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One-third of all teenagers in the US are part of the workforce, but experts predict that the numbers will grow as the pandemic provides us with new ways of working from the comfort of our own homes. Take a look at the best online jobs for teens that won’t take up much of your time. We found the top eight jobs, plus a bonus in case the others aren’t up your alley.

The main reason most high schoolers find a job is to earn extra money. Early employment provides work experience and personal development. Plus, it looks good on a CV for future job or college applications.

The Best Online Jobs for High School Students

1. Writing Reviews, Participating in Surveys, Watching Ads

(DollarSprout, Save the Student)

Writing online reviews, participating in surveys, and watching ads are probably the easiest jobs you can do as a teen. The main reason these jobs we found are perfect is that they don’t require any special skills.

Most websites that offer these positions don’t have an age requirement. As such, you can try typing “online jobs for 13-year-olds in 2021,” for instance, and the most popular postings should pop up.

Online jobs often come with a flexible schedule and an earn what you work style of payment. This means you won’t have a fixed paycheck but will get paid only for what you work. This is particularly useful if you can’t commit to a certain schedule or have some months where you are busier than others. These kinds of jobs online for teens pay based on how many reviews and surveys you completed or how many ads you watched.

This gives you complete control over your earnings and your time. If you need to earn more money in one month, simply work more. If you have finals coming up and you can’t find the time, just don’t do any surveys. This is a great option for younger teens, as there aren’t many online jobs for 14-year-olds. Most positions will require you to be at least 16 years old to apply.

Choose Wisely

There are tons of great websites you can sign up for as a beginner, but before you do that, we recommend that you do some research on their trustworthiness. It’s best to read the Terms of Service before applying, as many survey and review sites will require you to complete a large number of them before becoming eligible for paychecks.

Some sites that offer teen jobs online will pay you with gift cards instead of money. With thorough research, you can avoid getting scammed. Some of the websites recommended by users are Swagbucks, Branded Surveys, PrizeRebel, Toluna Influencers, LifePoints, and ReviewStream. You can start by checking out their conditions and Terms of Service.


  • Flexible
  • No skills required
  • Full control of earnings


  • Low earnings

2. User Testing


User testing is one of the best online jobs for 15-year-olds or younger ages as testers need to be at least 13 years old. Basically, companies will pay you to test out different websites or apps. Brands want to verify the quality of their work, and the best way to do it is to find someone who isn’t familiar with their product to try it out.

The main advantage of these jobs online for teens is the flexible working schedule. Just like with writing reviews and taking surveys, you’ll be able to create your work schedule, and your paycheck will vary based on your commitment.

The testing process won’t take up too much of your time, and you can choose what products you test out. Even those who are looking for at-home jobs for teens but don’t have too much free time can be almost certain they’ll be able to complete enough tests for a little bit of pocket money.

Another significant upside to user testing is that you don’t need any additional skills. Many companies want people who have no prior knowledge of the product to test it out for the most genuine feedback. All you need for this job is a good internet connection.

A website many workers recommend for online jobs for teens is Enroll. It doesn’t have a high age limit which means most teens will be able to join its team. Other sites you can check out are UserTesting and PingPong.

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3. Online Tutoring


Online tutoring is a slightly more engaged job than taking surveys or testing products, but it is a perfect online job for 17-year-olds at home. You can do it if you’re younger, but older high schoolers will probably have more subjects to choose from.

According to research, online tutoring is among the highest-paying jobs for teens, and it’s also currently in demand. The pandemic took a toll on many students’ education, and they are in desperate need of tutoring, especially at a distance. Online tutoring jobs for teens require helping kids with their school material. Tutoring is a great way to make extra money, and it also looks great on a CV. You’ll be helping out other kids, too, which always feels good.

This job allows you to earn money without leaving your house and usually has a pretty flexible schedule. Working hours for these types of jobs for teens online also depend on student availability, making it less flexible than the other jobs on this list. It can be hard to land a tutoring gig, but if you’re acing your classes, it’s not impossible.

Another thing to keep in mind regarding online tutoring is that most websites require you to pass certain tests before becoming eligible to teach on their platform. It’s still one of the work-from-home jobs for teens worth trying out, especially if you consider the money and experience you’ll earn.

Before registering on an online tutoring website, you should check its requirements. The main option to look for is “peer tutoring,” as that gives younger, uncertified students the opportunity to help their peers.

Great online tutoring platforms which offer work for teens are PeerKonnect and PeerTutors. Also, check out MyTutor and the Coursesitter position at Coursecottage.


  • Looks great on a CV
  • Higher earnings
  • Connecting with peers


  • Usually requires testing

4. Teaching English to Foreigners

(Teach Away)

If you’re looking for online jobs for 16-year-olds or older teenagers, teaching English is a great option. While teaching English may fall into the online tutoring category, it’s not really the same thing.

Teaching English to foreigners typically requires course materials, scheduled lessons, and it relies on a more rigid structure. That means there’s a chance that you won’t have as much flexibility, especially if you’re applying for schools that offer high-paying online jobs for teens.

The primary advantage of this kind of position is the higher pay and experience with teaching and holding greater responsibility. Keep in mind that this one is a more serious job that usually has many rules in place. If you’re a native English speaker and like working with kids, this kind of position might be perfect for you.

Many English schools that offer at-home online jobs for teens require teaching certificates, but not all of them. We recommend checking out these platforms: SameSpeak, Palfish, and Cambly. If you’re considering making a career out of teaching, you can apply for a TEFL certificate. At the moment, there are no age requirements for obtaining it.


  • Offers learning opportunities
  • Higher earnings
  • Working with kids


  • Requires basic teaching skills


Positions in customer service are perfect online jobs for 18-year-olds. They require low-level experience and a willingness to be professional.

Customer service gigs can be a little more stressful, as people often file complaints or try to fix a problem they have with the product. If you have good people skills, it’s also one of the most rewarding online jobs for teens because you learn how to communicate with all sorts of people in different situations. The structure and schedule of these types of jobs teach the typical expectations of the corporate world and its many rules. That being said, it’s less flexible than other remote jobs, and you’ll probably have fixed working hours.

Customer service is one of the highest-paying jobs teenagers can do online. The basic skills for this position are good communication and listening abilities. You’ll have to know how to work with computers, have a good internet connection, and a high-quality headset. Many jobs of this kind will also require you to have basic data entry skills.

This job requires basic skills and a readiness to learn new things. If you’re comfortable in new environments and like speaking with people, start applying for these great online customer service jobs for teenagers.

Most companies offer training to beginners. One of the best companies that are recommended by many young employees is U-Haul. It offers jobs for teens that are 16 or older and offers many opportunities for training and promotions within the company.


  • Offers learning opportunities
  • Helpful for future career
  • Higher earnings


  • Requires additional skills

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6. Doing Voiceovers


Those looking for freelance jobs for teens should consider doing voiceovers. A career in voiceovers is pretty unique and something that doesn’t come to most people’s minds when they think about getting a job. It’s a fantastic opportunity for anyone that has a good speaking voice and loves acting. It will give you the ability to get your creative juices going without any prior experience.

This career has no age limit. Notably, many employers look for younger speakers making it an excellent online job for teenagers under 16. The working schedule is pretty flexible, and you’ll be able to earn good money with only a few gigs a month.

The biggest obstacle to this job is talent. If your speaking skills aren’t appealing to the broader audience, you won’t be able to make it in the industry. You’ll need high-tech equipment to ensure that your voice is as clear as possible. It’s a small investment but necessary if you want to grab some of these online jobs for minors.

Beginners should look for companies with no age limits or experience requirements. One of them is Voices, and it even offers a youth discount for the youngest members of the team.


  • Creative
  • Flexible
  • Offers learning opportunities


  • Requires high-tech equipment

7. Writing Articles

(University of the People)

If you love writing, you might enjoy doing it for a living. Freelance writer positions are perfect for practicing your grammar and style, and they give you a lot of flexibility. Most online writing jobs for teens don’t have age limits, making it easy to find gigs.

Keep in mind that you probably won’t be writing about topics that you like all the time. If you’re looking at freelance writing as a side hustle, you might be able to pick which subjects you want to cover, but if you want to make money, you’ll have to take what’s out there. Writing will not only develop your skills but also help you learn more about the topic you’re writing about.

You can look for easy online jobs for teens in this field on popular freelance websites. In addition, HubPages is a good starting job as teens can easily join their team. The platform also allows flexibility when it comes to selecting topics.


  • Creative
  • Versatile
  • Offers learning opportunities


  • Less control of daily tasks

8. Social Media Management

(University of the People)

It wouldn’t be surprising if, as a teen, you know more about social media than an educated adult. In case you have social media accounts and you know how to build a large following, you may want to look for online part-time jobs for teens in social media management.

Most companies prefer college-educated individuals with some experience in marketing, but many brands would search for youngsters that can simply post about the company and follow people to raise awareness about the brand.

Use your knowledge of what it’s like to be a teen and seek out affiliate programs that will help you connect your social media to their brand and become an influencer. Check out popular recruiting websites to see if they have good online jobs for teens in this field.

Freelance platforms are another great idea for job hunting. If you’re interested in a career in marketing, you can sign up for a course on social media management and strategizing. Even short courses can give you an edge while looking for social media management jobs.


  • Creative
  • Offers learning opportunities
  • Versatile


  • Harder to get

Bonus Tip: Create an Account on Freelance Platforms

Freelancing jobs for teens provide flexibility and help you work on your skills without the pressure of contracts. People ask for tons of unusual things on these platforms. If you have a hidden talent, you might want to offer your services on websites such as Upwork and Fiverr. In most cases, people will need help with basic tasks they have no time for. Data entry and research are pretty easy gigs frequently found on these sites.

Other excellent options are transcription jobs for teens. They aren’t the highest-paid ones, but the job is very easy and won’t take up much of your time. In addition, you can try out creative tasks such as drawing and graphic design. These platforms are perfect for anyone who doesn’t know what they’re good at. You will have the option to try out different things and see what you like.

Most of the safe online jobs for teens we mentioned above can be found on freelance platforms. This is an excellent way for you to get some experience before applying for jobs in specific companies.


If you’re ready to enter the workforce, we suggest starting slow. You can check out freelance gigs that will help you learn the ropes without the pressure of contracts. A great answer to how to make money as a teenager without a job online is writing reviews, watching ads, taking surveys, doing voiceovers, or participating in user testing. You probably won’t have a stable position, but your schedule will be flexible. Finally, those who want to kick start their careers should look into writing, customer service, or online teaching gigs.

Working online as a teen is easier than ever. Pick the perfect position and start applying.


How to make money online as a teenager?

Making money online doing legit jobs is not difficult. Most jobs that will get you paid as a teen require applying for a position or, more commonly, doing some freelance work. Freelancing gigs will enable you to earn cash without being under contract, and they are easy to find. Writing reviews and doing surveys are also great for making money online. If you’re into social media, becoming an account manager is a great first job in marketing.

How to get a job online as a teenager?

The online job market is huge. There are many different options to choose from, but teens have limited options. Most companies have age limits, but that doesn’t mean no minors can apply. Make sure to read terms and conditions before applying, as they almost always have their age restrictions posted there. To start the job search, prepare your CV and register on multiple online recruiting platforms.

How can a 15-year-old make money online?

Creating an account on popular freelancing platforms is a good first step to finding online work as a 15-year-old. A lot of jobs, unfortunately, have age restrictions, and they don’t start accepting applications until you’re 16. That being said, some allow younger teens to apply for certain survey websites and product testing jobs with their parents’ consent. You might have to dig a little deeper, but the work is out there.

What jobs can a teenager do from home?

Popular jobs for teens include selling things online, doing data entry for companies, editing and proofreading people’s papers, blogging, becoming a virtual assistant, and more. There are plenty of positions perfect for teenagers. We mentioned eight excellent options in our article about online jobs for teens, and they range from basic tasks you can do online to actual part-time jobs that would be beneficial for your future career.


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