10 Best Freelance Websites For Writers - The Genius Cat (2022)

Freelance writing is becoming more popular in the writing world.

It’s a great opportunity for writers to work from the comfort of their homes and at their own pace. Freelance websites can be a great place to find freelance jobs as they have tons of job listings on their website, but at the same time, it’s important to know that not all sites are created equal.

Many people are turning to freelance writing as a way to supplement their income.

If you’re interested in being a freelance writer, it’s important that you have access to reliable resources that can help you find work or provide resources for your clients.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Heads Up: For the sake of transparency, this post might contain affiliate links. If a sale is made, I will receive a small commission (at no additional charge for you), which helps keep the lights on and helps feed my cats. Please read ourdisclosure policyfor more information.

What Is a Freelance Writing Website?

Freelance writing websites are a growing market for freelancers. They provide a space for freelance writers to make a living by writing articles, blogs, and more.

Freelance writing websites help writers find work, they provide an opportunity to make a living from their own homes.

Writers can sell articles and blog posts as well as the option of translation services. Websites also provide opportunities to collaborate with other writers on projects as well as provide versatility in how they work – from full-time to just getting side income.

Advantages of Becoming a Freelance Writer

Freelancers work from home, in coffee shops, or in a hotel rooms. They work with a variety of clients and industries.

The freelancing industry is growing rapidly and a lot of people are looking to break into freelance writing. Freelance writers have the flexibility to work on their own terms, set their own hours, and have the ability to earn a higher wage than an employee at an average company.

It’s easy for people to become freelance writers because they can do it part-time or full-time depending on their needs and desires. The only downside is that freelancers don’t get benefits like health insurance.

With so many opportunities available in this field it’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed with all the possibilities out there.

In order to help you narrow down your options, here are the 10 best freelance websites for writers.

10 of the Best Freelance Websites for Writers:

1. Contena

10 Best Freelance Websites For Writers - The Genius Cat (1)

It’s a premium freelance writing website that allows you to find the best writing jobs. It is different from other job boards because it only has authentic, paid writing gigs on it.


  • It’s worth looking at this website if you’re on the hunt for a good-paying job.
  • You can filter by location, topic, and pay level to find the perfect writing job for your skillset.
  • You can also filter by category (blog post, article, blog post with images) to make sure that your jobs are tailored to your skillset.


  • The platform is currently only available in English.
  • Due to its membership-based nature, access to its job listing requires payment.

2. FlexJobs

10 Best Freelance Websites For Writers - The Genius Cat (2)
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This website is an online job board that connects professional writers with employers looking for content.

The site posts one job opening per day, with the majority of the listings being remote jobs.

The majority of FlexJob listings are remote, but there are some that require applicants to be at a specific location. The site also states that they are “open to all types of writing gigs.”

3. Peopleperhour

10 Best Freelance Websites For Writers - The Genius Cat (3)

They are the world’s first freelancing website that brings together over 40,000 independent professionals. It was established in 2008 and it now has more than 3 million users.

PeoplePerHour is a hub of freelance talent that helps businesses connect with creatives for hire, empower freelancers with knowledge and resources, and provide company infrastructure for freelancers to achieve their work-life balance.

There are many reasons why people per hour is so popular among its customers. One is that they offer competitive rates per hour for outsourced work which can range anywhere from $5 to $100 per hour.

Another reason why people per hour is popular with employers is that they give access to a large pool of talented professionals who can help them grow their business without the hefty cost of hiring full-time

4. Contently

10 Best Freelance Websites For Writers - The Genius Cat (4)

A company called Contently connects businesses with writers. It offers competitive pay for writers, makes sure that they are not bidding against one another, and also has a good reputation in the market.

Some of the pros are that it allows writers to work on projects of their choice, provides competitive pay, and does not allow writers to bid against one another.

It is an excellent platform for freelance writers who want to start their careers as content writers.

Find Writing Jobs On Contently Now

(Video) Step by Step: How to Start Freelance Writing in 2022 (Make $5k/Month)

5. Upwork

10 Best Freelance Websites For Writers - The Genius Cat (5)

Freelancers and clients can connect with each other on Upwork via a simple and easy method. All you need to do is sign up, post your project, or get hired, and wait for the perfect opportunity that matches your skills.

If you already have a profile, make sure it showcases your skills and qualifications in the best way possible.

The last thing you want is a potential employer to look at it and think “this person won’t be able to do what I need them to do.”

So make sure that every word on your profile is perfect as well as all of the media that accompanies it!

You are provided with two options for connecting with clients:

  • A potential client finds you through your profile or through Project Catalog (an online marketplace for your predefined projects).
  • Submit a proposal for their job posting to reach out to them

6. BloggingPro

10 Best Freelance Websites For Writers - The Genius Cat (6)

You can find job postings for blogging positions at BloggingPro. There are more opportunities for you to find freelance jobs that pay well and work with brands you love.

Since there is no screening process, you’ll need to thoroughly investigate potential opportunities yourself to avoid scams.

The best part?

They search for you the best writing jobs to save you the trouble of hunting!

7. HireWriters

10 Best Freelance Websites For Writers - The Genius Cat (7)

One of the most popular freelance websites for writers of all levels.

The scope of HireWriters is not limited to article writing only. You will also have an opportunity to write for eBooks, data entry works, Facebook fan page posts, poetry, and transcription.

That is something that you don’t get on other freelance websites.

Freelancers can apply to HireWriters if they are from the United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, or New Zealand.

(Video) The 4 Best Types of FREELANCE WRITING JOBS For Beginners | Location Rebel

10 Best Freelance Websites For Writers - The Genius Cat (8)

8. Guru

10 Best Freelance Websites For Writers - The Genius Cat (9)

One of the leading online marketplaces for freelancers is Guru. It has over 1 million of the most talented professionals on the platform to complete any type of task, whether it’s graphic design, data entry, or app development.


  • You can find a variety of professionals to complete projects in your time frame.
  • There are no upfront fees on completing projects.
  • Projects are guaranteed to be completed by an expert in the field.
  • Project managers always have good ratings and reviews from past projects.


  • You can’t spend more than $1,000 USD per project without speaking with customer service first.
  • The service has been reported as unreliable in some cases according to some reviews found online.

The site also has a marketplace where clients can post their job needs and freelancers can bid on them. The client chooses who they want the work done by based on the lowest price offered for the job in question.

However, it is not just about one-to-one freelance relationships. Some use it as a way to find people with specific skill sets to help create their product or service instead of hiring someone full-time.

9. iWriter

10 Best Freelance Websites For Writers - The Genius Cat (10)

Here’s another freelance writing website that allows you to write for various clients, and easily find employers who want to hire writers.

It’s an easy and efficient platform that helps freelancers find work and lets clients find the perfect writer for their job.

There are two steps to signing up:

1) Fill out a form, include your basic information, why you want to work as a writer on iWriter, your expertise in the field, and the types of jobs you would be comfortable with taking on;

2) Complete two short 250-word writing prompts from one of the many writing categories on the site. Once you do these two things, you will have access to all of the job postings.

10. Textbroker

10 Best Freelance Websites For Writers - The Genius Cat (11)
(Video) HOW TO PITCH EDITORS - Tips for Freelance Writers 2019

This website is a writing agency that allows writers to find new clients and start working for them. There are thousands of projects available with various budgets and deadlines.

It has been one of the pioneers in the field of content writing and they continue to innovate as they grow larger.

They now offer their service as a cloud-based platform, which offers access to better technology and more opportunities for writers.

Should you wish to learn more about Textbroker, here’s a detailed post: Make Money through Typing (Up to $200 Per Day!)

Finding freelance writing jobs can be hard, especially if you don’t know where to look. Freelance writing is a demanding trade that requires dedication and experience.

5 Tips on How To Find Freelance Writing Jobs Online

Thus, here are five tips that can help you find online writing jobs:

1) Say You’re For Hire

The first step in finding freelance writing jobs is to let people know that you are available for hire. You should create a website or blog and post your resume so potential clients can find you.

2) Cold Pitching

It is the best way to find new freelance writing jobs. Cold pitching is when you contact companies anonymously on websites like LinkedIn or through email. It’s a great way to find new clients if you have no connections or friends who can help you out.

3) Ask Friends, Family, and Colleagues

If you have any contacts at all in your personal life that can help you find freelance job opportunities then talk to them! They may know someone who’s looking for writers for content on their company blog or website. You could also call up your old work colleagues and ask them for help too. You can also use social media to post about job openings that you want.

4) Guest Posting

This is a great marketing strategy for increasing brand awareness, building social signals, and generating traffic to your site. Guest posts are a great way to build your writing portfolio and get noticed by potential employers. Most often contain articles about an interesting topic related to the company’s services or industry.

5) Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great place for freelancers because they help members collaborate on projects, advertise their services, and most importantly offer advice on how to find better-paying jobs.

Conclusion: Become a Freelance Writer Today

Writing is not just a career but an art form.

It’s never too late to become a freelance writer. All you need is the willingness to write, creativity, and no fear of rejection.

Some people are unable to work for someone else because they know they are more productive when they have control of their own time.

Other people can’t seem to find a fulfilling job in the corporate world.

For these people, becoming a freelance writer might be the perfect career choice or at least one that fits with their lifestyle.

The benefits include having control over your time and being able to have more flexible working hours when compared with an office environment – so you can spend time with your family or work from the comfort of your own home.

I can safely conclude that it is never too late for anyone who has always wanted to be a freelance writer but didn’t know how or where to get started. As long as you have creativity and no fear of rejection, this might be the perfect career choice for you!

(Video) 3 Ways To Getting Your First Freelance Writing Jobs

That’s all for now. Hope you find this post helpful.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Signing off now, cheers!~


Which freelance website is best for writers? ›

Here are some of the best content platforms for freelance writers:
  • ClearVoice. ClearVoice is a content platform that has clients in a handful of different industries, including retail, advertising, finance, healthcare, and tech. ...
  • Contently. ...
  • Skyword. ...
  • Constant Content. ...
  • The Writer Finder. ...
  • Online Writing Jobs.

Which freelancer site is best for beginners? ›

General Freelance Jobs (Websites)
  • 1) Toptal.
  • 2) Upwork.
  • 3) Freelancer.
  • 4) Fiverr.
  • 5) Guru.
  • 6) Servicescape.
  • 7) PeoplePerHour.
  • 8) Hubstaff Talent.
20 Oct 2022

What is the best platform for writers? ›

Top 25 Content Writing Platforms – 2022 [EDITION]
  • Write Access.
  • Fiverr – Best Content Writing Platforms.
  • Upwork.
  • Media Shower – Best Content Writing Platforms.
  • Constant Content.
  • Italics – Best Content Writing Platforms.
  • Zerys.
  • Textbroker – Best Content Writing Platforms.

Is fiverr worth it for writers? ›

The key is to find the right clients and to deliver quality work. If you're able to do that, then Fiverr can be a great way to make some extra money as a freelance writer. However, if you're not careful, you could end up wasting your time and not making any money at all.

Which freelancing website pays the most? ›

16 Best Freelance Websites to Find Work in 2022
  • Fiverr.
  • Toptal.
  • Jooble.
  • Freelancer.com.
  • Upwork.
  • Flexjobs.
  • SimplyHired.
  • Guru.

Where can I get paid for writing? ›

Below is our curated list that will help you find freelance writing jobs.
  • B. Michelle Pippin. ...
  • The A.V. Club. ...
  • Bustle. This popular site is looking for stories in a range of niches, including entertainment, lifestyle, and style. ...
  • Sport Fishing Magazine. ...
  • The Escapist. ...
  • Freelance Mom. ...
  • Healthy Living. ...
  • Worthpoint.

How can I start freelance with no skills? ›

Getting Started
  1. Choose What Type Of Freelancer You Want To Be. 00:55.
  2. Freelance Jobs That Require No Skills Video. ...
  3. Create a Video with Free Voiceover for Your Fiverr Gig. ...
  4. Voiceover Tutorial Video. ...
  5. Create Promo Video On Canva. ...
  6. Create Gig Photos On Canva. ...
  7. Create Gig Photos On Canva Video Tutorial. ...
  8. Make Your First Gig On Fiverr.

Which skill is best for freelancing? ›

What Are the Most In-Demand Freelance Skills?
  • Website Design. Web design is an essential skill in today's digital economy. ...
  • Copywriting. ...
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ...
  • Graphic Design. ...
  • Social Media Marketing. ...
  • Website Development. ...
  • eCommerce. ...
  • Data Analytics.
11 Aug 2022

Which freelancer job is best? ›

The 10 best and highest paying freelance jobs 2022
  • Web designer or web developer. Every business needs a website, and good web designers are in high demand. ...
  • Graphic designer. ...
  • Teacher. ...
  • Virtual assistant. ...
  • Freelance writer. ...
  • Editor. ...
  • Accountant/financial consultant. ...
  • Social media specialist.

Which app is best for writers to earn money? ›

Medium is one such website that provides a platform to writers and rewards them for their genuine work. It connects you with avid readers who appreciate quality work. Anyone can join Medium's Partner Program and earn money when any Medium member reads their articles.

What app do most writers use? ›

Professional writers use a variety of apps to write their novels. Scrivener, MS Word, Final Draft, Google Docs, Plottr — there are so many great apps that bestselling writers use for their writing process.
Other Free Writing Apps:
  • LibreOffice.
  • yWriter.
  • FocusWriter.
  • Reedsy Book Editor.
  • Apple Pages.
  • MS Notepad.
24 May 2022

Does 24 writers pay? ›

We employ hundreds of writers and editors and guarantee high salaries and stable bi-weekly payouts to our freelancers. Our cornerstone principle is simple: fair price for fair work. Our rates are above average for the industry and we make sure that your work is fairly compensated.

Is UpWork better than Fiverr? ›

Both Upwork and Fiverr offer freelancers and clients plenty of options. Fiverr has many options for clients who are looking for creative professionals. Upwork, on the other hand, has a more diverse category of talents and projects and offers free membership.

Does UpWork pay better than Fiverr? ›

However, unlike Upwork, Fiverr does not support hourly payment, making it extremely difficult for freelancers and clients to track hours accurately and gauge project prices accordingly. Further, Fiverr charges more commission to clients, rated at five percent than three percent on Upwork.

Which is better freelancer or Fiverr? ›

Fiverr is more centralized, which makes it easier to find and work with freelancers. Additionally, Fiverr offers more services than freelancer. However, freelancer is more decentralized, which makes it easier to find and work with freelancers who have specific skills and talents that you need.

What is the easiest freelance job? ›

What Is The Easiest Freelance Jobs To Get?
  • Freelance writing job.
  • Freelance Proofreading.
  • Freelance translator.
  • Data entry.
  • Virtual Assisting.
  • Copywriting jobs.
  • Social media manager.

What type of writing pays the most? ›

Some jobs pay better than others but generally, there's good money to be made in the more specialized writing careers.
  • Speech Writer. Politicians, celebrities and business executives rarely have the time to write their own speeches. ...
  • Medical Writer. ...
  • Technical Writer. ...
  • Proposal Writer. ...
  • Marketing and Sales Copywriter.

How can I turn my writing into money? ›

  1. Start a blog. Blogging is a tried-and-true method for writers to make money online. ...
  2. Create blog posts (for others) ...
  3. Establish a niche website. ...
  4. Self-Publish a book. ...
  5. Create affiliate content. ...
  6. Write scripts for video creators. ...
  7. Write show notes for podcasts. ...
  8. Create written content for social media.

What writing pays the most? ›

What Are the 15 Highest Paying Writing Jobs?
  • Grant Writer.
  • Copywriter.
  • Content Writer and Strategist.
  • Proposal Writer.
  • Romance Writer.
  • Public Relations Writer.
  • Columnist.
  • Nonfiction Writer.

Why do most beginner freelancers fail? ›

Failing to Set the Right Rate or Time Scale

Every successful freelancer has a minimum rate they can work for, and the ability to estimate project timescales with reasonable accuracy. Both are critical – if you get the rate or the timescale wrong, you can end up losing serious amounts of money.

What is the highest paying skill? ›

Depending on your desired career path, you may be able to leverage these skills to reach your salary goals.
7 high-income skills to learn
  1. Data analysis. ...
  2. Software development. ...
  3. User experience. ...
  4. Web development. ...
  5. Project management. ...
  6. Account management. ...
  7. Content creation and management.
4 Nov 2022

Which skill is most in demand in 2022? ›

Top in-demand skills
  • Creativity.
  • Time management.
  • Proactivity.
  • Project management.
  • IT automation.
  • Data analysis and statistics.

How do I become a freelancer in 30 days? ›

What you'll learn
  1. Create a portfolio showcasing key skills.
  2. Bid on projects without charging a fraction of what you're worth.
  3. Build a platform for your business and generate new contacts organically.
  4. Evaluate passive income opportunities you can invest in with your freelance income.

Can I earn money by handwriting? ›

If your handwriting is good enough or you have amazing calligraphy skills, then you can likely get some great freelance gigs as a calligrapher for brands and individuals. You can look for freelance jobs on job boards and also with companies that specialize in handwritten materials.

How can I write online and earn money? ›

Seven Ways to Earn Money through Writing in India
  1. Literary Magazine. ​​There are many literary magazines and ezines in India. ...
  2. Creative Writer / Contributor to magazines / Content Creation Websites. ...
  3. Content Writer. ...
  4. Publishing House. ...
  5. Create your own blog and monetize it. ...
  6. Author Assistant. ...
  7. Writer-in-making.
14 Jun 2020

How much do writers get paid by Netflix? ›

Generally speaking, Netflix screenwriters can make anywhere from $12,000 to $3.5 million for a project that's bought and produced.

How many hours do writers work a day? ›

Erica Vetsch: The true answer is—it depends. If I'm on a deadline of some kind, I can write from 4-6 hours a day. Mostly, I write from 2-4 hours on weekday afternoons. I do lots of other writing tasks like editing, marketing, blogging, etc, but for writing on the manuscript, I average about 3 hours per weekday.

How much do first time writers get paid? ›

How much can authors expect to earn from their books? A first-time author with a traditional publishing deal might expect an advance of $1,000-$10,000 and 5-18% royalties once they “earn out” their advance. Self-published authors do not receive advances, but their royalties can reach up to 70% for ebook editions.

What app is better than Fiverr? ›

1. Upwork. With a broad range of services and a longstanding reputation, Upwork is often the first platform that comes up when discussing Fiverr alternatives. Upwork is like an upscale version of Fiverr.

What is the highest demand on Fiverr? ›

What Are the Most in Demand Gigs on Fiverr?
  • Social media marketing. As more and more businesses turn to social media to reach their Target audiences, the demand for social media marketing services is on the rise. ...
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) ...
  • Web design and development. ...
  • Graphic design. ...
  • Copywriting.
28 Sept 2022

What platform is better than Fiverr? ›

Best Fiverr alternatives 2022 – Summary

If you want to get some work done on a budget without compromising its quality, you should go with a site like Upwork or Freelancer.com. Both offer access to millions of freelancers with a wide variety of skill sets and are the best platforms like Fiverr right now.

Should I hire UpWork or Fiverr? ›

Both Fiverr and Upwork are freelance platforms where you can hire professionals to fulfill various business needs on a project-based or ongoing basis. From our experience, Fiverr has the potential to deliver high-quality work for lower rates. Upwork tends to be pricier while delivering more consistent quality.

Why am I not working on Fiverr? ›

PRO TIP: If you are not getting any gigs on Fiverr, it is likely because you are not properly marketing your services. Make sure to include a detailed description of your services, as well as examples of your work. In addition, be sure to set a reasonable price for your services.

What are the highest paying gigs on UpWork? ›

Here are the 10 highest paying skills on UpWork, based on hourly rate:
  • Mobile App Development. The average hourly rate for mobile app developers is $61.72. ...
  • Web Development. The average hourly rate for web developers is $59.08. ...
  • Graphic Design. ...
  • Writing. ...
  • Translation. ...
  • Video Editing.
30 Sept 2022

Is freelance better than salary? ›

Money. It's pretty common that freelancing offers more money than full-time jobs. You don't have to wait for a monthly salary, you get paid per project and you can have more than one project per month so money might even be double any salary you could have.

Does Fiverr take a fee? ›

We generate revenue primarily through transaction-based fees. When an order is placed, buyers pay Fiverr the Gig price plus a 5% service fee with a minimum service fee of $2; upon successful completion of an order, Fiverr makes 80% of the Gig price available to the seller of the Gig.

Do freelance writers need a website? ›

If you're just getting started as a freelance writer then you probably will want a website at some point. But just understand that your website isn't what's going to find you clients or make you money. All you need to make money as a freelance writer is to find a client who's willing to hire you.

Which website is best for article writing? ›

The 15 Best Freelance Writing Sites
  • ProBlogger.
  • Freelancer.com.
  • Constant Content.
  • Guru.com.
  • Writer Access.
  • Craigslist.
  • BloggingPro.
  • FreelanceWriting.com.
22 Nov 2020

Is UpWork worth it for writers? ›

UpWork is a great platform for writers. It allows you to connect with clients who need content, and it gives you the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world. The pay is good, and the community is supportive. I would recommend UpWork to any writer looking for freelance work.

How can I do freelance writing online? ›

So they are proven tactics for newbies who want to become a freelance writer and land some writing jobs online.
  1. 1 Start Cold Pitching. ...
  2. 2 Pitch to a Job Board Ad. ...
  3. 3 Follow Tweets From Job Boards. ...
  4. 4 Use Your Website. ...
  5. 5 Use a Business Card. ...
  6. 6 Guest Post (For Free!) ...
  7. 7 Network With Other Freelancers. ...
  8. 8 Start Warm Pitching.
10 Apr 2022

Can I trust freelancer website? ›

Is Freelancer legitimate? Because Freelancer has become well-established since its inception in 2009 and has grown to be the largest freelance marketplace, you can be confident that it is perfectly legitimate and not a scam.

Can you freelance write with no experience? ›

What Do You Need to Be a Freelance Writer? The great thing about starting freelance writing is that you don't need any experience! I was able to start as a new mom to twins and with no experience blogging, and I was able to land my first profitable gig in just a couple of months.

Is freelancer a free website? ›

On Freelancer, it is free to post a project, receive bids from freelancers, and review freelancers' portfolios. Employers will only be charged once they award a project and the freelancer accepts. For fixed-price projects, the fee is 3% or $3.00 (whichever is greater).

How do I find good freelance writing jobs? ›

  1. Traditional Job Boards. If you're looking for a full-time writing job, traditional job boards are the way to go. ...
  2. Freelance Writing Job Boards. ...
  3. 3. Facebook Writing Job Boards. ...
  4. Work for More Established Writers. ...
  5. Upwork. ...
  6. Use Your Network. ...
  7. Creative Staffing Agencies. ...
  8. Cold Pitching.
17 Mar 2021

Does Upwork pay better than Fiverr? ›

However, unlike Upwork, Fiverr does not support hourly payment, making it extremely difficult for freelancers and clients to track hours accurately and gauge project prices accordingly. Further, Fiverr charges more commission to clients, rated at five percent than three percent on Upwork.

Is Upwork better than Fiverr? ›

Both Upwork and Fiverr offer freelancers and clients plenty of options. Fiverr has many options for clients who are looking for creative professionals. Upwork, on the other hand, has a more diverse category of talents and projects and offers free membership.

How do I start freelance writing with no experience? ›

The best entry-level freelance writing jobs for beginners
  1. Rewrite local small-business websites. ...
  2. Find abandoned business blogs. ...
  3. Write business emails. ...
  4. Create a newsletter or brochure. ...
  5. Report articles for local news media. ...
  6. Write for local magazines. ...
  7. Turn your former employer into a client. ...
  8. Write for local marketing agencies.

How can I become a freelance writer fast? ›

How to become a freelance writer
  1. Research the freelance writing industry. ...
  2. Develop necessary business skills. ...
  3. Ensure you have the tools of the trade. ...
  4. Understand current writing conventions. ...
  5. Work on improving your writing skills. ...
  6. Decide on a writing niche. ...
  7. Create a writing portfolio. ...
  8. Market your writing.

How do I become a high paid freelance writer? ›

How to Become a Freelance Writer (and get paid what you're worth)
  1. Commit to becoming a freelance writer.
  2. Decide on your writing niche.
  3. Get freelance writing samples.
  4. Create your portfolio.
  5. Market your writing services on social media.
  6. Source freelance writing work.
  7. Start pitching for freelance writing gigs.
26 Mar 2020


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