evaluates what has happen and think what learned from that

Some time required information to work on

Think about all angles and its implications before making any conclusions.

While considering my own learning style and making the proper personal development plan with the help of my line manager, by looking my internal and external reaction, knowledge, experience, qualification, and skills to meet and fulfill the desired objective and goal in set period of time.

B & Q also provided different type of training and development programmed for the employees within the organization, line manager are also responsible for all employees in there department regarding each employees personal development, proper training, update product knowledge, skills which require to meet the organization objective.





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Complete level-1 (customer services and product knowledge)

Through E-LEARNING Module, (try to complete within provision period)

6- Months

Complete level-2 (interpersonal skills)

Through E-LEARNING Module, In-house Seminars,

9-12 Months after completing level-1.

Communication skill, personal development

Through part-time crash courses, or In-house training and development programmed.

I can carried out or arrange my courses along with working schedule.

Complete level-3 (trade expert)

Through E-LEARNING Module Programmed, (HIKQ) home improvement skill qualification.

12-15 Months after completing level-2

Free from stress, short-temper, patient on work

Stress management courses,

(during holidays or weekend courses)

Complete level-4 (initial stage in mgmt)

Through E-LEARNING Module,

15-18 Months after completing level-3

Leadership skills, (i.e. motivator, innovator, encourager, charismatic, technical, operational, social etc.)

Through E-LEARNING Module, Part-Time Crash Courses, Workshops, Seminars, share experience with seniors through informal get together,

I can carried out or arrange my courses along with working schedule.

Complete level-5 (management level)

Through E-LEARNING Module, management seminars and focus group meeting, experience and knowledge etc.

18-24 Months after completing level-4

After completing the personal development plan within the organization between me and my line manager, it is shows the clear picture or image for my prospect future. Also give me the right way in order to achieve my aspiration goal and target. And also explain me about the activities, programmed, Responsibility, commitment, which I have to show or give during my working tenure.

In that way I can easily workout on my target, which I set to achieve my goal through proper personal development plan.


Clear plan or image regarding the kind of work and life I want.

Maximize the level of confidence in the preference which I make.

Maximize the level of confidence in qualities, skills, and element which I bring to the career of my preference.

Being in a Best situation to compete for my work or job.

Being able to discuss my personal qualities, skills, and capability with my employers.

Improve the problem-solving and planning skills.

Create positive attitude and method associated with successful professional life.

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How do you create a personal growth and professional development plan? 鈥

To create a personal growth and professional development plan, start by defining your results and motivation. Next, determine the required skills, perform a self-assessment and identify one area that needs attention. Finally, you can develop an action plan using the "SMART" goal-setting method.

Why is a personal development plan important in nursing? 鈥

The personal development plan is the most important output from the appraisal process. It is a record of what the individual nurse needs to do in order to effectively fulfil their role. It is important that plans are reasonable and achievable rather than extensive wish lists.

What is personal and professional development in nursing? 鈥

An example of the overlapping responsibilities of leaders and managers is personal and professional development (PPD), which involves the acquisition of further skills and knowledge needed to remain effective in providing high-quality care and developing knowledge using evidence-based practice.

What is personal development plan with example? 鈥

A PDP is a form of self-evaluation and self-reflection that is typically used in higher education and the workplace. However, it can also be a beneficial exercise in your personal life. For example, you may want to learn a new language before travelling overseas, and a PDP can help you achieve this goal.

What is a personal development plan essay? 鈥

A personal development plan is a meticulously designed program which uses psychological tools such as the Personal Effectiveness Scale and created in order to create an understanding between a reviewer and an employee of an organization on important areas of development keeping in mind the ways in which these needs ...

What is your professional development plan answer? 鈥

Mention what you hope to do in the immediate future to grow professionally and advance your skill set, which can include working in the position for which you're interviewing. From here, detail your long-term aspirations and motivations for achieving such objectives.

What are examples of professional development? 鈥

Professional Development Examples
  • Continuing Education.
  • Participation in professional organizations.
  • Research.
  • Improve job performance.
  • Increased duties and responsibilities.
  • Approaches to professional development:
  • Skill Based Training.
  • Job Assignments.

What are examples of professional development in nursing? 鈥

7 examples of long-term professional goals for nurses
  • Get unit-specific certifications. ...
  • Raise your competency level. ...
  • Upgrade your communication skills. ...
  • Get a higher management rank. ...
  • Get an advanced degree. ...
  • Extend your nursing services to remote places. ...
  • Balance professional and personal life.

What is professional development plan in nursing? 鈥

CPD is the means by which members of the profession maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge, expertise and competence, and develop the personal and professional qualities required throughout their professional lives.

What are some professional development goals for nurses? 鈥

15 Nursing Career Goals
  • Manage advanced technologies.
  • Get nursing certifications.
  • Find a mentor.
  • Advance your nursing degree.
  • Start volunteering.
  • Specialize in a particular nursing field.
  • Take care of yourself.
  • Improve efficiency.
20 Apr 2022

How can we improve the professional status of nursing? 鈥

8 Ways Nurses Can Raise Their Level of Nursing Professionalism
  1. Put caring first. ...
  2. Be professionally responsible and accountable. ...
  3. Be an advocate for your patient. ...
  4. Maintain a good relationship with co-workers. ...
  5. Maintain patient confidentiality. ...
  6. Develop and maintain professional standards. ...
  7. Maintain professional competence.
26 Sept 2020

How can nursing profession be improved? 鈥

10 Ways to Boost Your Nursing Career and Get Promoted
  1. Always Have Good Intentions. ...
  2. Go with Your Gut. ...
  3. Advance Your Knowledge. ...
  4. Be Honest. ...
  5. Be a Leader. ...
  6. Respect Your Patients' Privacy. ...
  7. Represent Your Profession Well - In and Out of the Office. ...
  8. Take Time for Yourself.

What makes a good professional development plan? 鈥

The goals you set in your professional development plan should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely). Using SMART goals will make them trackable, which makes it easier to update your PDP when you complete important milestones.

How do you write a professional development goal? 鈥

How to set professional development goals
  1. Know what you're working towards. Start by taking some time to consider what you want out of your career, now or in the future. ...
  2. Set SMART goals. SMART goals are goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.
16 Aug 2022

What are four 4 Features of a good professional development plan? 鈥

The goals you set in your professional development plan should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely).

How do you write a personal development goal? 鈥

How do I set realistic goals for myself?
  1. Your career goals should be specific.
  2. Your goals should be measurable.
  3. Your goals should be challenging but attainable.
  4. Your goals should motivate you.
  5. Determine how you are going to achieve the goals.
  6. Assess your commitment.
  7. Your goal should be time-bound.
4 Mar 2021

What is the importance of personal development essay? 鈥

Our culture and socialization play a major role in shaping our personality. Personality development is important because it helps us to become better individuals. It enables us to cope with the challenges of life and to lead successful and fulfilling lives. It also helps us to develop our unique talents and abilities.

What is your personal development plan? 鈥

What is a personal development plan? A personal development plan reflects your strengths, weaknesses and goals. The aim is to identify skills for personal improvement then set clear goals for each. Ideally, they should be time bound, short term goals that you can measure.

What is the importance of personal development plan? 鈥

There's a variety of reasons to undertake personal development planning. As well as facilitating career progression and promotion, a personal development plan can also reveal opportunities for a career change or define narrower goals such as focusing on improving one or a few specialist skills.

What are the 3 most important areas of development for you professionally? 鈥

The following are several areas of growth examples to consider pursuing in your professional life:
  • Communication skills. Nearly every professional can benefit from having strong communication skills. ...
  • Setting goals. ...
  • Adaptability. ...
  • Productivity. ...
  • Stress management. ...
  • Integrity. ...
  • Giving and receiving feedback. ...
  • Conflict resolution.
29 Jun 2021

How do I develop a development plan for myself? 鈥

Personal Development Plan Template
  1. Step 1: Set Your Goals. Write a list of the top 10 most important goals you would like to achieve. ...
  2. Step 2: Prioritize Your Goals. ...
  3. Step 3: Create a Timeline for Achieving Your Goals. ...
  4. Step 4: Analyze Your Strengths and Weaknesses. ...
  5. Step 5: Write an Action Plan. ...
  6. Step 6: Measure Your Progress.

How do I write a career development plan for myself? 鈥

Follow these steps to create a career development plan for yourself:
  1. Identify your current position.
  2. Identify your destination.
  3. Do a gap analysis.
  4. Create your career development plan.
  5. Measure your progress and be ready to re-evaluate.

How can I improve my professional development? 鈥

These eight strategies can help you to prioritize your professional development, even when you're busy:
  1. Focus on objectives.
  2. Manage obstacles and distractions.
  3. Set boundaries.
  4. Make learning a habit.
  5. Make every minute count.
  6. Learn at your best.
  7. Find your own learning style.
  8. Collaborate with others.

What are your goals for personal and professional development? 鈥

Consider choosing one of these common personal development goals:
  • Improve your time management.
  • Develop emotional intelligence.
  • Cultivate resilience.
  • Listen actively.
  • Develop a growth mindset.
  • Develop a reading habit.
  • Learn new things.
  • Improve your public speaking skills.

How do you answer 3 ways in which this individual can improve his her performance at work? 鈥

How to improve work performance
  1. Set the right expectations.
  2. Have milestones and goals.
  3. Organize, plan and prioritize.
  4. Avoid distractions.
  5. Do one thing at a time.
  6. Don't leave things unfinished.
  7. Read something new everyday.
  8. Communicate effectively.
13 Oct 2021

What is professional development in simple words? 鈥

Professional development refers to all training, certification and education that a worker needs to succeed in his or her career. It's no secret that different jobs require different skills. Even if a worker currently has the necessary skills, he or she may need additional skills in the future.

What are the 5 areas of professional development? 鈥

One such tactic is offering professional development opportunities.
Below are the top five.
  • Management and leadership training. ...
  • Professional certifications. ...
  • Technical skills training. ...
  • Teamwork and interpersonal skills training.

What are your professional goals examples? 鈥

10 examples of professional goals
  • Learn how to use new technology.
  • Get better at your core skills.
  • Add more people to your professional network.
  • Become a manager or leader.
  • Make time to read professional books.
  • Master time management.
  • Start your own business.
  • Win an industry award.
6 May 2022

How do you want to grow professionally? 鈥

10 Effective Ways to Help You Grow Professionally
  1. Set yourself a schedule. ...
  2. Always be on time. ...
  3. Accept constructive criticism. ...
  4. Learn new skills. ...
  5. Dedicate time for self-improvement. ...
  6. Always be polite. ...
  7. Separate work life and personal life. ...
  8. Be consistent in your performance.
26 May 2022

What is professional development plan in healthcare? 鈥

A professional development plan documents the goals, required skill and competency development, and objectives a staff member will need to accomplish in order to support continuous improvement and career development.

What is personal and professional development? 鈥

What do we mean by 'Personal and Professional Development' (PPD)? PPD is a way for people to assess their own skills and abilities, consider their aims in life, and set goals in order to realise and maximise their true potential.

How do you write a SMART goal for nursing? 鈥

SMART is an acronym for the guidelines nurses should use when setting their goals:
  1. Be specific. Setting broad nursing goals allows them to be open for interpretation. ...
  2. Keep it measurable. For goals to be effective, there must be some way to measure your progress. ...
  3. Keep it attainable. ...
  4. Be realistic. ...
  5. Keep it timely.
3 Aug 2018

How do you think can you demonstrate a commitment to the nursing profession? 鈥

6 Ways to Demonstrate Professionalism in Nursing
  1. Put patients first. It's important not only to uphold patients' rights鈥攂ut also to care about how patients feel. ...
  2. Communicate effectively. ...
  3. Collaborate with and mentor others. ...
  4. Maintain a positive attitude. ...
  5. Uphold the standard of care. ...
  6. Be accountable and honest.

What do you hope to achieve in your nursing career? 鈥

5 Achievable Examples Of Nursing Career Goals
  • Advance your Degree. ...
  • Take a Management Position. ...
  • Become a Specialist. ...
  • Obtain Professional Certifications. ...
  • Provide Nursing Services to Rural Areas.
13 Apr 2019

What is your personal development plan? 鈥

What is a personal development plan? A personal development plan reflects your strengths, weaknesses and goals. The aim is to identify skills for personal improvement then set clear goals for each. Ideally, they should be time bound, short term goals that you can measure.

What is a personal development plan for students? 鈥

Personal Development Planning (PDP) is defined by the QAA as 'a structured and supported process undertaken by a learner to reflect upon their own learning, performance and/or achievement and to plan for their personal, educational and career development'.

What is the importance of personal development essay? 鈥

Our culture and socialization play a major role in shaping our personality. Personality development is important because it helps us to become better individuals. It enables us to cope with the challenges of life and to lead successful and fulfilling lives. It also helps us to develop our unique talents and abilities.

What does a personal growth plan look like? 鈥

A personal growth plan is a guideline for life: your goals, how you intend to achieve them, skills you need to master, and habits you want to develop. It should cover areas such as career, education, relationships, and self-improvement. A personal growth plan connects all areas of your life.

What are examples of professional development? 鈥

Professional Development Examples
  • Continuing Education.
  • Participation in professional organizations.
  • Research.
  • Improve job performance.
  • Increased duties and responsibilities.
  • Approaches to professional development:
  • Skill Based Training.
  • Job Assignments.

What is a personal development plan and why is it important? 鈥

In essence, a Personal Development Plan is a lifelong process, constantly reviewed, that aims to facilitate ongoing employability through improving workplace skills and required knowledge.

What are the benefits of personal and professional development? 鈥

Below are just five of the many benefits professional development can provide for your business.
  • Increase Retention. ...
  • Build confidence and credibility. ...
  • Make succession planning easier. ...
  • Re-energize your staff. ...
  • Improved efficiency.

What are four 4 Features of a good professional development plan? 鈥

The goals you set in your professional development plan should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely).

Why is professional development important? 鈥

Staying up-to-date with changes in your industry or workplace. According to, 鈥淎ctively pursuing professional development ensures that knowledge and skills stay relevant and up-to-date. It also allows employees to be more aware of changing trends and directions in an industry.鈥

How can I improve myself professionally? 鈥

Follow these steps to improve yourself professionally: Read often.
  1. Read often. Reading regularly is one of the easiest and most effective ways to learn. ...
  2. Adopt a new hobby. ...
  3. Sign up for a training session. ...
  4. Identify in-demand skills. ...
  5. Try a new schedule. ...
  6. Commit to an exercise routine. ...
  7. Set big goals. ...
  8. Change your mindset.

What is personality development in simple words? 鈥

What Is Personality Development? Personality development refers to the process by which the organized thought and behavior patterns that make up a person's unique personality emerge over time. Many factors influence personality, including genetics and environment, how we were parented, and societal variables.

How do you write a professional development objective? 鈥

6 Steps to Setting Professional Development Goals鈥攁nd Actually Reaching Them
  1. Start With Your End Goal in Mind. ...
  2. Review Your Most Recent Performance Evaluation. ...
  3. Set SMART Goals. ...
  4. Create a Strategy for Reaching Each Goal. ...
  5. Make Time to Pursue Your Goal. ...
  6. Regularly Check in With Yourself.
19 Jun 2020

What is your idea of professional growth? 鈥

Professional growth鈥攐r professional development鈥攅ssentially refers to gaining new skills and work experience that can help you reach a goal in your career.


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